Retro Stefson, the super fun and talented Icelandic septet band plays contagiously happy music. Their innovative, fresh approach to mixing Retro-Latin-Surf-Soul-Powerpop styles always keeps you smiling and wanting more.

History of Retro Stefson

This 7 piece band got their start at a very young age, and only officially formed a band together to get free entrance into a youth talent show back in 2006. After realizing they actually had what it takes to make a real band, they started to take their music more seriously and have been growing and improving ever since.

Their first big performance was at Iceland Airwaves and their first album Montana came out in 2008. They became a bit of a local hit, with songs circulating through the radio and Retro Stefson making appearances on stage at various concerts and events in Reykjavik. 

Albums by Retro Stefson 

Kimbabwe, their second album released in 2010, became an even bigger hit, and one year later they signed with Vertigo Records and debuted the album in Europe. Their latest self-titled album Retro Stefson was released in 2012 and was all over the place, with 2 of their tracks reaching #1 place on the Icelandic Singles Chart, establishing the band as one of Iceland's most popular ones. They are also known for being extremely fun and energetic on stage.

Take a listen to their song Glow in the video here above, a funky, fun track that you can't help but bounce your shoulders to. The music video is also great to watch for snapshots of downtown Reykjavik, and really makes you crave vanilla ice cream. 

Qween by Retro Stefson

Qween was their second smash single, and their performances at Iceland Airwaves 2012 and Sonar Reykjavik 2013 have kept them in the ears and hearts of music fans both here in Iceland and abroad.

The song has been so popular that the video above was made more than a year later after releasing the song.

To know more about Retro Stefson, buy some cd's or see them live in concert, make sure you follow them on twitter @retrostefson, their facebook page or their youtube channel.

She said by Retro Stefson

Text by Katrín Sif Einarsdóttir