All Airlines That Fly to Iceland | Best International and Domestic Flight Options

All Airlines That Fly to Iceland | Best International and Domestic Flight Options

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A view of the gorgeous Landmannalaugar mountains in the Icelandic Highlands, from above.Read about Iceland's domestic airlines and find out which international airlines fly to Iceland. International travelers can choose from several airline carriers to book their flights before selecting the perfect vacation package for Iceland. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the airlines flying to Iceland.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime and grab a plane ticket to Iceland for your next exciting adventure! Iceland offers its visitors seemingly endless opportunities for new experiences. From admiring the breathtaking glaciers and mighty volcanoes to walking along stunning black sand beaches, there is nowhere quite like it. 

Traveling to this beautiful paradise often requires visitors to arrive via the sky. And while there is much to experience once you arrive, flying into Iceland offers travelers an incredible birds-eye view of its majestic landscapes before touching down at the airport. 

Whether you're flying from European destinations like the UK, Germany, or France or North American locations like Boston or New York, this guide offers the lowdown on what's on offer. 

Getting Prepared to Fly to Iceland

Iceland is the perfect place for anyone wishing to discover the beauty and wonder of the natural world. You can book private, guided, or self-drive tours to ensure you get the most out of what Iceland offers.

Aside from the natural wonders, Iceland is also a wealth of cultural experiences, from fantastic food to museums and landmarks. 

To visit Iceland, you must wonder how to get there. Currently, at least 19 airlines from 78 locations worldwide fly to Iceland's Keflavik International Airport. 

Hallgrimskirkja is a must-see Reykjavik ready to discover after you fly to Iceland.Depending on your needs and budget, you can grab a ticket to Iceland on major airlines such as Delta or United. Play is an excellent and budget-friendly way to travel to Iceland from Europe, offering flights from multiple locations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Dublin.

After arriving at Keflavik International, you can board an airport transfer to the capital city of Reykjavik, 31 miles (50 kilometers) away. Airport transfers are easy and convenient. They also save travelers the expense of hefty taxi fares.

As the drive to Reykjavik only takes around 45 minutes, you can enjoy a stay at a hotel in Reykjavik. If you're short on time, you can also find many great accommodation options near Keflavik Airport, perfect for your first or last night in Iceland.

Choose from a private car transfer or an affordable bus transfer. For the ultimate luxurious start to your vacation, select a transfer via the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa

Icelandic Airlines

There are two leading commercial airlines in Iceland, Icelandair and Play. 

Icelandair is the largest airline of the two and has the most comprehensive availability globally. If you're looking for a budget option, check out Play. These two airlines cover travel across Iceland.

There used to be another budget option called WOW Air, which operated between 2012 and 2019. Unfortunately, in 2019, WOW filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors.


Icelandair is the leading airline in Iceland. It services both domestic and international flights, with over 50 ports worldwide. Their ticket classes include Economy Light, Economy Standard, Economy Flex, Saga Premium, and Saga Premium Flex. 

While we won't list every city that Icelandair flies to, do note they visit many cities in Europe, the UK, North America, and Greenland. You can find their full flight schedule online, and larger airports offer daily or weekly flights to Iceland. 

Aside from international flights, Icelandair also makes several domestic flights every day. Akureyri to Reykjavik, for example, has 28 flights a week, with that number going up to 39 come March 2023.

Lake Myvatn is one of the must-visit treasures of North Iceland.While they already connect much of Iceland, they plan to expand by adding flights to Keflavik International Airport from Akureyri in March 2023. 

One of the significant aspects of Icelandair's connectivity is the ability to turn a stopover into a mini vacation in Iceland. Icelandair allows you to stop for up to seven days within Iceland to enjoy the sights and activities before continuing to your final destination.

The possibilities are endless when choosing what to do with your stopover time. Consider booking a guided excursion around the Golden Circle or selecting a luxurious Blue Lagoon geothermal spa tour. You will need to book your accommodation separately if you plan on staying for one or more nights on a stopover. 

The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of Iceland's must-visit destinations with its milky-blue healing waters.When it comes to luggage, allowance depends on your flight class. The lowest tier, Economy Light, allows one carry-on bag and one personal item, with no checked bag.

The other economy classes (Standard and Flex) allow a checked bag. If you are a Saga point holder, you can upgrade to Saga Premium or Saga Premium Flex with two checked bags. Saga Premium Flex even allows a second carry-on bag. 

