Asgeir Trausti exploded onto the Icelandic music scene in the summer of 2012, when he was only 20 years old. Now his calming voice and acoustic sound is forever embedded in the hearts of Icelandic music lovers.

Ásgeir and his music

Ásgeir Trausti grew up in the countryside of Iceland, and his family has always been involved in music in some way or another. Ásgeir's father Einar writes his lyrics, and Ásgeir's accompanying band includes his brother from the Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar. Ásgeir was classically trained on the guitar, and also plays the piano, and many of his songs are performed acoustically.

His first single, Sumargestur, reached number 2 on the Icelandic music charts, and the following 3 consecutive singles all reached number 1. Leyndarmál was the number one single for 6 weeks, followed by Dýrð í dauðaþögn, which played constantly on the radio. Then, over Christmas and New Years 2012, his hit single Hvítir skór, recorded with Blaz Roca, was the top song in Iceland for 9 straight weeks. That wasn't the typical sound of Ásgeir, singing only the chorus of this Icelandic rap song, but the music video is wildly entertaining.

Ásgeir Trausti - Dýrð í dauðaþögn 

Ásgeir Trausti has still only produced one album (in both Icelandic and English). The Icelandic version is called Dýrð í dauðaþögn; a 10 song CD available for download online, as a cd, or as a vinyl record. It was released in September 2012, and the album is still currently one of the top selling albums in Iceland! Rumours have it that he has surpassed Mugison with the most sold album ever released in Iceland.

He released the English version of his album, titled In the Silence on iTunes in 2013. American musician John Grant helped with the translation of the lyrics and reproduction of the English language album. 

Now he is touring the world - so be sure to check out if he's performing near you!

Ásgeir has said he thought he would grow up to be an athlete, but with encouragement from his family and friends, started to take his music more seriously. After producer Guðmundur Jónsson heard his incredible vocal talent, his debut album was flawlessly recorded. After headlining at Airwaves 2012, playing many packed-full concerts, and his songs constantly being heard on the radio, it's almost impossible to avoid hearing his beautiful voice or to keep him off your playlist. 

Buy his singles or his albums from his website, and follow Ásgeir on twitter @asgeirtrausti or through his facebook page. You can also find more of his music on youtube. Still not convinced, listen to my favourite Ásgeir Trausti song "Going home" remixed:

Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin 

Text by Katrín Sif Einarsdóttir