Best Restaurants in East Iceland

Best Restaurants in East Iceland

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Egilsstadir is the largest town in East Iceland and just by the Lagarfjlot lake

Discover the best restaurants to visit along the winding fjords of East Iceland. Enjoy great casual meals and fine dining experiences among the beautiful landscapes and charming towns of the Icelandic Eastfjords!

The Eastfjords of Iceland offer a peaceful nature experience, with its winding fjords lined by beautiful mountains and lovely waterfalls. But while it's easy to find places to visit for your travel itinerary, a very important question remains! Where do you find a delicious meal during your days of exploring?

East Iceland boasts a diverse culinary scene, with fresh takes on international and Icelandic cuisine, using local ingredients such as reindeer. The lovely towns of the Eastfjords cater to every taste and budget, with cozy cafes and upscale establishments.

You can explore the region with convenient Eastfjord tours, but the best way to navigate the winding roads is by renting a car and embarking on summer self-drive tours. It allows you to see the more unique attractions of East Iceland and discover the historic fishing villages at your own pace.

There are also plenty of great Eastfjord accommodations to choose from for ultimate comfort during your journey, or enjoy sleeping among nature by renting a campervan or motorhome in the summer. Whichever you choose, these are the best places to find delicious meals on your trip in the region. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey through the majestic Eastfjords!

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The Best Restaurants in East Iceland

East Iceland is known for its dramatic fjords, mountains, and charming fishing towns, where you'll find some great places for a good meal. Whether you crave fresh seafood pulled straight from the icy Atlantic, authentic Icelandic lamb, tasty classics, or innovative takes on traditional cuisine, you'll find something to suit every palate. Here are the best restaurants to try in the Eastfjords!

6. Café Sumarlína (Faskrudsfjordur)

The Café Sumarlína is a lovely place to eat in Faskrudsfjordur

Photo from Cafe Sumarlína.

As you pass through the picturesque village of Faskrudsfjordur, don't miss out on a visit to Café Sumarlína. This small family-run restaurant has a lot of charm with its delicious food, friendly service, homey interior, and a corner dedicated to the Leeds United football team. Non-Leeds fans are, of course, also welcome, and we encourage everyone passing through the area to stop by.

Café Sumarlína is perfect for a casual lunch or dinner, though the opening hours are somewhat irregular. It's open year-round, but it's best to check the Café Sumarlína Facebook page for the most up-to-date opening times.

The menu features great pizzas and burgers but also tasty local seafood, Icelandic lamb, and pasta. There's also a children's menu, and they have keto-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan options. If you're not up for a full meal, the desserts are also tasty, so it's worth stopping by for a sweet treat with some coffee or tea on your travels!

Café Sumarlína has a delicious menu with something for everyone

Photo from Cafe Sumarlína.

While the traditional Icelandic house of Café Sumarlína offers a cozy atmosphere, if the weather allows, there are few things as magical as enjoying a tasty meal while enjoying the lovely views of the Faskrudsfjordur fjord.

Use the opportunity to explore what the town has to offer, as it's brimming with history and charm. Faskrudsfjordur is sometimes referred to as the "French Town in Iceland" because of the presence of French sailors along its shores in the past, and you'll notice this influence around the town!

You can find nice accommodation options in the area, and Faskrudsfjordur's location can also serve as a convenient base for further Eastfjord exploration.

5. Randulf's Sea House (Eskifjordur)

Randulf's Sea House is a charming Eastfjord restaurant

Photo taken from Randulffssjóhús Eskifirði.

One of the more unique dining experiences to enjoy during self-drive tours of the Eastfjords is at Randulf's Sea House or "Randulffssjóhús." This historic place is part of the Maritime Museum of East Iceland and sits at the lovely shore of the Eskifjordur fjord, offering beautiful views of the Holmatindur mountain.

Randulf's Sea House offers interesting Icelandic dishes from ingredients such as reindeer, lamb, and local seafood. It's also a great chance to try the more infamous side of Icelandic food tradition, such as fermented shark, dried fish, and brennivin. Save room for the delicious desserts, as we highly recommend the white chocolate skyr with sweetened rhubarb and oat crumble!

The food of Randulf's Sea House is a great way to refuel on your travel

Photo taken from Randulffssjóhús Eskifirði.

The restaurant offers a very charming dining atmosphere, as the area's seafaring history is reflected in its interior. Randulf's Sea House was built in 1890 by Norwegian fisherman Peter Randulff and served as a herring fishery. The building has been renovated to reflect its original appearance, and the interior features seafaring tools and photographs celebrating its history.

It's recomended to reserve a table if you want to enjoy a visit to Randulf's Sea House. It's usually only open during the summer, though there are occasional special openings throughout the year. Make sure to confirm your table with the restaurant ahead of time.

4. Norð Austur - Sushi & Bar (Seydisfjordur)

The Norð Austur restaurant has a cozy interior

Photo from Norð Austur - Sushi & Bar.

Craving cuisine from further East than East Iceland? Want to enjoy fresh and delicious Icelandic seafood? Then make a stop at Norð Austur, the best sushi place in the Eastfjords!

Nestled within the beautiful town of Seydisfjordur, Norð Austur is a cozy restaurant where experienced chefs craft fresh sushi and other Japanese-inspired meals. They use only the freshest possible ingredients, with seafood caught by local fishermen.

The menu features classic sushi rolls and nigiri alongside a tempting selection of dishes like tempura or gyoza. These smaller plates are perfect for sharing and exploring a variety of tastes. Whether you're a seasoned sushi lover or simply curious to try something new, Norð Austur promises a unique and delicious dining experience in the heart of East Iceland.