If you plan to use Icelandair often, it would be worth your while to sign up for the Saga Club. You can earn Saga Points to purchase flights, upgrades, gift cards, or buy things onboard your flight.

You can also earn Saga points through,, Voyage,, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Hotel Edda, Hertz, and


For cheap flights to Iceland, Play is Iceland's budget airline provider and a popular airline. Their headquarters are in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik.

They offer flights to many major North American and European cities. A few options include Alicante, Berlin, Boston, Dublin, Lisbon, New York, and Prague. 

When traveling with Play, passengers are permitted one personal-sized item that can fit under the seat. Something like a backpack or a small duffle would be perfect, so long as it fits within the dimensions listed on their website.

Several items, such as mobility aids, car seats, or medical equipment, are permitted free of charge. 

The Snaefellsnes peninsula is a superb place to visit when you fly to Iceland, due to its diverse nature and wildlife.Beyond your one personal bag, other additional bags need to be purchased separately. You can buy an extra carry-on bag and up to three additional checked bags. 

Every flight with Play makes a stopover in Iceland. Those who have always wanted to visit the country can do so on their way to another destination. The prices are also very low, perfect for budget travelers.

The airline keeps these prices low, so you can reach Iceland in the most budget-friendly way possible. Prepare for your flight by downloading a few podcasts or movies to your mobile device or laptop. And don't forget to bring snacks and drinks.

Play strictly offers Economy tickets, so you cannot purchase a first-class ticket. 

International Airlines That Fly to Iceland

More than just two airlines fly in and out of Iceland. If you want to travel to Iceland, there are many other airlines across the globe that Iceland welcomes into its airports.

From nearly any location, there is an airline for you. One of these exceptions is Asia, as there are currently no options for regular year-round flights. However, there is an increasing number of infrequent flight options. You can also look to larger airlines for a connecting option between an international and Icelandic airline. 

The Skaftafellsjokull glacier is one of many stunning attractions on Iceland's South Coast.


airBaltic is a budget airline that services 60 destinations in the Baltic region and beyond and has budget flights to Iceland. Headquartered in Latvia, they are the best air service to bring passengers from European countries to Iceland without breaking the bank. 

When booking your ticket, you choose the perks you want, reflected in the varying ticket prices.

Every ticket allows you to bring one personal item, such as a purse or small bag, and one cabin bag, such as a small suitcase.

Don't miss a visit to the Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the South Coast when you visit Iceland.If you need a higher weight limit, you can purchase the option to carry up to 12 kg on board the plane or opt for checked baggage. You can also purchase other perks like meals and upgraded seats. airBaltic ticket types include

  • Green: Economy class earning zero club member points
  • Green Plus: Economy class earning 50 member points
  • Classic: Economy class earning 100 member points
  • Business Light: Business class earning 150 member points
  • Business: Business class earning 200 member points

Their loyalty program is known as airBaltic Club, and it allows you to earn points that you can later spend on flight purchases. The airBaltic club app also has a stamp card feature that gives you a free flight after purchasing five commercial flights to Iceland or elsewhere.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the flagship carrier for Canada. They have over 220 destinations that span six continents. Air Canada is an obvious choice if you're looking to catch a connecting flight from anywhere in North America to an Icelandic airline. It also travels directly to Iceland. 

A great feature of Air Canada is its Aeroplan System. If you're living in Canada, many local banks have an Aeroplan credit card available, making it easy to earn Aeroplan points with everyday purchases.

If you plan on flying with Air Canada often, you can opt into their Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. This premium service gives you access to their private lounge, including free Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks and beverages, a business center, and even showers.

Tickets include Economy-class tickets, Premium Economy-class tickets, and Business-class tickets. Those who live within Canada or the United States can make the most use of the Maple Leaf lounge as they are in 16 airports across Canada and the USA. 

The Vatnajokull glacier is a massive ice cap in Iceland.

Air France

Need to leave from France or nearby? Then look no further than Air France. They are a massive airline that services France and 201 other destinations worldwide, spanning 94 countries.

Air France travels to nearly every continent, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. 

Air France is known for its comfort. Even economy seating has ample legroom compared to other airlines.

Air France has also reported a sharp increase in customers opting for their more luxurious accommodations, including first-class seating and private cabins. Their classes include Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and La Premiere. 

