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Hotels & Accommodation in Dalvik

Hotels & Accommodation in Dalvik

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Frequently asked questions

How far is it from Akureyri to Dalvik? And how is the easiest way to get there?

Akureyri is the capital of northern Iceland and the second-largest city on the island. It is located in the Eyjafiordur fjord, the same as the village of Dalvik. The distance between both cities is 45 km, and it is best to take it by rented car or bus number 78. Even in bad weather, the journey will not take more than an hour.

What popular attractions are close to hotels in Dalvik?

Near Dalvik is the Trollaskagi peninsula, where you will find many beautifully situated, charming towns that, together with the surrounding nature, form the region's greatest attraction. From Dalvik, we can go to the island of Hrisey or the island of Grimsey, and if we want, at the harbour, you can go on a whale watching tour. Horse rides are also available in the area. There are a public swimming pool and a charming church not far from the centre. Local restaurants offer excellent dishes based on fish and lamb.

Where is the best place for a stay in Dalvik?

Although Dalvik is a small town, where a little over 1,500 people live, the accommodation offer in the city and the close area is quite big. You can choose between cottages, hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and apartments. If you want to spend the night in absolute peace, we suggest a place outside the town, and if you fancy going out for a walk to the port in the evening and drink a beer at a local bar, it is worth stopping in the heart of Dalvik. Evening strolls both in summer and in winter when the aurora borealis appear in the sky are a unique experience.

Can I go on a whale-watching cruise if I book a room in a hotel in Dalvik?

Northern Iceland is known for the places where you can go whale watching. Many of the trips offered here guarantee 98% efficiency. Similarly, in Dalvik, from where boats leave for the Eyjafjordur fjord - the longest fjord in central-north Iceland. Ferries to Hrisey and Grimsey are also departing from here.