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With just a short distance from the international airport, find your place to stay in Iceland's 'rock and roll town'. Explore a wide array of accommodations from simple guesthouses to luxurious hotels in Reykjanesbaer

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Frequently asked questions

What part of Keflavik should I stay in?

The best area of Keflavik to stay is by Grofin, the small boat harbor in Keflavik near the Bergid cliffs and the Giantess Cave. There you can also enjoy the beautiful harbor view out to Faxafloi bay. It's located a short distance from various restaurants and cafés on Keflavik's main street Hafnargata as well as the Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n' Roll.

What is the best hotel in Keflavik?

The best hotel in Keflavik is Hotel Berg which has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 393 visitors. With its location on the top of a cliff called 'Bergið' overlooking the Faxafloi bay, it makes for a beautiful view out of your hotel window. The four-star boutique hotel has a rooftop pool for guests to relax in and a cocktail bar in the lobby. There's only a short walk from the hotel to Keflavik's main street Hafnargata, where you can find a variety of restaurants and shops. The hotel has four room types to choose from, ranging from a Standard Double to a luxurious Junior Suite.

Which hotels are the closest to Keflavik International Airport?

The Hotel Aurora Star is the closest to the airport, though other hotels in Keflavik are only a few-minute drive away. The offer of hotels is varied and suitable for different people who are looking for places to stay after landing in Iceland or before returning home. Some properties offer free airport shuttles to their guests.

Can I pick up the rental car directly from the hotel in Keflavik?

Yes, although most visitors pick up their car directly from Keflavik international airport, as soon as they arrive in Iceland. Most car rental companies also allow customers to pick up their vehicles from thre town of Keflavik. Depending on the company, this option may be free, or you need to prepare for a small fee. Also, remember that most car rental companies in Iceland have offices in Keflavik.

Do any family-friendly hotels in Keflavik offer free breakfast?

All hotels in Keflavik are family-friendly and offer a breakfast buffet. At some hotels, breakfast is included in the price of the booking, while other properties allow guests to choose breakfast as an extra option for an additional fee.

What's the best budget-friendly places to stay in Keflavik?

If you are looking for a cheap hotel close to Keflavik International Airport, start browsing deals early and make your reservation in advance. Some hotels offer economy rooms or budget options. Visiting Iceland outside of the high season in the summer is also a way to find good deals on hotels.

When should I book a hotel in Keflavik to secure the best deal?

No matter what time of year, book your hotel in Keflavik as soon as possible. Despite the availability of accommodation, the cheapest offers in the best locations are often fully booked several months in advance. If you will be in Iceland during the summer and want to stay close to Keflavik airport, do not wait to make your hotel reservation.

Do the hotels in Keflavik offer private rooms with bathrooms?

Yes, most hotels in Keflavik offer guests private rooms with bathrooms.

Is Reykjanesbaer the same as Keflavik?

Keflavik is one of the municipalities that joined to form Reykjanesbaer in 1994. The name Keflavik is still used frequently, as the international airport in Iceland is named after it. The other two municipalities in Reykjanesbaer are Njardvikurkaupstadur (Njardvik) and Hafnahreppur (Hafnir).