Divya Vijay in Iceland in April

Are you coming to Iceland in April? Do you want to know what Iceland's landscape looks like in April, what the weather is like in April and which events take place in April? Find out here.

These wonderful pictures were all taken by Divya Vijay and Arjun S Mullaguru on their holiday in Iceland in early April 2016. The colourful outfits are a great contrast to the stark landscape, and inspired by Kajol's dresses in the Bollywood film Dilwale.

The pictures are mostly taken on the south coast of Iceland - although there's also a shot of the rock Hvítserkur here and a picture from Lake Mývatn's surroundings in north Iceland.

Visiting north Iceland in April

Divya Vijay in Iceland in April

Early April is early spring in Iceland, when you're very likely to still see some leftover snow around the landscape, although you'll also be able to see a little bit of green and a few flowers popping up.

In April the roads have normally cleared enough for it to be easy to reach the northern part of the country, although you should always check the weather forecast and road conditions before hitting the road.

Above we have a great shot of a mountain that hasn't got rid of all its snow, next to yellow-ish grass near Lake Mývatn in north Iceland.

What to pack for travel in Iceland in April?

Colourful contrast to Hvítserkur rock in Iceland in April

Here you can see Divya in northwest Iceland, next to the rock Hvítserkur, that many think resembles an elephant or some other kind of animal, drinking from the sea. 

In the distance you see snowcapped mountains across the fjord.

Although Divya is posing in a summer dress, you should make sure you pack warm clothes when visiting Iceland in April as it will definitely get cold at times, especially when it's windy or at night when looking out for the Northern Lights.

Glacier activities and ice caves in April

Bollywood on ice! Iceland in April

Early April is your absolute last chance to visit ice caves in Iceland! Most ice caves close for traffic in late March, as they melt and break apart during summer, but it varies depending on their location.

These ice caves by Mt Katla are accessible until mid-April in the year 2017 for example.

Glacier hiking however is accessible all year round - Mýrdalsjökull and Vatnajökull glaciers are both accessible from the south coast, where you can see the beautiful white, black and blue colours of the ice.

Iceland's south coast in April

Skógafoss in April in Iceland - picture by Divya Vijay

This is the impressive waterfall Skógafoss, on Iceland's south coast. It's a popular backdrop for pictures, especially as you can always find a rainbow there when the sun is shining! 

As you can see then all snow has cleared here, and the mountainside has turned pretty green. You're more likely to find green colours in the south of Iceland in April rather than in the north.

Divya and Arun by the Diamond Beach by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

This picture is taken on the Diamond Beach, by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, in southeast Iceland. Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is the crown jewel of Iceland's landscape, offering great picturesque opportunities!

The icebergs in the lagoon are continually there, throughout the year, and so are the icebergs on the Diamond Beach.

Visiting the Golden Circle in April

The Golden Circle in April

Here's a picture of Gullfoss, the mighty waterfall on the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is Iceland's most popular tourist trip, and can be done in a number of ways, so make sure you have a look at all the available Golden Circle tours before you take your pick!

It looks like a rather cloudy and cold day, and as you can see there's still some snow on the side of the waterfall. However the paths should be clear for you to walk right down to the waterfall.

Dangers in Iceland

Dramatic Reynisdrangar rocks in April

Divya told us that she had nearly been swept away by the sea at this location at the black beach in south Iceland by Reynisdrangar rocks.

It comes as no surprise since the waves there are VERY STRONG and VERY DANGEROUS all year round!

So be super careful when getting that picture at Reynisfjara beach and stay well away from the sea. We can't stress this enough - find out more here in our article about things that can kill you in Iceland.

Events in Iceland in April

Colourful contrast in Iceland in April

The muted landscape spring colours work well with a strong colour contrast in case you're looking to do some fashion photography in the nature.

Although Reykjavík Fashion Festival takes place a month earlier (in late March) then there are other festivals in Iceland you can make the most of in April.

For sport enthusiasts, make sure you check out the AK Extreme snowboard festival in Akureyri, north Iceland. Akureyri has some of the best ski slopes in Iceland and April is the end of the ski season.

If you're into music, then both Reykjavík Blues Festival and Garðabær Jazz Festival take place in April.

And if Easter takes place in April instead of March, then you can combine both skiing and listening to music by attending the free music festival Aldrei fór ég suður (I never went south) in Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. 

Visiting east Iceland in April

Gorgeous snowcapped mountains in Icelandic spring

The east of Iceland does not get as many tourists as the south and the north. Not because it isn't stunning, but because most people go on day tours from Reykjavík, or tours that only last for a couple of days. That also means you're more likely to find a place all to yourself in the east of Iceland.

If you have more than a week in Iceland, then driving the ring road is an option you shouldn't miss out on. During wintertime the roads in the east may sometimes be closed during heavy snow or crazy weather, and it is possible that there may still be some storms in Iceland in April, especially at the beginning of the month.

However, in late April you should have clear roads and can easily explore the whole circle of Iceland, and admire great snowcapped mountains during early spring in Iceland.

Explore the east fjords on this 11 Day Self Drive of the Ringroad and East Fjords.

Romantic destinations and Northern Lights in Iceland

Romantic shot of Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

Last but not least, here we have a great and romantic shot next to Seljalandsfoss waterfall, on the south coast. This waterfall is especially popular since it's possible to walk the whole way around it - so you can get great shots of it from the back too.

Iceland is a really romantic destination, with an endless amount of gorgeous locations, perfect for dropping down on one knee.

The couple informed us that they also got to witness the wonderful Northern Lights during their trip, they just didn't know how to photograph them, so unfortunately they didn't send us any aurora pictures.

The Northern Lights are visible at nighttime when it's dark, and April is the last month you can see them before the bright nights of the summertime. By late August the nights get dark enough again to start spotting them again, but in May, June, July and early August the midnight sun lights up the nights too much to see the auroras.

Here you can find out more about the weather in Iceland & the best time to visit - now all there's left to do is pick your month and book your trip!