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Explore accommodations in Iceland


Get to know about accommodation in Iceland

Iceland has a variety of different accommodation to choose from, to suit most needs. You can find cheap camping grounds and hostels, budget bed & breakfast, a variety of apartments, luxurious apartment hotels or 4 star hotels. You won't find any 5 star hotels in Iceland though, the market is simply not big enough for it.

Many hotels are small, boutique hotels, especially the ones in the countryside where the local population may only be a few hundred people, so they won't fit large groups of people. If you're trying to find accommodation for groups please contact us at info@guidetoiceland.is so we can help you find the best options and pricing.

The country and its population are small but the tourism is booming and a number of hotels are rising. Nonetheless, medium priced hotels fill up quickly and if you have a large group of people coming to Iceland, you should be booking your hotels about a year in advance - especially if you are coming in summertime. Otherwise, be prepared to split your group or either stay at a cheaper and more rustic accommodation or a pricier but more luxurious accommodation. The closer it gets to summer or holiday season the harder it is to find affordable accommodation, so make sure to reserve in advance.

Use the top search to browse through the various options for a comfortable and memorable stay in Iceland.