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Hotels & Accommodation in Laugarvatn

Hotels & Accommodation in Laugarvatn

Check hotels in Laugarvatn with the lake view, near the famous geothermal spa. Enjoy local breakfast and go exploring attractions of unique Golden Circle


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Frequently asked questions

What popular attractions are close to hotels in Laugarvatn?

Laugarvatn is a small village of around 200 people by the lake of the same name. It is best known for being a detour on the famous Golden Circle of Iceland and it is very close to the three main sights of this touristic route, which are Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss Waterfall.

Are the hotels in Laugarvatn located in the city centre?

Most of the hotels and guesthouses in Laugarvatn are located in the city centre but you can also find other types of accommodations like cottages or farms in the area nearby.

How far is Laugarvatn from Reykjavik?

Laugarvatn is located in South Iceland and it is around 93 kilometres (56 miles) from Reykjavík. It takes about one hour to reach the village from the capital city.

What can I see and do in Laugarvatn?

Laugarvatn is popular as a summer destination and is surrounded by hills, lava fields, lush countryside and a forest, so it is perfect to explore Icelandic nature. It also has a geothermal spa called Laugarvatn Fontana where you can relax in the swimming pool and enjoy the three steam rooms. You can also visit the beautiful and shallow Lake Laugarvatn, where boats and watersport gear can be rented in summer.

How wide is the offer of hotels in Laugarvatn?

Laugarvatn has a boarding school that functions as a popular hotel in the summer. There are also a number of guesthouses, hostels, rental apartments and cottages in the area. Laugarvatn offers basic services, a gas station, shops and restaurants, and is a highly popular destination throughout the year.