Best Resorts in Iceland

Best Resorts in Iceland

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Icelandic horses gather outside Torfhus Retreat.Resorts are the ultimate holiday getaway and Iceland has plenty to choose from. Whether you're seeking thrilling activities or relaxation, there are resorts in Iceland to suit your desires.

Scattered across Iceland's remote regions are luxurious resorts that offer visitors unforgettable encounters with the land of ice and fire. These resorts make for the perfect getaway, both for visitors seeking a relaxing spa retreat or an adrenaline-filled outdoor experience.

There are many great options for accommodation in Iceland, from quaint guesthouses to comfortable hotels in Reykjavik. In this article, we'll be focusing on the diverse lineup of resorts in Iceland, where guests can experience Iceland in modern comfort, far from the bustle of the city. 

Renting a car is a fantastic way to explore Iceland, and after a tiring day of discovery, there's nothing better than ending the day in comfort and luxury. You won't find any stereotypical resorts with palm trees and pool bars, but instead read on to learn more about the best places to stay in Iceland close to glaciers, waterfalls, and lava fields. 

What Qualifies as a Resort?

A rejuvenating dip in the spring at the Wilderness Center.There are a few definitions of the word resort floating about. The strictest one defines the word as a self-contained establishment that provides travelers with almost everything they need within the premises of the resort, including food, lodging, shopping, and activities. If we go by that definition, there are really no actual resorts in Iceland.

Other definitions are a bit looser, defining a resort as a place frequented for holidays for a particular purpose, and there are certainly plenty of those in Iceland. These accommodations are located in different regions of the country, close to many of Iceland's natural wonders, making them the perfect place to start and end the day as you discover their rich surrounding areas. 

For the purposes of this list, we'll be focusing on accommodations located outside settlements that allow their guests to escape city life and experience the country's serene nature while enjoying the height of comfort.

Best Resorts in Iceland

Below are our picks for the best resorts in Iceland. Keep in mind that some of them are quite far from the capital area and are maybe best visited on a self-drive tour.

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon is close to the natural wonder of Jokulsarlon.

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon is a remote resort on the South Coast, named after the nearby Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. Located beneath rolling mountains next to a waterfall, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon is perfect for those who want to enjoy the remote Icelandic countryside far from the city. 

The hotel sports a sleek design with modern rooms that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding glaciers and mountains.  Guests can enjoy a range of on-site facilities, including a restaurant serving delicious Icelandic cuisine made from local ingredients, a chic bar with a selection of drinks, and a relaxing sauna where guests can unwind after a busy day of exploring.

The views from the rooms at Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon are gorgeous.The resort is ideally situated for those looking to explore Vatnajokull National Park, home to Europe's largest glacier, as well as the already mentioned Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon as well as Skaftafell nature reserve where you can find gorgeous hiking paths and the basalt column waterfall of Svartifoss.

Finally, the actual glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon is one of the most spectacular sights in all of Iceland. Taking a 1-hour zodiac boat tour of the glacier lagoon allows you to see the towering icebergs in the lagoon up close - an adventure you won't soon forget!

Torfhus Retreat

Torfhus Retreat mixes traditional Icelandic architecture with modern comfort.Located close to the town of Selfoss, Torfhus Retreat is a luxury resort that offers a unique lodging experience with traditional Icelandic turf houses. These traditional Icelandic dwellings were inhabited by the Icelandic people ever since Viking times, with the grass-covered roofs blending into the natural landscape and providing insulation against harsh weather.

The accommodations at Torfhus Retreat far exceed those of the Icelandic people of old, however, as 
guests can choose between rooms and private houses furnished in a classic yet modern way. Outside is a hot spring bath where you can relax under the midnight sun in summer or the northern lights during the winter months.

Torfhus Retreat combines the spirit of old Iceland with modern comforts.Torfhus Retreat is located in a prime location near many sites of interest, such as the Golden Circle route. The scenery surrounding the retreat is both stunning and tranquil, making it a good choice for those seeking peace and quiet in a beautiful natural backdrop.

If experiencing the spirit of old Iceland with modern comfort sounds appealing to you, there's no better option than the Torfhus Retreat.

Hotel Ranga

Hotel Ranga is located in South Iceland.Hotel Ranga can be found in the scenic countryside of southern Iceland near Hella. This luxurious hotel features comfortable and very unique lodgings as well as easy access to some of Iceland's most famous natural attractions and cultural sites.

The suites at Hotel Ranga are amongst the most unique rooms you'll find in Iceland, as they are designed to make you feel as if you've been transported to a different continent, from Africa to Antarctica. These internationally inspired suites have been visited by world-famous celebrities visiting Iceland, including the Kardashians, Kanye West, George Clooney, and Charlize Theron!

Charlize Theron stayed in the Japanese suite at Hotel Ranga for weeks while shooting Prometheus.

The surroundings at Hotel Ranga don't disappoint, as guests can enjoy fantastic views of the nearby rivers and mountains. Regarded as one of the best locations for viewing the Northern Lights, the hotel offers modern comfort and unique amenities like a stargazing observatory that houses two high-quality telescopes.

The hotel is also located in a prime position for visitors seeking to explore the best of Iceland's South Coast, such as the black sand beach of Reynisfjara and the waterfall Seljalandsfoss. A stay at Hotel Ranga offers a nice mixture of Icelandic traditions and international trends in a comfortable environment.  

The Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center is located in a renovated farmhouse.