The sun voyager sculpture is a popular attraction in Reykjavik, and makes for picturesque sunset photos.Air France uses the loyalty program Flying Blue. With Flying Blue, you earn miles to pay for flights, onboard purchases, or online shopping. You can donate your miles to charity if you don't plan on using them.

Flying Blue has several tiers, Explorer, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can gain experience points (XPs) to jump from one level to the next each time you fly or book with a Flying Blue credit card.

The number of XPs you gain per flight depends on your cabin class and where exactly you go. The higher tier you are, the faster you can accumulate miles. This system is an excellent option for those seeking luxury travel to Iceland. 

American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, with 350 destinations spanning 50 countries. Aside from their stellar international coverage, they have a handle mobile app that easily tracks your flights.

The app includes features like booking, boarding passes, and flight information. If you need help, you have 24/7 access to a representative through American Airlines. 

Certain qualifiers may give you access to their premium lounges in participating airports. Depending on your membership status and class seating, they have four different lounge varieties.

Landmannalaugar is one of the breathtaking landscapes in the Icelandic Highlands.Classes include Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Main Cabin Extra, Premium Economy, Business, First, Flagship Business, and Flagship First.

Their loyalty program is known as AAdvantage. Like many other loyalty programs, you can earn miles through flights and purchases with an AAdvantage credit card.

Additionally, over 1000 partners with AAdvantage let you earn points through their services, such as rentals and hotels. 

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines, also known as Austrian, is a Europe-based airline headquartered in Vienna. They collectively make about 360 flights a day, servicing 130 different destinations across Europe, Canada, and the United States. 

When flying with Austrian Airlines, you can fly Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or First Class. You may have one checked bag when flying in economy class and up to two in business class. You can also purchase the option to bring more bags when you book your flight. 

The exciting thing about this airline is the option to make a bid on upgrades. If you booked an Economy ticket and are interested in moving up a class, you can make a bid.

Thingvellir National Park is one of three Golden Circle attractions on Iceland's most popular driving route.The airline will decide if they want to accept the bid or not. If you prefer not to risk the bidding process, you can also pay a fixed fee for upgrades. 

Economy Premium is the perfect option for short flights or budget travelers. It comes with an amenity kit, entertainment screen, and access to a three or four-course meal.

Lastly, Business Class offers access to the Business Class lounge in participating airports, priority service, extra luggage, and flat seats for long-haul flights to Iceland. 

British Airways

British Airways is an excellent choice for those flying from the UK or parts of Europe. They cover over 200 destinations and 80 countries. British Airways offers flight, hotel, and car bundles to make your holiday easier. 

They have four classes of seats, Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First. Even the lowest tier, Economy, offers comfortable seating and high-tech touch screens.

On the other end of the spectrum, First class seating comes with private cabins and lie-flat seats that make those long flights simply a dream. 

Depending on what flight class you booked, generally, you can bring one personal item, one carry-on item, and one checked bag.

The Geysir geothermal area is one of three Golden Circle attractions, part of Iceland's most popular sightseeing route.

Brussels Airlines

For flights to Iceland from Europe, Brussels Airlines flies to over 140 destinations but calls Belgium home. Some of their most popular destinations include Reykjavik, Lisbon, London, and Amsterdam. 

Baggage options depend on your seat class and where you're flying. In general, terms, if you are flying Economy, you will get one personal item and one carry-on bag for free. 

You can, however, purchase the option for checked baggage. High-class tiers will allow more baggage. 

If you fly with Brussels Airlines often, you may be eligible to use their premium lounges. You get a private, quiet place to recharge and relax between flights. Brussels Airlines has the option of Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class seats. 


For more flights to Iceland from America, you have Delta. Delta flies to over 275 destinations worldwide that span six continents, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Delta has more flight classes than most, with six different offerings. They have Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, First Class, Delta Premium Select, and Delta One. Each tier brings a new level of luxury flights, with the top end getting a private cabin and lay-flat seats.

Their loyalty program is known as Sky Miles. You can earn Sky Miles through participating credit cards, Sky Miles partners, and direct purchases with Delta. Then you can trade your miles for flights, upgrades, or onboard perks. 

Gullfoss waterfall is one of three Golden Circle attractions along Iceland's most popular driving route.


JetBlue is a smaller airline with just over 100 destinations that span North America and the UK. Their headquarters is in Queen's, New York. 

One luxurious feature of JetBlue is its Mint seating. This first-class accommodation gives passengers plenty of room to move around while always having direct access to the aisle. This new form of seating is available on all their transatlantic and a few United States flights. 

