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Find your place to stay in the unique geothermal town of Hveragerdi. Surrounded by hot springs and greenhouses, it makes for the perfect base to explore the south coast of Iceland

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Frequently asked questions

What part of Hveragerdi should I stay in?

The best part to stay in Hveragerdi is in the charming town center, where you enter the town from the roundabout on Route 1. There you will find a wealth of different restaurants to choose from, a supermarket, a gas station as well as flower shops for which the town is famous.

What is the best hotel in Hveragerdi?

The best hotel in Hveragerdi is the newly-opened GreenHouse Hotel which has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 37 travelers. This unique hotel makes the most of the geothermal energy and hot springs in Hveragerdi with hot tubs and geothermal pools available for guests. There is also a food hall with various restaurants in the GreenHouse, as well as local artisan shops. The rooms have beautiful Nordic design and range from a simple Doube Standard to a large Suite that can accommodate a family of four.

What are the most famous attractions near my hotel in Hveragerdi?

Hveragerdi is primarily known for its geothermal energy. You can admire the geothermal energy with your own eyes, as the steam rising from the ground in multiple places is hard to miss. Among the most famous places are Reykjadalur hot spring valley with its thermal river, a geothermal park named Hveragardurinn, Listasafn Arnesinga Art Museum, Hveragerdi Stone and Mineral Museum, Ingolfsfjall mountain, and Hrómundartindur peak.

How to get from my hotel in Hveragerdi to Reykjadalur Hot Springs?

The parking lot and the starting point for the hike to the hot river in Reykjadalur is 2 miles (3.5 kilometers) from the central Hveragerdi. You can go there by car in a few minutes or by foot in about 40 minutes.

How far is Hveragerdi from Reykjavik?

The town of Hveragerdi is located in the south of Iceland, around 30 miles (45 kilometers) from Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. Hveragerdi is known for its high geothermal activity, making it an attractive place to visit among travelers. Here you will find a variety of hotels and guesthouses to choose from.

Do hotels in Hveragerdi offer the opportunity to taste local cuisine, including lava bread?

Yes, Hveragerdi is the right place if you want to become familiar with Icelandic cuisine. Lava bread has a unique dark color, is baked in hot soil, and temperature is maintained by geothermal energy. If you want to try this delicacy, you'll find places in Hveragerdi that offer it. You also have the opportunity to watch the whole process of preparing the bread and putting it into the ground, where it will spend several hours.

Will I find a cheap hotel for a budget traveller in Hveragerdi?

Yes, you can find budget hotels in Hveragerdi. Hotels in Hveragerdi can be an attractive alternative to hotels in Reykjavik or Selfoss, due to the availability of more budget-friendly alternatives. How much you'll have to pay for a hotel stay largely depends on what month you are coming, as the prices usually are higher during the summer and in December. Some accommodations offer private rooms with shared bathrooms, which usually means a lower cost.