Tour culturali

Tour culturali

Immergiti nella cultura, nella storia e nella leggenda islandese. I tour culturali comprendono visite in autentici villaggi di pescatori, in edifici monumentali e monumenti storici, escursioni nei dintorni di Reykjavík e in piccole città, e verrai a conoscenza della musica, della cucina e della vita notturna islandesi.
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William Bordelon

William Bordelon

30/09/2023, 14:14
Review of Unforgettable 1 Hour Bjorbodin Beer Spa Tour in North Iceland

First and foremost, I plan on using this company again to book a tour in France and when I return to Iceland. That alone should tell you about the quality and experience I received from customer service and travel advisors. What impressed me most about this company is their responsiveness at every level. In planning, they made sure my itinerary was something I could accomplish without becoming fatigued, or for that matter even making it to the relevant areas on time. I, unfortunately, got injured during my trip and it limited some of my more rigorous activities. Instead of abandoning me to my own, they first issued refunds for my side trips I could no longer take, and second, and most importantly, they not only suggested alternatives to what I could do instead of what I originally booked, they pointed me to resources on their website and others that would allow me to change my itinerary with ease. They had even helped me book the alternative reservations. I have never had such a positive and proactive experience with a travel company before. Third, their trip planning was spectacular. Or more specifically, if I had to use one word to describe their planning staff is smart. At every turn in their itinerary, besides the detailed description of the site and directions on how to get there, everything laid out just made logical sense from driving times and routes to locations to food to lodging. I have to emphasize the lodging here. Iceland is in a situation where there's high demand for lodging for tourism but not a lot of supply. The lodging they chose for me was appropriate in terms of my needs and my budget, and most importantly, located at or near where I would be spending the night and ready for my next leg of the journey. Without fail, every single one of my hotels/hostels/guesthouses were clean, safe, and dead on on my route. I only had to double back twice and those I would still consider close enough to continue my journey. What's unique about Guide to Iceland though is their knowledge of local lodging that isn't found on any particular website. That's the advantage of being local. Fourth, flexibility. In planning this trip, I really wanted to go to the Bjorbodin Beer Spa, which was not originally on my package. They helped pull it together so that I could do so. And I'm glad they did, because it was an amazing experience inside and outside of the spa. Similarly, regarding their itinerary, the itinerary is just that, an itinerary with flexible suggestions along the route that you're taking. If you can't go to one, there's another to choose. If you want to get off the beaten path, you can, and still make it to your destinations on time. Fifth, variety. There is a lot to do in Iceland, and surprisingly in the north of it in particular. Take a look at their blog posts on websites for ideas. They can help you book whatever you need and want for your trip and build that in your itinerary, they did it for me. I really can't say enough about Guide to Iceland. I spent three weeks there and had an amazing time. Knowing what I know now of Iceland, I really don't think I could have planned as successful a trip as what they did for me. It saved me so much money and time so that all I had to do was just drive solo around the country for three solid weeks. If you're having to choose between different travel companies, choose this one. If you have any doubts about Guide to Iceland, use this review as an endorsement from a very satisfied traveler. Have a great trip and enjoy Iceland!

Domande frequenti

Quali sono i tour culturali più richiesti in Islanda?

I tour più richiesti sono le passeggiate a Reykjavik e le degustazioni di cibo e di birra. Un'altra attrazione molto famosa è l'esperienza FlyOver Iceland, un volo virtuale durante il quale potrai vedere i magnifici paesaggi islandesi, senza lasciare la capitale.

Bisogna prenotare un posto durante un tour culturale in Islanda?

Ci possono essere molti turisti in Islanda, soprattutto in estate. Per essere sicuro di partecipare a un tour culturale, ti consigliamo prenotare in anticipo, in modo da evitare delusioni.

In che lingua parlerà la guida dei tour a Reykjavik?

La amggior parte dei tour è in lingua inglese, ma alcune passeggiate propongono diverse opzioni. In caso di dubbi, puoi contattarci a

Se ho 18 anni, posso bere in Islanda?

In Islanda, l'età che devi avere per bere è di 20 anni, quindi se hai 18 anni non puoi partecipare alle degustazioni di birra. In caso di dubbi, leggi la descrizione del tour o contattaci a

Esiste un autobus turistico in Islanda?

Non attraversa tutta l'Islanda, ma è disponibile a Reykjavik ed è un modo unico e conveniente per vedere le attrazioni principali della capitale.

Qual è il punto di ritrovo per le passeggiate a Reykjavik?

Ci sono diversi punti di incontro per le passeggiate a Reykjavík, a seconda della compagnia scelta. Contatta direttamente il tour operator per scoprire il punto specifico.

La Reykjavik City Card offre degli sconti per i tour culturali?

Pur consentendo l'ingresso gratuito a numerosi musei e spazi artistici di Reykjavik, la carta offre sconti solo su attività specifiche. In caso di dubbi, visita il sito web o contattaci a