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Stretching from the wide Eastfjords mountain range, set with many small fjords, through the fertile Fljotsdalsherad district and towards the highlands, East Iceland is a vast area of incredible nature, striking contrasts and fascinating history and culture.

East Iceland is characterised by a large number of fjords, surrounded by high villages. Fishing villages can be found by most of them.

From Seydisfjordur a ferryboat goes to Scandinavia, and the town also hosts the popular annual festival LungA. Neskaupsstadur features two highly popular annual festivals, Neistaflug and Eistnaflug, as well as being the home to a highly interesting museum and close to fascinating nature.

The main airport of East Iceland is in Egilsstadir, the largest town of the East and its main centre for service, transport and administration.

Further inland is the fertile agricultural district Fljotsdalsherad (see the link above). Natural birchwoods are in the area, the most famous being Hallormsstadaskogur, the largest forest in Iceland. Big rivers run through the district and by their estuaries many seals may be found.

Up in the mountains is also the Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Power Station, the construction of which led to hot debates and continues to do so. The station serves the aluminium smelter by Reydarfjordur.

The impressive mountain Snaefell is close by, Iceland's highest freestanding mountain. East of Snaefell is the highland oasis Eyjabakkar, one of the largest nesting place for the pink footed goose in the world.  

Of particular cultural note in Fljotsdalsherad is the cultural and history center Skriduklaustur. In the middle ages a monastery stood there, and in the 20th century, Icelandic author Gunnar Gunnarsson lived there. Gunnar wrote such masterworks as Adventa (e. The Good Shepherd), Svartfugl (The Black Cliffs), Saga Borgaraettarinnar (Guest the One-Eyed, made into the Danish film Borgslægtens history in 1919) and the autobiographical novel cycle Fjallkirkjan ('The Church on the Mountain' published in English as Ships in the Sky and The Night and the Dream).

Other notable attractions of the beautiful Fljotadalsherad district, of which there are many, are listed under the Egilsstadir section.

Reindeer roam the mountains of East Iceland and a large number of migratory birds land near Hofn in  Hornafjordur, in the Southeast, on their way from Skotland, returning back to Scotland in late summer.

Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier stretches to the boarders of East Iceland.

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  Snaefell, in the east of the Icelandic highlands,  is the highest freestanding mountain in the country. It is located within the vast Vat...



Karahnjukavirkjun is a Hydropower plant in Eastern Iceland, designed to 4600 GWh annually to serve Alcoa's aluminium smelter east of Reydarfjordur...



Eyjabakkar is an oasis in the East Highlands of Iceland.  This is Iceland's second-largest wetland, the largest being Thjorsarver, itself a ...



  Herdubreid is a table mountain (Icelandic: 'stapi'), situated north of Vatnajokull in the deserted lava field of Odadahraun, the most ...



Herdubreidarlindir is an oasis situated near Herdubreid mountain north of Vatnajokull glacier. The area features a campground and hiking trails and i...



  Askja volcano is a vast caldera in a remote part of the easterly central highlands of Iceland, located in the Dyngjufjoll mountains. These m...


Víti by Askja

Viti (meaning ‘Hell’!) is an explosion crater on the northeast shore of Oskjuvatn. The Viti crater is around 150 meters in diameter ...



Dyngjufjoll is a volcanic mountain range in the lava field Odadahraun in the Icelandic highlands. The Askja caldera is situated in this mountain rang...



Located in the east of Iceland, Atlavík is a small cove in Hallormsstaðarskógur forest, on the shores of the lake Lagarfljót....


Jökulsá á Fjöllum

Jokulsa a Fjollum is a glacier river at the east of the vast Odadahraun lava field in the north-east of Iceland. It is Iceland's second largest ri...



Hallormsstaðaskógur is Iceland's largest national forest, found in East Iceland near Egilsstaðir. The area is a famous for its plea...



Modrudalur a Fjollum is the highest positioned farm in Iceland (469 m above sea level) and is located in the east highlands, north of Vatnajokull glac...



  Fjallabak may refer to two highland routes, South Fjallabaksleid or the North Fjallbaksleid. South Fjallabaksleid The South Fjallabaksleid (...



Hornafjörður (“Fjord of Horns”) is a fjord, municipality and growing community found in southeast Iceland. The fjord takes its ...



The Eastfjords of Iceland is a 120 km long stretch of coastline from Berufjörður, in the south, to the small fishing village of Borgarfj&ou...



Vatnajökull is the largest ice cap in Iceland and the third largest glacier in Europe, covering 8% of the island's landmass. Vatnaj&ou...



Almannaskarðsgöng is a 1312m (roughly 1.3km) tunnel along Route 1, located near Höfn (Hornafjörður) in the eastern region of Ic...



Hofn a Hornafirdi, is a fishing town in southeast Iceland, with a population of 1641 (as of 2011). It has a strong harbour and its main industries are...



Djúpivogur is a small coastal village located on the Búlandsnes peninsula, nestled between the picturesque fjord, Hamarsfjörður...



Thorbergssetur, located in the remote region of Sudursveit in South-East Iceland, is a culture center and heritage museum dedicated to the history of ...


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