Iceland as a Honeymoon Destination

Iceland as a Honeymoon Destination

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What are the best honeymoon ideas and packages available in Iceland? What tour activities are best suited to newly-weds? Read on for more information.

What are the best honeymoon ideas and packages available in Iceland? What tour activities are best suited to newly-weds? What time of year can you experience the Northern Lights, or visit a magical ice cave? Read on to find out all you need to know about the possibilities for your honeymoon in Iceland.

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Why have your honeymoon in Iceland?

Lovestruck honeymooners will find no better location to celebrate their recent wedding than Iceland, a land famed for its ethereal landscapes, a creative culture and a wide range of exciting tour activities.

Travellers with their fingers on the pulse know all too well that Iceland is one of the world's most scenic and naturally diverse destinations on earth. With safe city streets, luxury hotels, a welcoming population and countless ways to spend your days, Iceland just happen to be the perfect honeymoon choice for adoring couples.

Obviously, there are countless travel destinations competing to host such a special time between you, but Iceland tops the board for its uncanny ability to quiet the mind, prioritise what's important and make a lasting connection, both to nature and one another.

Aside from its stunning scenery, Iceland is known for the wide range of tour activities available to partake in here. From glacier hiking to snorkelling and scuba diving, ATV & Buggy trips and horse-riding; there truly is no end to your options here. Aside from providing a valuable individual experience, such tours make for fantastic shared memories.

In short, what more could new, happily-married couples ask for? If your partner dares even suggest a location other than Iceland, begin to repeat "I'd do anything for love... but I won't do that," becoming more melodic as you progress. They'll quickly get the picture.

It's time to put away the tuxedo and wedding dress, for adventure awaits in this fantastical, romantic land. Without further ado, let us look to some of the top activity recommendations for your honeymoon in the land of ice and fire.

Love Under the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights provide a very warm ambience.

For obvious reasons, the Northern Lights are one of Iceland’s most famous attractions, drawing in thousands of hopeful, sky-gazing visitors every year. While elusive, this natural phenomenon defies belief upon its flourishing, dazzling spectators with its waving from and vibrant green, red and yellow palette.

The Northern Lights are a consequence of solar particles entering the earth’s atmosphere. Forecasters and Northern Lights operators are only able to predict the likelihood of the lights’ appearance roughly three days in advance given the conditions required; lack of cloud cover, high solar activity and as little light pollution as possible.

The Aurora Borealis are only visible to the naked eye during the winter months, meaning that summer visitors will have to make do with the equally curious Midnight Sun, illuminating the country for nearly 24 hours a day.

Cosy Up in the Blue Lagoon Spa

A woman gets a massage at the Blue Lagoon Spa.Photo from Quick Blue Lagoon Shuttle Bus Transfer from Reykjavik

Surrounded by the dark, volcanic fields of the Reykjanes Peninsula, the world-famous Blue Lagoon Spa is among the top attractions for those visiting Iceland, not just for its soothing azure waters and scenery, but also for the chance to relax with loved ones in a unique setting.

These reasons and more culminate in making the Blue Lagoon Spa an essential stop for travelling honeymooners. For those lovebirds wanting to take their spa visit to the next level, you can also stay at a hotel near the Blue Lagoon and make the most of it during your visit.

The facilities at the Blue Lagoon are unmatched when it comes to relaxing the body and spirit. The spa boasts a mask bar, where guests enjoy the revitalising properties of silica and algae while the sauna and steam room heat visitors directly from the earth. Naturally, the Blue Lagoon's main pool is its busiest post, with hundreds of visitors enjoying the steamy water and breathtaking scenery.

For those interested in enjoying a cool beverage during their stay, you'll be happy to learn there is also an in-pool bath, reminiscent of tropical resorts.

Many visitors like to visit the Blue Lagoon on either their arrival or departure day, given the spa’s close proximity to Keflavík International Airport (KEF), approximately fifteen minutes away. Be aware that those looking to visit the Blue Lagoon will need to book in advance due to competition for space.

Relax in other Geothermal Spas and Pools Across Iceland

A woman looks at the views from her outdoor pool.Credit: 15 Day Summer Hot Spring Hunt Self Drive | Iceland in-Depth

Aside from the Blue Lagoon, there are plenty of other geothermal spas and pools found across the country, some artificial and some natural. In many cases, a visit to one of these hotpots makes for a cheaper and quieter alternative to the Blue Lagoon.

For example, visitors could choose to stop at Mývatn Nature Baths in North Iceland, Geosea geothermal baths in the whale watching capital of Húsavík, or Laugarvatn spa, found beside Lake Þingvallavatn near the Golden Circle sightseeing route.

