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웨스트피오르드 투어

웨스트피오르드 투어

웨스트피요르드는 역사와 전설이 살아숨쉬는 곳으로 미로같은 피요르드와 산으로 세계적으로 알려져 있는 곳입니다. 딘얀디 폭포와 호른스트란디르 자연보호 구역에도 들러보고 지역에서 진행되는 투어에도 참여하여 특별한 웨스트피요르드의 여행을 즐겨보세요.

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웨스트피오르드 투어

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Jennifer M Smith

Jennifer M Smith

03/09/2018, 11:45
Review of 14일 렌트카 여행 패키지 | 아이슬란드 일주 & 웨스트피오르드 여행

We are just back from an absolutely fantastic 14 days in Iceland. We wanted to do a self-drive tour around the entire country and Guide to Iceland put together an itinerary for us and booked us a different hotel for each night of our trip except for one place (Stykkisholmur), where we stayed for two nights so that we could explore more of the region. We also pre-booked three tours through Guide to Iceland (Solheimajokull Glacier Hiking, Jokusarlon Zodiac Tour and Under the Volcano Tour) and they were all really fantastic experiences. The car rented through MyCar was great, the GPS was highly appreciated, and the driving was pretty easy. The most dangerous thing on the roads are the other tourist drivers who are so awestruck by the views that they randomly cross the centreline while they are looking around! The hotels were all terrific, comfortable and clean. Each time we had a hotel near the water we had a room with a water view. The breakfasts each day were just right. The buffets had something for everyone, and it was possible to have a hearty protein-filled breakfast that would carry you through the day. Most days we skipped lunch. The only glitch that threatened our itinerary was the cancellation of our afternoon Under the Volcano Tour when the weather deteriorated on our final days. We were promptly notified of the change by Guide to Iceland by email the night before and that gave us time to change our booking to a morning tour and to rearrange our driving time the following day so that we could make the earlier time slot. Thanks to Guide to Iceland, we didn't miss this Under the Volcano opportunity that we were so looking forward to. It was a fantastic holiday, well organized by Guide to Iceland, They provided us with so much good clear information about our itinerary before our trip that we were able to enjoy every moment of every day fully informed about where to go and what to see. I highly recommend using Guide to Iceland to organize your Iceland adventure. We had a fantastic time.

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급변하는 날씨 때문에, 5월부터 9월 사이인 여름철에 방문하는 것이 안전합니다. 

웨스트피요르드에서 할 수 있는 액티비티에는 무엇이 있나요?

낚시, 퍼핀관측, 카약, 하이킹, 바이킹, 온천 등 많은 액티비티가 가능합니다.

웨스트피요르드의 유명 관광지로는 어떤 곳들이 있나요?

웨스트 피요르드에는 딘얀디 폭포, 많은 역사 깊은 어촌마을과 이사피요르두르 마을, 호른스트란디르 자연보호구역과 많은 자연온천이 있습니다.

웨스트피요르드에서 퍼핀이 관측되나요?

네, 퍼핀은 라트라뱌르그 절벽과 브레이다피요르두르 섬에 둥지를 틉니다.

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