The sushi at Norð Austur is made with the freshest possible ingredients

They also have delicious tasting menus for the whole table. It's a great way to taste the range available at Norð Austur. There is also a family menu for groups of four or more, and you pay half price for children!

To go with your meal, we recommend trying their cocktail selection, as they have some unique drinks on offer. They are, of course, best enjoyed when staying in accommodation in Siglufjordur, so you don't have to worry about driving.

For the easiest way to enjoy the drink selection, book a stay at Hotel Aldan, which happens to share a building with the restaurant. Just make sure to book your table at Norð Austur - Sushi & Bar with good notice, as it's popular among locals and travelers alike.

3. Berunes Restaurant (Djupivogur)

In summer, the Berunes Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience surrounded by natureIf you're traveling around the Eastfjords between June and early September, stopping by the lovely Berunes HI Hostel is a truly unmissable culinary experience. While the hostel makes for a convenient Djupavogur accommodation, the true star is the Berunes Restaurant, which features a menu inspired by the renowned Forréttabarinn restaurant in Reykjavik.

The owner and chef of Forréttabarinn, Róbert Ólafsson, grew up in Berunes and brings his culinary expertise to the Eastfjords during the height of summer. While the menu changes regularly, you can generally expect a meat, fish, and vegetarian option for mains, though it's always best to contact the restaurant about any dietary restrictions ahead of time.

You can try delicious twists on classic dishes using ingredients from the surrounding nature. They pair perfectly with the impressive wine selection or a delightful Icelandic craft beer, which you can enjoy with views of the towering Bulandstindur mountain across the fjord.

Try the amazing dishes at Berunes Restaurant

Photo from Berunes

If you're traveling outside the usual summer opening period, you may still be in luck. Berunes sometimes feature openings for guest chefs throughout the year, which bring new and interesting menus. These are advertised on the Berunes Facebook page, so keep an eye out!

The surroundings of Berunes are beautiful, with the peaceful shore framed by towering mountains. It's perfect for hiking, and the town of Djupivogur across the bay is also home to museums, art exhibits, and fun activities, such as this relaxing kayaking tour!

Take your time visiting the area, and remember to book a table at Berunes Restaurant to ensure you don't miss out on a great dining experience after your day of exploration.

2. Skaftfell Bistro (Seydisfjordur)

Skaftfell Bistro has a charming and cozy atmosphere

Photo from Skaftfell Bistro.

The town of Seydisfjordur is known for its colorful historic houses and beautiful surrounding fjord, draped with countless waterfalls. It's easy to spend days exploring all that the area has to offer, but any visit should include the Skaftfell Art Center. This cultural center features interesting contemporary art exhibits but also a fantastic restaurant, the Skaftfell Bistro.

The Skaftell Bistro is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Seydisfjordur and taking in the local cultural scene. The menu is small and changes frequently as it celebrates the local ingredients available throughout the year in interesting ways.

They're opening hours can also change depending on the month, but they're open year-round for dinner and, some days, for lunch. It's usually closed on Sundays. Make sure to check the Skaftfell Facebook page for the most up-to-date opening hours.

Skaftfell in Seydisfjordur serves new and interesting dishes

Photo from Skaftfell Bistro.

Skaftfell Bistro is housed in the charming basement of a traditional 1907 Icelandic house built by Norwegian fishermen and it offers a cozy ambiance further enhanced by rotating contemporary art exhibits. Art lovers will also appreciate the unique library corner designed by Björn Roth, which features a collection of art books by his father, renowned artist Dieter Roth.

As this charming restaurant is one of the best places to dine in the Eastfjords, make sure to book your table at Skaftfell Bistro with good notice to ensure availability. While you're there, don't miss the opportunity to explore the art exhibits on the upper floors of the Skaftfell Art Center!

1. Nielsen Restaurant (Egilsstadir)

Nielsen Restaurant is located in the oldest house in Egilsstadir

As you travel around East Iceland, you'll likely pass through Egilsstadir, the largest town in the region. It's where you can easily find some great hotel options within easy reach of many must-see attractions, and it's also where you'll find one of the must-try restaurants in East Iceland.

Those craving a truly fantastic dining experience should visit Nielsen Restaurant. It's the passion project of husband and wife duo Sólveig and Kári, and their love for good food and warm hospitality shines through at Nielsen's, with inventive menus and fresh Icelandic ingredients.

Kári is a renowned chef who previously led the Michelin-starred Dill restaurant in Reykjavik. Working closely with local farmers, fishermen, and foragers, the menu showcases the region's flavors at their peak. Traditional Icelandic specialties share the spotlight with creative takes on international cuisine.

Try innovative and delicious dishes at Nielsen Restaurant in Egilsstadir

The Nielsen Restaurant is located in the oldest building in Egilsstadir, built in 1944, and it draws its name from Oswald Nielsen, its original owner. It's currently only open during the summertime, but it's a must-visit when in the area.

The cozy interior makes for a lovely dining atmosphere, and if the weather allows, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner out on the tree-lined patio. They also have regular pop-up opening events over the winter, which they advertise on the Nielsen Facebook page, so you may still be able to visit during the colder months.

No matter your preference, Nielsen Restaurant promises a delicious and memorable experience that captures the essence of East Iceland. Just remember to book a table at Nielsen Restaurant with good notice to guarantee a seat!

The Icelandic Eastfjords feature plenty of opportunities for adventure. With winding fjords, towering mountains, and lovely towns, it's a beautiful region to explore. Pair your adventure with a visit to some of the best restaurants in East Iceland for a truly memorable trip! It's the best way to enjoy all that the region has to offer.

Will you explore the Eastfjords this summer? Have you visited the region before? Which of these restaurants would you like to try? Share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below!

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