Best Restaurants in North Iceland

Best Restaurants in North Iceland

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The restaurant at Hotel Siglunes offers amazing Moroccan cuisine.North Iceland is a beautiful region boasting breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. After a long day of taking in thundering waterfalls and rich Viking history, it's only natural to get a bit hungry. Luckily, there's no shortage of great restaurants in North Iceland if you know where to look!

To get the most out of your travels in the area, make sure to book a fantastic hotel in North Iceland before you head on your journey - a few of the best can be found on our list below. You could rent a car in Akureyri and explore the north on your own terms or take a self-drive tour where you can enjoy a finely crafted travel experience while maintaining a sense of freedom.

Sampling the local cuisine is often said to be the best way to get to know a culture, and Iceland is no exception. Below, we've put together a list of some of the best restaurants in North Iceland, offering everything from traditional Icelandic staples to exotic dishes from around the world. Let's dig in!

Best Restaurants in Akureyri

Akureyri is nicknamed the "capital of the North."Akureyri is the largest town in North Iceland and is, as such, often nicknamed the "capital of the North." With plenty of things to do as well as facilities such as an airport, Akureyri serves as the gateway to the entire region, and such, it's only fitting we start our list off there. If you're looking for a meal after taking a day tour from Akureyri, here are some of the best options:

Rub 23

Rub 23 is an excellent seafood restaurant in Akureyri.Rub 23 is a seafood restaurant with an Asian influence that opened in 2008 and has since become one of the best-known restaurants in northern Iceland. The aim here is to provide a simple yet exciting option catering to a broad clientele. The restaurant is well known for its wide selection of sushi and seafood options but also offers fantastic meat dishes.

The rather unique name of the restaurant derives from the word "rub," meaning spice blend, which is rubbed into meat and fish for flavor. The 23 is simply the street number of the historic building that houses the restaurant, built in 1907. The house has served many roles for the town for over a century, including a slaughterhouse, post office, and a soda factory. 

Sushi is a specialty at Rub 23.The menu at Rub 23 showcases a blend of Icelandic ingredients with international influences, from signature sushi rolls and seafood platters to meat dishes made on a robata grill. The restaurant also has a cocktail bar where guests can try their favorite drinks mixed with Icelandic liquor.

With a modern and stylish interior, Rub 23 provides a welcoming atmosphere. It's a great place to go if you want to enjoy fine dining in an inviting atmosphere.

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Strikið has phenomenal views of Akureyri.Strikið was founded in 2005 and has been one of Akureyri's most popular restaurants for almost two decades. The restaurant's long-lasting appeal stems from its high-quality cuisine and service, along with the panoramic vistas of the nearby landscape.

Located on the fifth floor, it offers stunning views overlooking the fjord and mountains surrounding the town. When the weather allows, patrons can enjoy their meals on the restaurant's balconies, which further adds to the experience as there's nothing quite like enjoying food and drink under the open sky.

The menu at Strikið is diverse.Strikið's menu showcases the best of Icelandic cuisine, featuring locally sourced ingredients transformed into a diverse array of internationally inspired dishes. The prices are very fair as there's no skimping on the portion sizes.

Overall, Strikið is a nice mix of casual and fancy and a good option to sample local cuisine in the north of Iceland while enjoying the stunning views of Akureyri's surroundings.

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Kaffi Ilmur

Kaffi Ilmur offers great options for breakfast and lunch in Akureyri.

Kaffi Ilmur is a cozy café that offers superb breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. It is housed in one of Akureyri's oldest houses, built between the years of 1911 and 1916. It was originally a saddler's shop and later became a goldsmith's.

The cafe opened in 2011 after extensive restoration by the granddaughter of the original proprietors. The history of the family and the house can be found in the furniture and pictures found in the café.

A lunch at Kaffi Ilmur is a good way to start the day.

As Kaffi Ilmur is not open in the evenings, it is not a dinner venue, but the breakfast, brunch, and lunch options are both healthy and delicious. Here, you can get eggs & bacon, huevos rancheros, salted porridge, and waffles to go with a piping hot cup of coffee.

During the summertime, Kaffi Ilmur has a lively outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your meal in the sun. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better place for a meal before heading out on your adventures in North Iceland.

Best Restaurants in Husavik

Husavik is a great place to go whale-watching.Husavik is a charming coastal town in North Iceland, known for being one of the best places in the world to go whale-watching. There are plenty of options for accommodation in Husavik to allow you really drink in the natural beauty and maritime culture of this beautiful town.


