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Rent cheap cars in Iceland. With small cars you can drive the ring road of Iceland and see the best attractions by Route 1. These cars are not suitable for off road driving, but are good for the wallet
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Small & Cheap Cars

Perfectly suited for smaller travelling parties on a budget, vehicles found within this category are excellent for driving around the city, or on other asphalt roads. So what are some of the most frequently asked questions about this category of vehicle?

1. What sort of cars are Small & Cheap Cars?

Small and cheap cars are categorised by their size and price, as well as whether or not they are three years or older. Vehicles within this category are generally priced lower than models that are either larger or newer. Within this section, you can find cars such as Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1, Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Yaris. Smaller and cheaper cars come without 4WD or AWD. 

2. Are these cars suitable for all seasons?

These vehicles are best suited to driving around Reykjavik and Iceland’s towns, but may be unsuitable for rural driving in poor weather. Because of this, these cars are not recommended for travelling around Iceland in the winter. They are perfectly sufficient for all asphalt travel in the summer, however. 

3. What sort of tires do these cars have?

During the summer months, cars are fitted with typical tires. From November 1st until mid-April, cars are fitted with studded winter tires. 

4. Can I go into the highlands with this type of car?

Unfortunately, no. The cars found within this category are unsuitable for travelling on gravel paths, dirt tracks or F-roads. Travellers should be aware that driving one of these vehicles on unsuitable roads will void any insurance and make you liable to pay for any potential damage to the suspension or undercarriage. If you are planning on travelling to the Highlands, make sure to rent a 4WD. 

5. What is included in the rental?

This depends on what vehicle rental is chosen, requiring travellers to pay special attention to the ‘included’ section on the booking documents. For instance, some deals come with GPS devices or additional insurance. Thankfully, all rentals come with both CDW insurance and unlimited mileage. CDW covers damage and injury caused by the vehicle (ie. in the case of traffic accidents) but does not cover damage made to the vehicle itself.