Guesthouses in Iceland

Guesthouses in Iceland

Find the perfect guesthouse in Iceland for your budget and schedule. Choose from a variety of cozy guesthouses all over Iceland, find your place to stay, and enjoy the local hospitality.

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Why stay in a guesthouse in Iceland?

A guesthouse is the best accommodation choice for those seeking an intimate, cozy atmosphere. After a full day of exploring attractions like glaciers, black sand beaches, and the Golden Circle, there’s nothing better than curling up in a quaint guesthouse. Maybe even a family-owned one that allows you to get to know the life of a local Icelander in a way other accommodation types don’t. Find a guesthouse in Iceland that meets all your requirements and doesn’t break the bank.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best guesthouses to stay at, in Iceland?

The Langaholt Guesthouse is a magnificent place to stay in, under the mysterious Snaefellsjokull glacier. It is a modern, comfortable base immersed in nature, making it perfect to explore the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The guesthouse has 40 rooms with en suite bathrooms and wide windows to enjoy the nature outside. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 403 reviews.

Vogafjos is a guesthouse in North Iceland, located in a beautiful and secluded place near Lake Myvatn and a short drive from Akureyri. The guesthouse is located in a classic Icelandic style, with warm wood and a cozy interior. The guesthouse has a café that specializes in local produce, such as lamb and rye bread baked in geothermal heat! Vogafjos has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1,396 reviews.

Seljavellir Guesthouse is located just outside of the village of Hofn, by the Ring Road. Close to natural wonders such as Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and Reynisfjara black sand beach, making it a great base for sightseeing and hiking in the area. Breakfast is included, and there is a bar on site. This guesthouse has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 360 reviews.

What is the best guesthouse in Reykjavik, Iceland?

The best guesthouse to stay at in Reykjavik, is Central Guesthouse Reykjavik. Located in the center of Iceland's capital, this charming 1920's era accommodation is sure to win your heart. It is a small, family-run guesthouse with easy access to everything Reykjavik has to offer.

The guesthouse has a range of different room types, sure to suit every kind of traveler. You can book a studio apartment with a private kitchen and bathroom or go for a budget option of a room with shared bathrooms and a communal kitchen. Central Guesthouse Reykjavik has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 143 travelers.

What is the best guesthouse in Akureyri, Iceland?

The best guesthouse to stay at in the town of Akureyri in Iceland is the Apotek Guesthouse. A charming family-run hotel located in the heart of "the Capital of the North," perfect for those looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay. Complimentary breakfast is included in the stay, and the fourth floor has a communal kitchen and a living room to relax in. Apotek Guesthouse is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars from 134 reviews.

What are the advantages of staying in a guesthouse in Iceland?

The best thing about staying in a guesthouse in Iceland is that personal touch you get while visiting a foreign country. Icelanders love to introduce their land to visitors and tell you all about their favorite places and the best things to do in the local area.

A guesthouse is usually a cozy place that feels like a second home, where you can relax and socialize with fellow travelers or get tips and advice from locals. Breakfast is usually offered on-site, either additionally or complimentary, and hot water and heating are included as standard.

Are guesthouses good stay in to see the northern lights in Iceland?

Most guesthouses are located just outside the cities and towns of Iceland, making the ideal for viewing the northern lights. The reason why is the light pollution in human settlements brightens the sky too much, making the aurora hard to spot.

However, some guesthouses in Iceland are located inside towns or even right in the city center of Reykjavik. One of the best guesthouses to spot the aurora is Lilja Guesthouse in South East Iceland, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, from 370 reviews.

So if you're planning on seeing the aurora outside your guesthouse window, make sure it's located somewhere in the countryside, away from artificial lights.

Do guesthouses in Iceland usually offer breakfast?

Yes, guesthouses in Iceland usually offer breakfast as an option. Make sure to check the description of the guesthouse you are booking to see whether the breakfast is complimentary or if you need to pay additionally.

Do guesthouses in Iceland have parking?

In most cases, yes, guesthouses in Iceland should have plenty of parking. Usually, guesthouses are located somewhere in the countryside, where there is no lack of parking spaces. However, a few of the more popular guesthouses are located in the city center of Reykjavik, where parking can be hard to come by.