We Icelanders love Páll Óskar! Since his first album in 1993 he's been a big part of the Icelandic musical and cultural scene, and it is largely thanks to him that Iceland is now one of the most gay friendly countries in the world

Páll Óskar has performed at many different venues and events, but my favourite show was on the eve before Christmas. On December 23rd of each year, many families and friends dress in their Sunday best and go to church for a joyous night of singing and prayer.

In 2011 I went to Fríkirkjan, the beautiful old church beside the pond, to watch Páll Óskar lead the congregation in singing hymns and Christmas songs.

He wore a baby pink silk suit and looked great, especially next to the stone faced, robed Protestant priest.

Páll Óskar performs at his own concerts and with other Icelandic musicians at many events and music festivals in Iceland. He was also Iceland's entry to Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, with a performance that is still today considered one of Eurovision's most erotic performances! Judge for yourself:

You can find him downtown Reykjavík disc jockeying at various bars, or just run into him partying on the weekend. He's always involved with performing and partying on Gay Pride day, held every summer in downtown Reykjavik.

It kicks off with a parade, filled with floats and drag queens, and ends with a free open-air concert. Here is a video of Páll Óskar's cover of I Am Who I Am or Ég er eins og ég er in Icelandic, one of his most famous singles.

Ég er eins og ég er - I am who I am - at Gay Pride 2011.

Páll Óskar is also a regular at Þjóðhátíð, the biggest music festival in Iceland held annually on the Westman Islands. This little island with a population of 4,000 swells to nearly 20,000 people of all ages for one long weekend every summer.

Here is a music video of Páll Óskar's song La dolce vita with clips from Þjóðhátíð in 2011.

Páll Óskar La dolce vita

If you want to see the most watched youtube video of Páll Óskar, you'll quickly understand why he's such a lovable part of the Icelandic popular music scene.

Catch a bit of American Beauty fever with all the red roses in this music video Allt fyrir ástina

Allt fyrir ástina - All for love

Find out all there is to know about Páll Óskar on his website.