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About Super Jeep Tours in Iceland

Super jeep tours allow you to reach remote regions that are inaccessible to most vehicles. Most of these tours head into Highland regions such as Landmannalaugar, or up glacier-capped volcanoes such as Eyjafjallajökull. Northern lights tours conducted in super jeeps have a high success rate, as they can easily reach areas where there is no light pollution.

1. What is a super jeep?

A super jeep is a highly modified 4x4 SUV with very large tyres that are specially designed to cross difficult terrain.

2. Why should I choose a super jeep tour over a bus tour?

Super jeep tours are more intimate, and more adventurous than bus or minibus tours. They can also access areas that normal buses and mini-buses cannot, such as the Highlands and glacier summits.

3. Why are super jeep tours more expensive than bus tours?

The cars themselves are both expensive and costly to maintain with high fuel costs. On top of that, each car can only carry 6 passengers, and the price of the tour needs to cover the running cost of the car, as well as the salary for the guide.

4. Will we drive off-road?

No, it is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland. However, you may drive on highland tracks, over ice or snow, on gravel roads and even across rivers. This feels like driving off-road, even though the tracks are designated for such tours.

5. Isn’t crossing rivers dangerous?

Some tours include river crossings; you will, for example, cross a few large rivers to reach Þórsmörk. Your driver is very skilful and experienced and will choose the safest way to cross the river.

6. Do I get to drive the super jeep myself?

No, only the tour guide will drive the super jeep, as no-one else is insured if something goes wrong.

7. How many people are on super jeep tours?

Normally there are 6 travellers in a super jeep tour, plus the driver/guide. This makes a normal tour group consist of seven people in total.

8. Can I book a private super jeep tour and get a customised itinerary?

Yes, please contact info@guidetoiceland.is

9. I am a solo traveller and there is a minimum of four participants for this tour. Can I join?

Yes, if the minimum amount of customers for the tour is covered. You can wait for more people to sign up or you can pay for the remaining spots yourself.

10. Can you put me on a waiting list?

You need to check beforehand if there is space available for your desired dates. Alternatively, you can e-mail info@guidetoiceland.is to see which dates are available during your time here. Unfortunately, we cannot put your name on a waiting list ourselves.

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Super Jeeping in Iceland

Since the introduction of the Jeep Wrangler to Iceland, there has been an all-out national obsession with jeeps. The word for jeep in Icelandic is ‘jeppi’, and since jeeps first accompanied American soldiers to the island during World War 2, Icelanders have customised the vehicles to tackle the challenging terrain of their native land.

As opposed to other countries where highly modified jeeps or “monster trucks” are often intended for flashy ambitions, in Iceland, their value is far more utilitarian in nature.

Super jeeps, or, ‘fjallajeppi’ (translating to ‘mountain jeeps’), are invaluable for reaching impossibly remote locations. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine a better way of exploring and engaging with the raw beauty of Iceland than bounding over magnificent landscapes in a super jeep.

Given the limited number of seats during Super Jeep Tours, you are guaranteed a small, intimate group experience, allowing more time with your guide to educate you about the natural and cultural landmarks you encounter. The reduced number of people on these expeditions inevitably means less time wasted waiting for larger numbers to regroup, maximising your time enjoying attractions.

Road and weather conditions in Iceland can, at times, be daunting, so why not relax and enjoy a super jeep tour which promises a breathtaking ride while sparing you a white-knuckle drive. Don’t miss your chance to travel in style and experience the highly customised and capable vehicle that is the Icelandic super jeep.


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