JetBlue has five class tiers, Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. The Mint tier comes with the aforementioned one-of-a-kind seating, while the Blue Basic is just your seat, albeit a comfortable one.

On most JetBlue flights, you are allowed one personal item and a carry-on bag. The only exception is Blue Basic, which doesn't allow a carry-on. Blue Plus and up allow checked bags, although you can purchase the option for extra baggage if you need it. 


KLM  is the acronym for Royal Dutch Airlines. They are based out of The Hague, Netherlands, and service a staggering 1036 destinations thanks to being part of a global network of 19 partner airlines.

Their partners include Air France, Air Baltic, Delta, Westjet, and Air Europa. If you are used to Air France and are a Flying Blue member, you'll even get to use and collect your points as if you were on an Air France flight. The network is excellent for flights to Iceland from Asia. 

They have three main flight varieties. There is Economy, Premium Comfort, and Business. While most classes will be the same across airplanes, the Economy will have minor differences depending on whether you are flying within Europe, between Europe and Africa, or intercontinental. 

Oxararfoss waterfall is one of Iceland's many beautiful waterfalls.


Lufthansa is the leading German airline out of Cologne. They fly to 211 destinations spanning 74 countries. 

Lufthansa has four classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. The lowest classes have comfortable seats, entertainment, food, and drinks. At the higher end, First Class brings luxury into every moment you spend on the plane. 

Depending on your flight class selection, passengers flying with Lufthansa can enjoy onboard internet and entertainment, choose various addon services, and relax in one of their luxurious lounges. There are complimentary snacks and drinks aboard the flight, with menus catering to allergy-sensitive or vegetarian diets.  


Swiss airlines are the flagship carrier of Switzerland. It has two main hubs in Zurich and Geneve. Swiss can cater to 1300 destinations thanks to being a member of the Star Alliance.

The Star Alliance is a partnership of 26 airlines, including familiar names like Air Canada, United, Austrian, Brussels, and Lufthansa. 

They have four ticket classes: Economy, Economy Premium, Business, and First Class. 

You'll never find yourself bored on a Swiss flight, with available entertainment options such as watching films, listening to music, or playing games. You can also browse in-flight magazines and read up on the latest eJournals.

Iceland is an excellent holiday destination whether traveling in summer or winter.


United Airlines (commonly called United) calls Chicago, Illinois, United States, its home. As one of the larger American airlines, they cover over 330 destinations worldwide. 

United has four classes of tickets, Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First. You can book your ticket or upgrade with their Loyalty program, MileagePlus.

Their membership program comes with an integrated app that allows you to track flights, access your boarding pass, and check how many miles you have accumulated. 

United offers onboard entertainment via DirecTV and gives travelers access to inflight magazines and Wi-Fi services.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a smaller airline that covers just 33 destinations. Their headquarters are in Crawley, United Kingdom. Despite fewer destinations, they make a big splash by hitting some of the world's largest countries.

Their destinations include anything from Shanghai to Seattle. As a member of the KLM airline group, they also join forces with some of the largest airlines to fill in the gaps.

With over 100 Hollywood blockbusters onboard, travelers have plenty of entertainment options. You can also Join Virgin's Flying Club to earn member loyalty points and gain various perks. 

Virgin Atlantic has three ticket classes, Economy, Premium, and Upper Class. 

A moss-covered landscape on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland.

Airlines That Fly to Iceland | In Conclusion

Travelers have several options when flying to Iceland. Several major European cities and a few North American cities offer direct flights to Iceland.

Guide to Iceland makes it easy for travelers to book flights from popular cities worldwide to Iceland. Put your origin, destination, and dates into the booking engine to find the best airline deals.

You can fly into Keflavik International Airport or book flights to Icelandic cities, such as Reykjavik, Akureyri, Isafjordur, and Egilsstadir.

A car driving across a snow-covered East Iceland landscape during winter.Once you have organized your international flights, you can also use the booking engine for domestic flights. Examples include flights from Reykjavik to Akureyri or flights to the Westman Islands.

Those who love flying may also want to consider booking sightseeing flights, an excellent way to appreciate Iceland's natural beauty. See the Icelandic Highlands from above with a one-hour airplane tour over Landmannalaugar, departing from Skaftafell, or marvel at glaciers and black sand beaches with this 45-minute scenic airplane tour.

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