This is a list of things and events that form the Icelandic identity and psyche. Please excuse us the chauvinism, but every nation has its vanities.

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1. The nature of Iceland

Of course our nature tops the list. Europe’s largest glacierVatnajokull, most powerful waterfall – Dettifoss, and largest bird cliff – Latrabjarg; are just a few of the natural wonders to be found in Iceland.

Our water tastes purer than almost anywhere else in the world and day-by-day our mountains change colours. Our summer sun never sets. And on clear winter nights the northern lights turn our skies green, red, yellow and blue.

A rift splits our island in two, and from there it shouts fire and water at us, if just to remind us from what it was made off, and what it can do. 

Iceland demands respect.

2. The Icelandic language

We Icelanders are very proud of our language. We have preserved it for centuries and can still read our sagas, ancient scripts and poems.

Using it, Halldor Laxness won us a Nobel prize in literature in 1955. 

And although we understand that it's not a very practical language (only the Faroese understand it) we still can't resist it, and love the way it sounds and sings. It was made for poetry and reminds us of our ancestors – rebel chiefs and fugitives, so it makes us feel tough, special and here to stay.

3. Human rights in Iceland

We take great pride in trying our best to progress human rights and values worldwide.

Our nation enjoys the highest ranking in gender equality, gay rights, freedom of expression and high level of democracy.

We wish that all people in world could achieve the same freedoms.

Here to the right you can see mayor of Reykjavik salute the political punk band Pussy Riot in the Gay Pride Festival of 2012. 

4. The seamen of Iceland

We are proud of the Icelandic Coast Guard, and of being the only country in recent history to defeat the British navy.

The cod wars were a series of confrontations where our nation had to fight over-fishing in our territorial waters.

And fishing is crucial to our survival here, so our seamen are well respected.

And as you can see in this video the British just keep on harassing us. We still like them, but mostly just because of our common tradition of binge drinking and humour that many other nations find distasteful.

5. The Icelandic handball team

Handball is Iceland's national sport, and the guys in the men's team are nationally known as “Our boys”.

We love them a lot (especially when they win).

Our greatest sporting achievement was in the Olympics of 2008 when our team won silver medal. Our boys were greeted like heroes when they returned back home, and we became the smallest nation in the history of the Olympics to win medals in a group sport.

Had it not been for the French at the time, we would have had the best handball team on earth. Damn the French, they're good.

6. The strong men of Iceland

If every man in Iceland feels a bit strong for just being an Icelander it is mostly thanks to Jon Pall Sigmarsson, four times winner of the world's strongest man contest, Europe’s strongest man contest and numerous other hulk competitions.

Tragically, he passed away in a heart attack at the young age of 33 but a documentary, Larger than life, has been made about him. It's awesome and so was he.

7. The beautiful women of Iceland

Iceland has also four times won the Miss World competition, which means we have the most beautiful women in the world per capita.

The winners were Gudrun Bjarnadottir in 1963, Holmfridur Karlsdottir in 1985, Linda P. in 1988 and Unnur Birna in 2005; all stunning beauties and worthy representatives of Iceland.

If you're nasty, you can see Unnur Birna in the video above "fly on the head" ... as is said in Icelandic.

But that said, you can also see on the above mentioned points that women in Iceland have far fewer complexities than men.

8. The happiness of Icelanders

Despite the harsh winter conditions and isolation, our small nation is ranked among the happiest in the world. That, in itself, makes us even happier.

9. Knowledge in Iceland

The Icelandic educational system has been the cornerstone of Iceland’s survival and progress for the past decades. We have the highest literacy rate in the world, and use the Internet more then anyone else.

80% of our energy consumption is derived of green energy sources.

10. The inspiration of Iceland

Our nation is creative and funky, and our island inspires musicians and artists from all over the world.  

Our country is popular, beautiful and kind - and that makes us proud to be Icelandic!

p.s we also used to be proud of our banks but are not so much anymore...