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Hotels & Accommodation in Hafnarfjordur

Hotels & Accommodation in Hafnarfjordur

Explore the wide range of hotels in Hafnarfjordur that will meet your expectations. Choose from modern facilities or immerse yourself in the history of Vikings


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Frequently asked questions

Which hotels are the best ones to stay in Hafnarfjordur?

The best hotels in Hafnarfjordur are in the city centre as well as on its outskirts. One of the best locations is near the harbour, where every year, you can participate in the Viking Festival. Hotels have different standards and equipment. You will find comfortable modern properties or traditionally furnished, cosy places where everyone will feel relaxed. No matter in which part of Hafnarfjordur you stay, you can easily enjoy all the amenities offered by the city.

What are the best hotels near Viking Village?

If you want to stay close to the Viking Village, book your accommodation in the city centre or close to the harbour. You can also spend the night in an authentic Viking hotel, which will give you a unique experience and allow you to try the local cuisine in a nearby restaurant.

Can I get an early check-in at a hotel in Hafnarfjordur?

Early check-in is possible, but hotels can't promise it in advance. This option is dependent on check-outs and the availability of free rooms. Contact the hotel in Hafnarfjordur and ask for early check-in if you are arriving in Iceland in the morning. The reception staff will be happy to help and will allow you to arrange an early check-in if possible.

What trips can I take if I book a hotel in Hafnarfjordur?

Most day and multi-day trips start from Reykjavik. When you find the tour you are interested in, check the pickup place that is closest to your hotel and get there by rented car or bus. Remember to pay for the parking space. If you need help to find your pick up place, contact the tour operator.

Do hotels in Hafnarfjordur offer a free shuttle from Keflavik International Airport?

There is no free airport shuttle to hotels in Hafnarfjordur. Some places may offer an airport transfer, but in this case, you have to be prepared for an additional cost. The International Airport in Keflavik is located less than 40 kilometres from Hafnarfjordur, and the best option to get to the city is by shuttle bus, taxi, or renting your car at the airport, after arrival in Iceland.