The Wilderness Center can be found in East Iceland and offers one of the most unique getaways in the country. This renovated farmhouse   

If you want an intimate experience with the remote and beautiful nature of East Iceland, there's no better place for it than the Wilderness Center. Located on the edge of the Highlands in a renovated farmhouse, it offers a getaway to the past that's about an hour's drive away from Egilsstadir.

Have you ever traveled over a river in a traditional cableway?

While there, you can explore the surrounding nature by hiking. During guided hiking tours, you can even try your hand at winching yourself over the Jokulsa glacial river with a traditional cableway!

You can also go on horseback, like with this horse-riding wilderness tour on Icelandic horses. Alternatively, they offer mountain bikes for rent, or you can request a super jeep tour. During your stay, make sure to take a dip in their heated pool and enjoy their sauna and relaxation room. It's the perfect end to a day of exploring.

Hotel Husafell

The aurora borealis dances over Hotel Husafell.

Hotel Husafell, located in West Iceland, offers a luxurious retreat amidst beautiful landscapes. It is a sustainable accommodation powered entirely by the hot springs that surround it. This made it the first hotel in the Nordic countries to make the National Geographic list of Unique Lodges of the world!

Surrounded by diverse natural formations, guests at eco-friendly Hotel Husafell unwind in their warm rooms with views of the peaceful surroundings. The rooms at Hotel Husafell range from cozy rooms to spacious suites, each with heated floors and modern furnishing, which creates a stylish contrast to the surrounding wilderness.

The restaurant at Hotel Husafell is quite chic.

In the hotel's immediate vicinity, you will find the Husafell Canyon Baths - comfortable hot-spring-fed pools designed to seamlessly blend into the environment. Other attractions near Hotel Husafell include the twin waterfalls of Hraunfossar and Barnafoss, as well as the highest-flowing hot spring in Europe, Deildartunguhver, and the adjacent Krauma spa

Finally, the hotel restaurant focuses on seasonal menus of international cuisine made from local ingredients. Combining comfort, style, and a stunning natural backdrop, Hotel Husafell serves as an ideal basecamp for travelers looking to explore Western Iceland. 

Vogafjos Farm Resort

Vogafjos Farm has been owned by the same family for over a century.

Lake Myvatn is by many considered to be the most beautiful region in all of Iceland. Here, you will find Vogafjos Farm Resort, a charming accommodation that offers guests a unique experience combining traditional Icelandic farm life with modern comfort.

The Vogafjos farm has been owned by the same family for over 120 years, and in 2005, they began accommodating guests in comfortable log houses on-site, with gorgeous views of the serene and secluded surroundings. The accommodations are designed to provide a peaceful and authentic Icelandic experience, with wooden furnishings and warm, welcoming interiors.

Vogafjos Farm Resort serves farm-to-table dishes.One of the main selling points of Vogafjos is their fantastic restaurant which can be found in a refurbished cowshed. Here, you will find Icelandic farm-to-table food with incredible beef and lamb dishes, homemade cheeses, geothermally baked bread, smoked arctic char, and homemade cakes. There's even a window into the cow shed where you can see them being milked as you eat!

There are many spectacular sights to see nearby, such as the canyon of Asbyrgi and the Dimmuborgir rock formations. Overall, Vogafjos Farm Resort provides a delightful blend of rustic charm, modern comfort, and authentic Icelandic hospitality, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and culture of North Iceland.

Midhraun Lava Resort

The Midhraun Lava Resort offers a secluded stay on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.The Midhraun Lava Resort, found on the southern shore of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, consists of pretty little houses, apartments, and cottages nestled in a fairytale-like setting. These houses can accommodate solo travelers up to a group of fifteen, making it a flexible option.

Although secluded, the houses and cottages are modern and well-equipped, with a laundry room, free WiFi, and cozy furnishing in every apartment. There's even a geothermal bath on site where guests can unwind under the midnight sun in the summertime or the northern lights in the winter!

The surroundings of Midhraun Lava Resort are gorgeous volcanic formations.As the name implies, the Midhraun Lava Resort is located in a stunning volcanic landscape. The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is often nicknamed "Iceland in miniature" as it contains many aspects of Icelandic nature, all within the region. There are many iconic sights in the area, such as the arrowhead peak of Kirkjufell and the pitch-black church of Budakirkja.

To add to the atmosphere of it all, sheep from the Midhraun farm often wander up to the cottages to bid the guests a good day, further adding to the inviting rural atmosphere. A stay here is sure to result in an unforgettable encounter with the Icelandic countryside. 

ION Adventure Hotel

ION Adventure Hotel under the northern lights.The ION Adventure Hotel is a unique hotel with a sleek design tucked away in the harsh but beautiful geothermal landscape of Nesjavellir near the capital city of Reykjavik. Watching steam rising from the nearby geothermal power plants as you have your morning coffee will make you feel as if you just woke up on another planet! 

The comfortable rooms at the hotel range from single sub-parterre rooms to a deluxe suite, offering gorgeous views of the nearby surroundings.  The award-winning Silfra restaurant emphasizes food made from fresh ingredients from sites neighboring the hotel, and the Northern Lights Bar serves up exciting beers and spirits from Iceland's microbrewery and distillery scene.

Steam rising from the valley of Nesjavellir.

ION Adventure Hotel's location is a large selling point, as it is conveniently located just 45 minutes from Reykjavik and is close to attractions such as the Golden Circle, the lava tunnel of Raufarholshellir, and the steam valley of Reykjadalur.  

ION Adventure Hotel offers luxurious rooms and excellent facilities for travelers who want access to the attractions of the Golden Circle.

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