Live Feed from the Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption in Geldingadalur

Live Feed from the Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption in Geldingadalur

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Fagradalsfjall volcano on Iceland's Reyknanes Peninsula has started its much-anticipated eruption, and here you can watch this incredible phenomenon occur! Keep on reading for an incredible, live-streamed look at 2021’s Fagradalsfjall eruption.

With this 24-hour feed, you can watch the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption live as it happens:

And so it begins! After several weeks of trepidation and over 53,000 earthquakes, a ravine within Geldingadalur on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula has begun to erupt! 

Fagradalsfjall erupts on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.

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Starting on March 19th, the opening of this 500-meter-long fissure marked the first eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula in over 800 years. Reykjavik residents had been experiencing an increasingly uncomfortable build-up of tectonic activity when finally, the growing tension burst from this volcano in a breathtaking release of molten rock.

Though the Reykjanes Peninsula is famous for linking the country’s only international airport, Keflavik, with the capital city of Reykjavik, the eruption at Geldingadalur has luckily occurred in a sheltered, isolated valley. As you can see in the live-stream, there are no roads or buildings nearby, so Fagradalsfjall poses very little threat to life or infrastructure.

Lava burst from a crater during Fagradalsfjall's eruption.

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Iceland is famous for its incredible volcanic activity, partially earning it the name ‘The Land of Ice and Fire,’ but even so, momentous events like this are not as common as one might think. The last major Icelandic eruption was Holuhraun in 2014, and before that was the notorious Eyjafjallajokull over a decade ago, in 2010. The former was hard to watch due to its remote location, and the latter barred many who wished to see it from being able to by grounding flights across Europe.

As such, to witness a volcano erupt in Iceland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it is a great privilege of our times that we can watch the one at Geldingadalur from the comfort of our homes with a 24-hour live feed.

Rivers of lava spill from the ravine at Fagradalsfjall.

If you are lucky enough to be in Iceland at this exciting time, you’ll likely still want to watch the eruption in person; thankfully, this is possible even during the regulations surrounding Covid-19. This hiking tour, for example, will take you from the nearby Grindavik to the breathtaking rivers of lava and fountains of fire with an expert local guide for an experience you’ll never forget.

Keep checking the live video of the Geldingadalur eruption to see the striking differences between a volcano from day to night and to see what form it takes next. No one is quite sure when Fagradalsfjall's activity will end, with some speculating days and others years, so be sure to watch this breathtaking phenomenon while you can!