Information about Kvernufoss

Kvernufoss is a true hidden gem in South Iceland.Photo by Regína Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir.

Kvernufoss is a waterfall with a drop of 30 metres (98 feet) in South Iceland. Considered a hidden gem, it rests in a gorge on the South Coast, close to one of Iceland’s most visited waterfalls Skógafoss. 


The South Coast of Iceland has two famous waterfalls, which both sit right by the Ring Road that encircles the country. The first of these is Skógafoss, which is sixty metres tall and falls with immense power, and the second is Seljalandsfoss, famous for the large cavern behind it. It is far from correct to assume, however, that these are the only two worth visiting.

Although Kvernufoss is lesser-known and not immediately beside the Ring Road, it is still incredibly beautiful and easy to reach. As it is just thirty minute's walk from Skógafoss, it can be seen as somewhat of a counterpart to Gljúfrabúi, which is another hidden gem just a short way from Seljalandsfoss.

Description of Kvernufoss

Kvernufoss is a beautiful waterfall, tumbling from a height of thirty metres. It is partially concealed by moss-coated cliffs of lava rock, only adding to its visual appeal. Starting from Skógar Cultural Heritage Museum, a hiking trail of approximately 20 minutes leads into the gorge Kvernugil by the river Kverná. The river is not to be confused with Kverná on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

In the summer, you can walk all the way behind the waterfall and look out through its misty cascade. During the winter season, however, the slippery ice of the gorge and the risk of falling icicles prevent you from walking behind the falls.

What makes Kvernufoss particularly special, however, is the fact that it is overlooked on the vast majority of South Coast tours. It is also either ignored or mentioned only briefly in most literature about Icelandic sites. You are therefore unlikely to find the tourist crowds you inevitably get at the more famous locations throughout the year. 

This will no doubt make your experience with Kvernufoss that much more special, and should be particularly of note to photographers who don't want strangers wandering into their frames.

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