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Hotels & Accommodation in Borgarnes

Hotels & Accommodation in Borgarnes

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Frequently asked questions

Which hotels in Borgarnes are good for families?

The best family hotels in Borgarnes are those close to route 1. You should look for accommodation on Hafnarskógur, Borgarbraut, Helgugata, or Hamarsvollur. It all depends on what standard you are interested in, what kind of budget you have, and how big your family is.

Which hotel in Borgarnes offers a hot tub outside and views of the countryside?

In the area, you will find several places that offer a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, hot tubs, a sauna, or a jacuzzi. These include the Icelandair hotel and the B59 hotel. Borgarnes is a small city located in beautiful natural surroundings, which is why many places have stunning views.

Is accommodation in Borgarnes a good idea if I'm planning a day trip with a guide around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula?

Borgarnes is the perfect place to start your trip to the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Most guided tours begin in Reykjavik, but due to Borgarnes' location, many operators agree to pick up travellers from this city. If you want to be picked up Borgarnes instead of the capital, inform the tour operator in advance.

How do I get from the international airport to my hotel in Borgarnes?

There are three options to get to Borgarnes from Keflavik International Airport. The easiest way is to rent a car at the airport, but if you do not have a driving license, you can go to Borgarnes by bus. First, you need to get from Keflavik airport to BSI station in Reykjavik. From BSI, you need to take a bus to Mjódd station, and from there, catch the bus going to Akureyri via Borgarnes. The third and most expensive option is, of course, going by taxi.

Can I book a cheap hotel in Borgarnes for a budget tourist?

You will find budget accommodation in most of the biggest cities in Iceland. In Borgarnes, there are also a few, and the price depends on how large a group you travel with and what standard you expect. If you're going in a group, check the options for family rooms for several people or rent a cabin. It's an excellent way to split the costs. If you're travelling alone, check out the economy room options in hotels in Borgarnes.