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Hotels & Accommodation in Húsavík

Hotels & Accommodation in Húsavík

Spend a night in a comfortable hotel in Husavik before whale watching tour. This is one of the best places to see these majestic creatures


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Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Husavik?

There are several options to go from Reykjavik to Husavik, which is located 460 kilometres from the capital of Iceland. The most convenient way, which also allows you to explore as you go, is to travel by rented car. You can pick your car up from the International Airport in Keflavik or from your hotel in Reykjavik. Another option would be to fly by plane from Reykjavik domestic airport. You can fly to Akureyri and from there take a rented car or fly from Reykjavik directly to Husavik, using Flugfélagið Ernir flights.

What should I do while I'm visiting Husavik?

The first thing you should do is head on a cruise to see whales in their natural environment. The waters surrounding Husavik are among the best places not only in Iceland but also in Europe to admire these majestic animals. Most of the offered cruises have 100% success! Additionally, Husavik is an excellent location for exploring northern Iceland. You can go to the Godafoss waterfall and then to Akureyri or the Trollaskagi Peninsula. Going east, you will reach lake Myvatn, Dettifoss waterfall, Hverir geothermal area, Krafla volcano, or cave with a hot spring called Grjotagja. In Husavik, you can visit the Húsavík Whale Museum, The Exploration Museum, or Húsavík Museum.

How big is the offer of accommodation in Husavik and will I find a cheap hotel suitable for the budget tourist?

Accommodation offer in Husavik is quite large compared to the fact that 2,300 inhabitants live in the city. You will find there various types of guesthouses, hostels, apartments, and hotels that have an offer available for travellers with a smaller or larger budget. If you start your search for accommodation early enough and make your reservation in advance, you will find a cheap hotel in a good location.

What's the best place to stay in Husavik?

Husavik is a charming, small-town offering a beautiful ocean view. By booking your stay, you will have the opportunity to see what everyday life looks like in a fishing village in Iceland. All accommodation options are available near the centre and the harbour, from where it will be close to restaurants, shops, or tourist information.

Do hotels in Husavik offer free WiFi, parking and local breakfast?

Free WiFi and free parking lot near the property are a standard offer in Husavik hotels. Most places offer a breakfast buffet, with the price included in the reservation. Some hotels offer breakfast as an additional option, which is convenient for those planning a very early check-out.