Naustið is a family-run seafood restaurant.Naustið is a small family-run seafood restaurant in the heart of Husavik, born out of ingenuity and resourceful thinking following Iceland's economic crash of 2008. The restaurant prides itself on fresh seafood and homemade bread. 

The restaurant building is an old one, having been the first house in Husavik to have a bathtub. The bathtub can even be found outside the restaurant, adorned with flowers in the summertime! The restaurant's owners have tried to maintain the building's charm, giving Naustið an authentic historic feel.  

You can expect to find delicious catch of the day at Naustið.The menu at Naustið changes from year to year, but you can expect to see delicious staples like traditional Icelandic fish soup as well as the locally sourced catch of the day. It's the perfect place to grab a nice dinner after going whale-watching in Husavik.

Take note that Naustið is only open during the summer season, so it may not be open during your visit to Husavik. If you're passing through in the summer months, don't miss the chance to have a meal at this incredibly welcoming restaurant. 


Hlöðufell is an exciting new restaurant in Húsavík.Japanese cuisine might not be what you're expecting when traveling through North Iceland, but that's exactly what's served at Hlöðufell - an exciting new restaurant that celebrates Japan's rich culinary traditions with an Icelandic twist.

As the only establishment in northern Iceland serving ramen, Hlöðufell strives to bring the authentic flavors of this beloved dish to the community of Husavik - and with good reason! The hearty flavors of the ramen compliment the rugged landscape of Iceland quite well, making it a perfect dish after a day of exploring.

The ramen in Hlöðufell is authentic and hearty.Hlöðufell presents a wide variety of dishes to choose from, from multiple sushi rolls, miso soup, tempura prawns, and an edamame salad. No matter what you choose, you can expect your meal to be very authentic and well-presented.

Lastly, the restaurant has been recognized for its warm and inviting atmosphere, with a welcoming team charming the patrons. Hlöðufell is a rather exotic but certainly welcome addition to Husavik's bustling restaurant scene.

Gamli Baukur

Gamli Baukur is a popular restaurant in Husavik.Gamli Baukur is a well-established restaurant situated in a charming building with traditional Icelandic architecture. Warm and full of character, Gamli Baukur has invited guests to immerse themselves in the local culture of Husavik for over two decades.

The original Baukur house was originally built near the site of the restaurant in 1843. An owner of the building used to sell shots of the Icelandic liquor Brennivín in small containers called "baukur," hence the nickname. Baukur later became known as Gamli Baukur (Old Baukur) before the building was destroyed in a fire in the 1960s. The new Gamli Baukur was built in 1998, keeping the name of its predecessor. 

The menu at Gamli Baukur is simple but good.The interior of Gamli Baukur is decorated with maritime memorabilia, honoring the long seafaring tradition of Husavik. The menu is varied, with plenty of honest dishes served with fresh local ingredients. 

With occasional live music events and a vibrant atmosphere, it's easy to see how Gamli Baukur established itself in Husavik as a go-to place to grab dinner or drinks. A nice view of the harbor doesn't hurt, either! 

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Best Restaurants in Siglufjordur

Siglufjordur is a gorgeous little town in North Iceland.

Siglufjordur is a tranquil fishing town nestled within a narrow fjord. Historically known for its herring industry, it offers a glimpse into Iceland's maritime heritage through its museums and preserved buildings. Surrounded by towering mountains, Siglufjordur boasts scenic beauty and outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, making it a charming destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Siglunes Restaurant

Hotel Siglunes offers a blend of vintage and modern decorations.Hotel Siglunes is situated in central Siglufjordur with roots stretching back to 1935. It is a remarkably cozy place to stay, with rooms decorated with vintage furniture and contemporary Icelandic art on the walls.

Along with the top-notch accommodations offered to guests, the hotel restaurant is an attraction in and of itself, featuring a rather exotic twist. The master chef at Siglunes is Moroccan with a menu to match his home country.

The menu at Siglunes is Moroccan inspired.

Moroccan influences are one thing you can be certain of on the ever-changing menu at Siglunes. The slow-cooked lamb tagine is a staple, offering the much-needed warmth of the Mediterranean to the northern reaches of Iceland. 

If you're looking for a place to stay in Siglufjordur or just somewhere to grab dinner, you can't go wrong with Hotel Siglunes. 

Sunna Restaurant

Siglo Hotel overlooks the Siglufjordur marina.

