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Hotels & Accommodation in Grindavik

Hotels & Accommodation in Grindavik

Check hotels in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula and relax between the geothermal landscapes. Enjoy great location near the international airport and Blue Lagoon


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Frequently asked questions

Which hotel in Grindavík should I book to have a beautiful view?

Grindavik is located by the ocean in the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is a small town with traditions related to the fishing industry. If you would like to have a beautiful view from the window, we recommend booking accommodation near the port of Grindavik.

What are the best hotels in Grindavík near Blue Lagoon?

Grindavik is less than ten minutes by car from Blue Lagoon. You can get there from Grindavik by road number 43 or 426, bypassing the Thorbjorn mountain on the right or left. In the vicinity of Blue Lagoon, there are several excellent hotels, among others in Keflavik, Grindavik, and at the Blue Lagoon itself. Hotel comfort and services vary depending on the price. Check the available accommodation options and adapt them to your possibilities and needs.

What are the most popular attractions near Grindavik?

The biggest attraction near Grindavik is the famous Blue Lagoon, where you will find the most renowned spa in Iceland, pools with milky blue water, and an excellent restaurant. Also, it is worth going to the geothermal fields in Krysuvik, see the jagged coastline, lighthouses Hópsnesviti and Reykjanesviti, the ruins of the former Selatangar farm and the Valahnúkamöl viewpoint.

Do hotels in Grindavik offer a free shuttle from the international airport?

Unfortunately, most hotels in Iceland do not offer free transport from and to the airport, even when they are located nearby. The most reasonable option is to rent a car already at the airport in Keflavik and reach the hotel on your own or travel by taxi. However, you must bear in mind that cabs in Iceland are usually costly. Some hotels offer a shuttle service to the airport for an additional fee.