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Frequently asked questions

What is the best hotel in Egilsstadir?

The best hotel in Egilsstadir is the family-run Hotel Eyvindara overlooking Egilsstadir, just a short drive outside of town. This charming hotel has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 308 travelers. It offers two room types, Standard Single and Standard Double, and has breakfast served every morning. Its wooden interior gives a countryside atmosphere and you can expect a warm and personable service.

What part of Egilsstadir should I stay in?

The best part to stay in Egilsstadir is in and around Fagradalsbraut, the main street of this remote town in the east. There you can find multiple restaurants and cafés, as well as conveniences such as a gas station and a supermarket.

Do hotels in Egilsstadir offer free breakfast, free WiFi, and parking?

Most hotels in Egilsstadir have free parking for customers, as well as WiFi available in the lobby and rooms. Breakfast is often included in the price of the room, but it can also be offered as an additional option at an extra cost. Check the property description or contact the hotel reception to learn more.

Can I book a budget hotel in Egilsstadir?

Prices in Egilsstadir vary depending on the season. The summer season begins in mid-May and ends in September. If you plan to stay in Iceland outside of this period, you can count on slightly lower prices, especially if you book accommodation well in advance.

How long does it take to get from Reykjavik to Egilsstadir?

The distance from Reykjavik to Egilsstadir is around 400 miles (635 kilometers). The north or south routes are equally long. If you are in Iceland for the first time, we recommend spreading your drive over two or even three days. Along the way, there are plenty of attractions to experience, both on the South Coast, as well as on the route through Akureyri. To cover this distance without any stops, you need 8-9 hours in summer and about 10-12 hours in winter.

What are the main attractions near Egilsstadir?

Egilsstadir is the biggest town in eastern Iceland. Although beautifully situated, it is not the largest tourist attraction in the region. The numerous villages on the East Fjords are not only characterized by their distinct charm and location but many attractions are hidden among them. You will find beautiful waterfalls, majestic mountains and the largest forest in Iceland, Hallormsstadaskogur.

Additionally, there are numerous viewpoints, museums, shipwrecks, excellent restaurants and unique souvenir shops you may want to pay a visit. The ruins of the Skriðuklaustur monasteries is another popular place to spend an hour or two exploring.

Do the hotels in Egilsstadir have their own restaurants?

Most hotels have restaurants where you can eat lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Chefs often prepare meals using ingredients from local sheep farms and fisheries in the East Fjords. Usually, restaurants have a separate or shared space that also serves as a bar.