Sunna restaurant is the restaurant at Siglo Hotel - a stunning harborfront hotel overlooking the gorgeous fjord. The hotel is known for its rustic charm and fantastic amenities, including beautiful geothermal swimming pools and a spa area, which are perfect for relaxing after a day of adventure.

The restaurant draws its name from Sunnubraggi, an old historic building that stood where the hotel is today. The view at Sunna restaurant overlooks the marina and the landing pier, where guests can watch the fishermen land the catch of the day.

You can get a delicious meal with stunning views at Sunna Restaurant.

The atmosphere at Sunna restaurant is all about comfort and style, with a simple but refined menu of seafood and meat options available. The restaurant bar is a good place to relax with an artisan cocktail, whether it's outside on a sunny day or huddled up by the fireplace in the cognac room.

Whether you're planning on a luxurious stay in Siglufjordur in Hotel Siglo or are just passing through town, make sure to stop by Sunna restaurant and find out why many consider it to be the best in the region.

Fish & Chips Siglufjörður

Some of the best fish and chips in Iceland are found at this fishmonger.The next entry might sound rather unusual as it is not exactly a traditional restaurant. After the fishmonger at Siglufjordur decided to retire after nearly 40 years of selling the inhabitants of the town delicious seafood, a young couple decided to step to the plate with a fresh spin on things.

Fiskbúð Fjallabyggðar, or "The Fjallabyggð Fish Shop," prides itself on selling high-quality fish and seafood, specializing in selling expertly marinated seafood over the counter. The shop also has a hearty specialty dish that you don't have to cook: fish and chips. 

A can of Segull 67 beer, Siglufjordur's local brewery, goes down nicely with fish and chips.With access to the freshest fish imaginable, it's not surprising to see that the fish and chips are highly rated. The reviews online are nothing short of stellar, with some claiming it's the best fish and chips in the world! There's also another dish on the menu, the fish pizza, with cod, shrimp, garlic, and a pepper mix.

While Fiskbúð Fjallabyggðar is rather small, it has indoor and an outdoor seating area if you want to have your food on-site rather than on the go. We should warn you that you're unlikely to want to leave without taking some of their over-the-counter seafood back with you!

Other Great Restaurants in North Iceland

Lake Myvatn is a picturesque location.There are many other smaller settlements and other areas to visit in North Iceland, some of which have fantastic restaurants you can visit. 

Vogafjós (Lake Myvatn)

Vogafjos is family owned farm.

The area surrounding Lake Myvatn is one of the most beautiful in all of Iceland, known for its unique geological formations, diverse birdlife, and surrounding geothermal activity. Here, you can find Vogafjós, a farm that has been owned by the same family for over 120 years.

Today, the Vogafjós farm runs a guesthouse that offers travelers a cozy accommodation near spectacular sights in the area, such as the Asbyrgi canyon and the Dimmuborgir rock formations. There's also a restaurant which can be found in a refurbished cowshed, offering traditional homemade Icelandic food.

Dinner and a show at Vogafjos.The menu at Vogafjós makes full use of the farm's products, from their homemade mozzarella to rye bread baked underground using geothermal heat! Other items on the menu include wild-cured goose, pan-fried arctic char, a beef burger, and a slow-cooked lamb shank.

A novelty of the restaurant worth pointing out is the window facing the cowshed, where guests can dine while watching cows being milked. It's hard to come up with a more fitting option for those looking to try out authentic farm-to-table meals in Iceland.


Sjavarborg is located above the Icelandic Seal Center.Hvammstangi is a small fishing village known for its picturesque coastal scenery, hiking trails, and seal-watching opportunities. On the floor above the appropriately located Icelandic Seal Center, you can find the fantastic restaurant Sjávarborg.

The building, which now houses Sjávarborg, used to be a freezer for a slaughterhouse, although you couldn't tell by looking at its beautifully renovated interior. The restaurant sports a gorgeous view of the ocean where guests can, on a perfect day, enjoy their meal while watching whales swim!

The menu at Sjávarborg has many seafood options.Sjávarborg offers an a la carte menu with local ingredients. There's a strong emphasis on seafood, with items such as lobster tempura, fish and chips, and a delicious seafood soup available. They also have a diverse menu of burgers made from beef, lamb, and chicken.

Sjávarborg is open during lunch and dinner hours. If you ever find yourself in Hvammstangi and have had your fill of visiting the local seals, swing by for a delicious meal.

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Those are our favorite restaurants in North Iceland. Are you planning on visiting the region soon? Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area? Let us know in the comments!

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