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Hotels in Reykjavik

Hotels in Reykjavik

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Frequently asked questions

Which hotels in Reykjavik have the best view?

If you want to have a beautiful ocean view, look for an accommodation close to the coast on Sæbraut street. The Old harbour, an area close to Harpa Concert Hall, and lake Tjornin near Reykjavik City Hall are also great locations. Depending on what view you are interested in, remember to stay in a hotel in the centre of Reykjavik, which will be close to the most famous attractions and within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

What are the most convenient hotels near Hallgrimskirkja church?

The Hallgrimskirkja church is located almost in the very centre of Reykjavik, not far from the Laugavegur shopping street, city hall, and lake Tjornin. Within a kilometre, you will find many comfortable hotels that will certainly meet your needs. There are even those that offer a view from the window of the famous church tower. The price and availability depend on the time you arrive in Reyjavik and the level of comfort you would like to have at your accommodation.

Can I book a cheap hotel in the centre of Reykjavik?

The price of a hotel in the centre of Reykjavik depends on the standard and season when you come to Iceland. If you are interested in a cheap hotel in the capital of Iceland, check the offer of available accommodation as soon as possible and choose an economical or budget room option. Remember that the closer to summer the prices become higher and the availability of the best options decreases quickly.

Do hotels in Reykjavik offer free parking, free WiFi and local breakfast?

Most hotels in Reykjavik offer a free breakfast, or as an additional option to choose. WiFi is free of charge. Parking lots in the capital of Iceland take up a small space, which is why hotels located near the main street sometimes have underground parking. Very often, travellers leave the car on the street on a paid parking zone, so it's worth getting a smartphone application called Leggja to pay for parking quickly.

Do the hotels in Reykjavik have facilities suitable for the whole family?

Hotels in Reykjavik have facilities for the whole family. If you need anything for your children, ask the receptionist or let them know about your needs before you arrive. Among the many amenities for families, there is a children's bed with mattress and bedding, changing table, thermometer, first aid kit, storage place for prams, children's menu, colouring books, extra towels, blankets, and potty. Before arriving, find out if the hotel has everything you need.