Arstidir playing live in Russia

Arstidir is a 6 piece Icelandic folk band from Reykjavik with a sound unique to the Icelandic music scene. Be sure to catch them playing live in Reykjavik or abroad at one of their many international tours.

Arstidir's Music

Árstíðir has a special sound, sometimes classified as chamber pop music, but there's no need to categorize these 6 guys as anything else than talented musicians. Their vocal harmonies and string instruments make any concert you see a relaxing, even hypnotizing experience. You can easily fall in love with the complex mix of rock, indie, classical chamber and Icelandic folk sounds you hear in their songs.

A few months after they started their band, they had 2 number one hits on Icelandic radio stations. They released their debut album in 2010, and their second album Svefns og vöku skil came out 1 year later. It was produced by internationally acclaimed Ólafur Arnalds, and was recorded at the legendary Icelandic studio Hljóðriti.

They've sold nearly 10,000 CD's so far, and their latest release is Tvíeind, a CD of their songs remixed by various international artists. As for their music videos, here is a peak at one from the Tvíeind album, called Á meðan jörðin sefur, reworked by iamthemorning. Check out the original sound track and music video here.

On the 6th of March 2015 they will be releasing their third album, Hvel.

Á meðan jörðin sefur remix

Árstíðir - Iceland's award winning folk band

They've been touring a lot internationally, with sold out venues in more than 10 countries. In 2012, they toured for 5 months accross Central Europe, the Baltics and Russia, where they have their biggest fan base. They were just awarded the 21st Eiserner Eversteiner European Folk music award in Germany.

Where to hear Arstidir music

For up to date information on their tours, check their webpage. You can often hear them playing live in Reykjavik at Kex hostel or Cafe Rosenberg.

If you like what you hear, buy their new remix album here. You can also follow them through their facebook page. Be sure to visit their official website to check for upcoming concerts and tours. And, if you like their sound, buy their other albums on their website.

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