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Find a Bed & Breakfast in Reykjavik or the Icelandic countryside. Perfect for those that want a friendly atmosphere, simple comfort, and homemade breakfast.

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Why stay in a bed & breakfast in Iceland?

Bed and breakfasts in Iceland provide a warm and welcoming home away from home for travelers seeking a more personalized and authentic experience. These small, family-owned establishments offer a unique and cozy atmosphere, with homemade breakfasts, comfortable rooms, and personalized service.

One of the primary benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast in Iceland is the personal touch. Bed and breakfasts are typically owned and operated by families or individuals, providing a more personalized experience compared to larger hotels or resorts. The hosts are often locals with a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding area, providing guests with insider tips and recommendations on where to eat, drink, and explore.

Bed and breakfasts in Iceland offer a range of accommodation options, from private rooms with en-suite bathrooms to shared rooms with shared facilities. Rooms are typically furnished with comfortable beds, cozy blankets, and thoughtful touches such as local artwork or handmade furnishings.

Another benefit of staying at a bed and breakfast in Iceland is the homemade breakfast. Hosts often prepare a delicious breakfast spread featuring local and seasonal ingredients, providing guests with a taste of Icelandic cuisine. Breakfast may include traditional Icelandic dishes such as skyr (a type of yogurt), smoked salmon, or oatmeal porridge, as well as fresh-baked bread, fruit, and coffee or tea.

Many bed and breakfasts in Iceland offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, with locations in rural areas, small towns, or even on working farms. Guests can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Icelandic countryside, with opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, or simply soaking in a hot tub under the midnight sun or Northern Lights.

Bed and breakfasts in Iceland are also an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers. They offer affordable accommodation options compared to hotels and resorts, while still providing comfortable and welcoming amenities. Many bed and breakfasts offer discounts for longer stays or for groups, making it an ideal option for families, friends, or solo travelers.

Overall, staying at a bed and breakfast in Iceland is an excellent option for travelers seeking a cozy and personalized experience, with homemade breakfasts, comfortable rooms, and personalized service. With stunning views, opportunities for outdoor activities, and affordable rates, bed and breakfasts provide a comfortable and authentic travel experience for visitors to Iceland.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best bed & breakfast in Iceland?

The best bed & breakfast in Iceland is the lovely Blue House B&B, located on the peaceful Seltjarnarnes peninsula, just a short drive from the city center of Reykjavik. Blue House B&B is close to the picturesque Grotta lighthouse, which is a great spot to view the northern lights. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 224 reviews.

What is the benefit of staying in a bed & breakfast in Iceland?

A bed & breakfast (B&B) in Iceland is a homely accommodation that offers overnight stays and breakfast, typically in a private home or family-run establishment. B&Bs in Iceland provide a more intimate and personalized experience compared to hotels, giving travelers the opportunity to experience true Icelandic hospitality.

What can I expect from a bed & breakfast (B&B) in Iceland?

Bed & breakfasts in Iceland offer private or shared rooms with comfortable beds, clean facilities, and a home-like atmosphere. Guests can expect a delicious Icelandic breakfast, including items such as skyr (Icelandic yogurt), smoked salmon, rye bread, and coffee. B&Bs may also provide local travel tips and recommendations from the host or other travelers.

How much does it cost to stay at a bed & breakfast in Iceland?

Prices for B&Bs in Iceland can vary widely depending on location, amenities, and season. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $200 per night for a double room. Prices may be higher during peak travel seasons.

Can I expect to meet other travelers at a bed & breakfast in Iceland?

Yes, bed & breakfasts often provide a social atmosphere where guests can meet and interact with other travelers. You may share a communal breakfast area or have opportunities to chat with other guests in common areas. This can be a great way to exchange travel tips, stories, and make new friends while exploring Iceland.

What is the typical check-in and check-out time at a bed & breakfast in Iceland?

Check-in and check-out times can vary between B&Bs, but generally, check-in is between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM, and check-out is around 11:00 AM. If you need to arrange for an earlier or later check-in, be sure to communicate with your host in advance.

Are bed & breakfasts in Iceland suitable for families with children?

Yes, many bed & breakfasts in Iceland are family-friendly and can accommodate children. Some B&Bs may offer extra amenities for families, such as cribs or high chairs. Be sure to check with your host about any specific needs or concerns you may have when traveling with children.

Do bed & breakfasts in Iceland provide other meals besides breakfast?

While breakfast is typically included in the price of your stay, many B&Bs in Iceland do not offer other meals. However, your host may be able to recommend nearby restaurants or cafés for lunch and dinner.

Can I use the kitchen facilities at a bed & breakfasts in Iceland?

B&Bs in Iceland may allow guests to use kitchen facilities, but this is dependent on the individual establishment. Be sure to check with your host about kitchen access and any restrictions or guidelines.
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