Hotels & Accommodation in the Golden Circle

Hotels & Accommodation in the Golden Circle

Experience the beauty of Iceland's Golden Circle by staying at a nearby hotel. Book your stay now and make unforgettable memories in one of the world's most awe-inspiring destinations.

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Why stay on the Golden Circle route?

When exploring the Golden Circle in Iceland, finding the perfect place to stay is essential for a truly immersive experience. The Golden Circle encompasses a 190-mile (300 kilometers) route featuring some of Iceland's most iconic natural attractions: Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area, and Gullfoss waterfall. With its popularity, this route offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every traveler's needs and preferences.

You can find hotels on the Golden Circle that provide a lavish and indulgent experience. These properties boast well-appointed rooms, impeccable service, and a host of upscale amenities such as spas, fine dining restaurants, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. After a day of exploration, guests can unwind in style, savoring the comfort and luxury that these hotels offer.

Guesthouses, cottages, and holiday apartments offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, showcasing Icelandic culture and traditions. These accommodations provide a chance to connect with local hosts who share their knowledge and insights about the Golden Circle region. Guests can enjoy homemade meals, cozy common areas, and comfortable rooms, all contributing to an authentic Icelandic experience.

To make the most of your Golden Circle experience, it is recommended to book accommodations in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.

Whether you prefer luxury, comfort, or a more authentic and budget-friendly stay, the Golden Circle offers a wide range of options to suit every traveler's taste. Plan your stay and embrace the beauty of this remarkable Icelandic route.

Frequently asked questions

What part of the Golden Circle should I stay in?

When deciding where to stay along the Golden Circle, there are a few options to consider depending on your preferences and interests.
If you prefer to stay closer to Reykjavik and have easy access to the entire Golden Circle, you can choose accommodations in the southwest region, near Thingvellir National Park. This allows you to explore the park first and then continue along the route to the Geysir area and Gullfoss waterfall.
Alternatively, if you want to be closer to the Geysir hot springs, you can find accommodations in the vicinity of Haukadalur valley. Staying here gives you the advantage of being within walking distance of the geysers, hot springs, and other geothermal features.
If you'd rather be near the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, you can opt for accommodations in the area around Hvita River, where the waterfall is located. This allows you to enjoy the magnificent views and the power of the waterfall without having to travel far.

What are the best hotels to stay at near the Golden Circle in Iceland?

The best hotel to stay in near the Golden Circle is Blue Hotel Fagrilundur, with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 200 reviews. It has wonderful outdoor hot tubs, perfect for relaxing under the midnight sun in summer or the northern lights in winter.
Another great hotel in the Golden Circle is the Torfhus Retreat, with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars from over 40 reviews. It's close to the town of Selfoss and is built in the style of a traditional Icelandic turf house, but with all modern facilities inside.
For a perfect stay near the iconic waterfall Gullfoss, you should stay at Hotel Gullfoss, which has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 300 reviews.

What are the best cottages to stay in near the Golden Circle?

Some of the best cottages are the Austurey Cottages in Laugarvatn, given a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars by more than 140 travelers. Austurey Cottages provide a comfortable and secluded retreat overlooking Lake Apavatn near Iceland's Golden Circle, offering stunning views of the Hekla volcano and Eyjafjallajokull glacier from the heated veranda. The cozy cottage is tastefully furnished with a fully-equipped kitchenette, a comfortable living area, and outdoor dining facilities, including a barbecue grill, perfect for enjoying the serene surroundings.
We also recommend Kerbyggð: Luxury House and Cottage with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 40 reviews. Kerbyggd Luxury Houses offer upscale accommodation amidst Iceland's rugged terrain, with convenient access to the popular attractions of the Golden Circle, including the Kerid crater, Hveragerdi geothermal area, and Thingvellir national park. The houses feature well-equipped kitchens, comfortable living spaces, outdoor seating areas with barbecues, and amenities like free Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and heated floors, ensuring a luxurious and convenient stay.

What is the best guesthouse to stay in near the Golden Circle?

We recommend the Alfasteinn Country Home Guesthouse. With a range of room options available, including family rooms and self-contained cottages, as well as amenities like a hot tub, garden, and an on-site restaurant serving local cuisine, Alfasteinn Country Home Guesthouse provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience for guests seeking a no-frills home away from home in South Iceland.

What popular attractions are close to the Golden Circle?

Several popular attractions are located near the Golden Circle route, offering additional sights to explore during your visit.
Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik, is the starting point for many Golden Circle tours and is approximately 40-50 kilometers (25-31 miles) away, depending on the specific location within the city.
Situated in Fludir, the Secret Lagoon is a natural hot spring with a beautifully landscaped pool area. It is located approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of the Golden Circle.
Skalholt is a historic site that was the cultural and religious center of Iceland during the Middle Ages. Skalholt is around 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the Golden Circle.
Kerid Crater is a stunning volcanic crater lake located approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Selfoss, making it easily accessible from the Golden Circle.
Laugarvatn Fontana, a geothermal spa and wellness center, is situated on the shores of Laugarvatn Lake, approximately 18 kilometers (11 miles) east of Geysir.
Hveragerdi, a town in the southwest of Iceland, known for its geothermal activity and hot springs, is approximately 45 kilometers (28 miles) east of the Golden Circle.
These attractions can be visited as additional stops on a day trip from the Golden Circle or as part of a longer itinerary exploring the south and southwest regions of Iceland.

