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Frequently Asked Questions

About Guided Tours in Iceland

Guided tours are hosted by experienced and qualified guides. By electing to take a guided tour, you will not only free yourself from having to drive, but you will also have an expert on hand who can answer virtually any questions on the country's natural environment, its history, folklore and culture.

1. What is included on the guided tours?

Complimentary pick-up and drop off to all major guesthouses and hotels in Reykjavík, full transportation and professional and experienced tour guides. Larger tour operators also include free WiFi and digital entertainment on their coaches.

2. Is admission to the Blue Lagoon included in the price of the tour?

It depends on the tour you choose. Please read the tour's description to see whether the Blue Lagoon admission is included or not.

3. Is lunch included on guided tours?

Generally, lunch is not included unless otherwise specified. It is recommended that you bring a packed lunch with you on the tour.

4. What do I need to pack for a guided tour? 

Only the bare necessities. It is advised to bring a small backpack with you to carry water, spare clothing items and, of course, your camera.

5. What is the maximum capacity for guided tours?

Usually, there is no maximum capacity, though groups normally do not include more than 20 people. Luxury coaches can accommodate over fifty passengers.

6. Does the bus stop at all of the listed attractions and how long do the stops last?

Unless otherwise stated, the bus will stop at each listed location, presenting the opportunity for sightseeing and photographs. Stops will usually last between 10 and 15 minutes. A lunch stop will last half an hour.

7. Is it better to book a guided tour on arrival to Iceland or beforehand?

To save yourself any disappointment, it is always advised to book a tour prior to arriving. Space on many tours is very limited due to popularity, so make sure to cement your slot a few weeks beforehand.

8. Which language will my guide speak?

All tour guides in Iceland speak fluent English, and all tours are conducted in English unless otherwise stated. Remember that you can always contact us via info@guidetoiceland.is and we will arrange a guide who speaks your language.

9. Will I be free to leave the tour group?

You will be given some room to explore the attractions, but will be informed of when and where to rejoin the group. Missing this will likely hold the tour up, making you quite unpopular with your travel companions. 

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