Another option is Iceland’s oldest swimming pools, the Secret Lagoon, which boasts not only a spacious outdoor bathing area, but also an adjacent geothermal field, complete with bubbling mud pools and steaming fumaroles.

Visit Iceland’s Most Romantic Waterfalls

A couple look at Haifoss.Photo by Ihor Malytskyi

Each of Iceland’s regions boasts their share of timeless and staggeringly beautiful waterfalls, with many new ones being discovered each year. In many ways, waterfalls provide the perfect insight into just how much this land is defined by its water, from its mighty frozen glaciers to unpredictable weather and moody coastlines.

The South Coast is a region particularly famed for its waterfalls, the most famous of which are Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Both of these incredible landmarks drop 60 metres over the lip of an ancient sea cliff, cascading into shallow pools at their base.

Another noteworthy waterfall, Dettifoss—meaning "Thunderous"—, is found in northeast Iceland as part of the Diamond Circle sightseeing route. This waterfall boasts the most powerful flow rate in Europe, creating an enormous plume of white mist at the base of its 44-metre drop.  Clearly, this is one natural landmark worthy of your time whilst travelling in the area.

Step into a Magical Ice Cave

The size of Iceland's ice caves will defy the imagination!

Nothing can quite describe the feeling of being surrounded on all sides by walls of ice many metres thick. A curious blend of gratitude and awe overwhelm all who step into the glittering, subterranean world of Iceland’s glacial cave systems, making them a must-see for any honeymooner’s trip in the country.

Most ice caves—with the exception of Katla ice cave, on the South Coast—thaw during the summer months, filling with water to make accessing them all but impossible. This limited availability makes such caves incredibly special to locals and visitors, not to mention boosting just how essential a visit is for winter guests.

Of course, ice caving is one of the island’s most popular winter activities, providing guests with a precious glimpse into the primordial forces that make up this strange land.

Guests will be provided with all necessary equipment to enter an ice cave, including helmets and crampons, to not just keep you safe, but also present an opportunity to giggle at your partner dressed in adventuresome attire.

Be Awe-inspired at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is very romantic.Photo by JimboChan

On the topic of frozen glaciers, no trip to Iceland is truly complete without spending quality time at Jökulsárlón lagoon, located on the radiant South Coast.

Commonly referred to as “The Crown Jewel of Iceland”, this site sees enormous icebergs break from the nearby glacial tongue Breiðamerkurjökull, before coming to rest peacefully on the lagoon’s still surface.

As we're sure you can imagine, all of this pieced together creates quite the romantic setting, especially when complemented by the dramatic mountain backdrop.

Jökulsárlón is Iceland’s deepest lake, its max depth being 248 metres (814 feet). It is possible to take a boat tour on the lagoon, allowing you to get up close and personal with the icebergs, as well as catch a glimpse of the resident seal colony playing in the water.

Dine in Reykjavik’s Best Restaurants

Hallgrimskirkja looks over many restaurants.

Like any modern city, Reykjavík—the northernmost capital in the world—is home to countless acclaimed restaurants, be they authentically Icelandic, masters of culinary fusion, or specialist in certain gourmet areas.

Don't fear articles that claim Icelandic food is somehow unappealing. Your date nights will be characterised by delicious fresh seafood, thirst-quenching local beverages and friendly, professional service. When it comes to reviews, Iceland’s culinary prize is Dill, a former Michelin star restaurant focused on locally-sourced Scandinavian cuisine.

If you’re an adventurous couple ever on the lookout for new tastes and experiences, why not dare one another to sample Hakarl, otherwise known as fermented Icelandic shark?

This pungent, spongy fish cube is enough to make the most experienced of gastronomes wince in disbelief, but does make for the perfect challenge when looking for someone to prove their love. Best washed down with a shot of the Icelandic schnapps, Brennivín.

Take a Helicopter Flight over Reykjavik

A helicopter lands atop a mountain.Photo from Private 50 Minute Helicopter Tour with a Mountain Top Landing with Transfer from Reykjavik

Arguably the most epic and romantic option of this list, taking a private helicopter flight over Iceland’s capital city is sure to cement your love forever. Helicopter flightseeing over Reykjavik takes approximately an hour, making for a quick, yet life-changing tour experience.

With an aerial view over Reykjavik’s colourful tin roofs and iconic landmarks, as well as the expansive wilderness that surrounds it, you’ll find yourself feeling—quite literally—high as a bird. To make the experience even better, many helicopter tours will make a mountain-top landing, allowing you to entirely new heights and perspectives.

Are you planning on having your honeymoon in Iceland? Have you previously had your honeymoon here and, if so, what were your favourite attractions and activities? Make sure to leave your thoughts and queries in the Facebook comments box below.

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