mugison by Ari Magg

One of the longest loved Icelandic musicians is Mugison, making bad ass rock music that you always want to listen to on the loudest volume setting possible.

Mugison is from the fishing town Ísafjörður in the Westfjords, and kind of looks like a typical Icelandic fisherman viking since he's big and bearded. His father, Papamug, also makes music and they play in a band together called 'papas and the papas.'

His music is loud and catchy, with the feeling of swinging blues and a dash of southern country in many of his tracks. When he sings softly, it gives you goosebumps, and these slower tracks are heart-breakingly beautiful. Check out his song I want you, and let the sad, strange sounds creep into you as you realize how much you like hearing something different once in a while. 

Mugison I want you 

Mugison has recorded 5 albums. His first 4 albums are: 'Lonely Mountain' (2003), 'Mugimama, is this monkey music?' (2004), 'Mugiboogie' (2007) and 'Haglél' (2011). The fifth one is the live recorded 'Reminder'. Haglél broke the record for the most sold album in Icelandic history when it was released in 2011. It also won Album of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2011. 

Listen to this awesome song to get you in a rocking mood:

Mugison Moogieboogie

If you want to rock out more with Mugison songs, listen to his songs on myspace, or buy his albums on his official website. If you're already a fan, check out his Facebook page, and follow him on twitter: @mugison.  You can also buy tickets to a Mugison concert here.

To see him live, check him out in Iceland where he performs pretty regularly. Mugison usually plays in his home town of Ísafjörður at a music festival held every April called Aldrei fór ég suður. He performed at Iceland Airwaves in 2012 and 2014 and played at the Sonar Reykjavik 2013 and the Sonar Reykjavík 2015 festival. His set at Sonar Reykjavik 2013 was amazing, you can read about it here.