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Hotels & Accommodation in Kopavogur

Hotels & Accommodation in Kopavogur

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Frequently asked questions

What's the best budget-friendly hotel in Kopavogur?

Hotel prices in Kopavogur vary from one season to another when you book and the comfort of the hotel you want to stay in. Before arriving, it's always good to check the hotel offer or, if you have additional questions, write or call reception. When choosing a hotel in Kopavogur, you should remember that if you do not have a car, choose a place close to the bus stop. If you have rented a car, you should think about a hotel that is close to the store, restaurant or have a beautiful view.

Where is the best place to stay near Sundlaugin Versolum Swimming Pool?

Sundlaugin í Kópavogi (Kópavogslaug Swimming Pool) is located near the coast, less than half a kilometre from the Kópavogskirkja church. Whatever hotel you find near this point, it will be an excellent place to go to the pool on foot. Also, check which buses go to the Kópavogslaug stop, from which you have less than 200 meters to the swimming pool.

How do I get from the centre of Reykjavik to a hotel in Kopavogur?

The city bus network is very well developed in Reykjavik. You can easily find a bus that will take you to the hotel in Kopavogur or close to it. Another option is to take a taxi, and the simplest is to rent a car. If you are not afraid of long walks, you can take a 6-kilometre walk from the centre of Reykjavik, which will take just over an hour.

Will I be picked up on a guided tour if I am staying at a hotel in Kopavogur?

Many operators offer guided tours from Reykjavik. However, it is worth sending an inquiry about whether there is a chance to pick you up from your hotel in Kopavogur. Many tour operators can agree to such an offer, but this is not the rule. Otherwise, you can go to a designated point in the centre of Reykjavik by taxi, bus or rented car.