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Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum
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Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum Travel Guide

575 Google reviews
Rif, Iceland
Unnamed Road, Iceland
Opening Hours
10:00 - 17:00
Distance From Center
41.1 km
High Season
Family Friendly
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Hakarl is the drawing point of the Bjararhöfn Shark MuseumPhoto above from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Xfigpower

The Bjarnahöfn Shark Museum is a fascinating exhibition on the processing of traditional Icelandic fermented shark.

Located on the northern shores of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, this site gives you the opportunity to learn all about how the sharks have always been caught, buried, hung and prepared, an operation that takes months of work and results in something that seems just revolting. 

Here, you are more than welcome to try this foul-smelling delicacy, and wash it down with a shot of Icelandic Brevinin.

The museum also ancient fishing boats and tools on display, as well as a wealth of entertaining shark memorabilia. 

It is located between the towns of Grundafjörður and Stykkishólmur, two popular sites on the Peninsula. The former is home to Kirkjufell Mountain, while the latter is steeped in fishing culture and folklore.