What is there to do in the Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle offers a range of attractions and activities that showcase Iceland's natural beauty, geothermal wonders, and rich history.
Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thingvellir, where you can walk between the tectonic plates, learn about Iceland's history at the Althing assembly site, and admire the stunning landscapes.
At the Geysir geothermal area, witness the powerful eruptions of Strokkur, a geyser that shoots boiling water high into the air every few minutes. Explore the bubbling hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles that make up this geothermal wonderland.
Marvel at the majestic beauty of Gullfoss waterfall, also known as the Golden Waterfall. Watch as the Hvita River cascades down two tiers, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Join the classic 8-hour tour of the Golden Circle & Kerid Crater with a transfer from Reykjavik.
For a unique experience, take a guided snorkeling or diving tour in Silfra, a crystal-clear fissure located in Thingvellir National Park. Explore the underwater world and witness the incredible visibility provided by the clear spring water. Check out this 30-minute snorkeling tour in the Silfra fissure.
Relax in the soothing geothermal waters of the Secret Lagoon in Fludir or visit Fontana Spa in Laugarvatn. Enjoy the warm pools, natural steam baths, and rejuvenating treatments.
Discover the Icelandic countryside on horseback with guided horse riding tours available in the area. Ride through scenic trails and experience the unique Icelandic horse breed known for its gentle nature. Join this excellent 10-hour combo tour with horseback riding & the Golden Circle, which starts in Reykjavik.

Are the hotels and accommodations in the Golden Circle close to the main attractions?

Many hotels and accommodations in the Golden Circle are conveniently located near major attractions such as Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area, and Gullfoss waterfall.
A great option to stay at the center of the Golden Circle is the 360 Hotel which boasts incredible views and a thermal bath and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 100 reviews.

Are there luxury hotels available in the Golden Circle of Iceland?

Yes, there are luxury hotels available in the Golden Circle, offering upscale amenities such as fine dining, spas, and well-appointed guest rooms. These hotels often provide unique experiences and activities, such as guided tours, horseback riding, or northern lights viewings, to enhance your stay. We recommend Landhotel, which is a beautiful 4-star luxury hotel in south Iceland that has the on-site restaurant Tindur and a luxurious spa.

Can I find budget-friendly accommodations in the Golden Circle?

Absolutely! There are budget-friendly options available in the Golden Circle, such as Hestakrain Hotel, which is a ten-bedroom guesthouse and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 40 reviews. These accommodations offer a more economical way to experience the region while still providing access to its main attractions.

How can staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle enhance my sightseeing experience in Iceland?

Staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle provides easy access to the region's main attractions. This proximity allows you to spend more time exploring the sights and less time traveling between locations, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable sightseeing experience. It also gives you the opportunity to visit these places during off-hours when they are less crowded, such as late at night or early in the morning.

Can I find accommodations with on-site dining options in the Golden Circle?

Yes, some hotels in the Golden Circle offer on-site dining options, including restaurants, bars, or cafes. We recommend Hotel Geysir which has multiple options for on-site dining, including the excellent Geysir Restaurant. Some properties may also provide home-cooked meals or packed lunches for day trips. It's essential to check the accommodation description to learn if there is a restaurant on-site.

Is it possible to find accommodations with geothermal hot tubs or pools in the Golden Circle?

Several hotels and accommodations in the Golden Circle feature geothermal hot tubs or pools, allowing guests to enjoy Iceland's famous geothermal waters. For example, Blue Hotel Fagrilundur has multiple outdoor hot tubs that guests can use at their leisure.

Are there hotels near the Golden Circle that offer tours to nearby attractions?

Most tours to natural attractions depart from Reykjavik. Therefore it is advisable to rent a car in Iceland if you're planning to stay near the Golden Circle, which gives you more freedom to explore the country. However, some popular tours depart from Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle trail, such as this snowmobile tour on Langjokull glacier.

Will staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle provide opportunities to explore lesser-known attractions in the area?

Staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle not only provides convenient access to the main attractions but also offers the opportunity to discover lesser-known sights and hidden gems in the region. You can take your time to visit places like Kerid volcanic crater or go bathing in Laugarvatn Fontana Spa.

Can staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle help me avoid the crowds at popular attractions?

Staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle allows you to visit popular attractions early in the morning or later in the evening, potentially avoiding peak crowds. This flexibility can result in a more enjoyable and less crowded experience at some of the region's most famous sights.

How far in advance should I book my accommodation in the Golden Circle?

It's highly recommended to book your accommodation along the Golden Circle well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons in the summer, to secure the best options and availability. Booking several months ahead of your trip can help ensure you find the perfect lodging to suit your needs and preferences.

Is staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle beneficial for photography enthusiasts?

Staying at a hotel near the Golden Circle is advantageous for photography enthusiasts, as it provides easy access to some of Iceland's most photogenic locations. The proximity to major attractions allows photographers to capture a variety of lighting conditions and visit sites during optimal times, such as sunset or under the northern lights during winter, to take stunning photographs.
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