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Eric the red guesthouse

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Eiríksgata 6, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland, Reykjavik, IS
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You may find no connection to the great 10th Century explorer at Eric the Red Guesthouse in Reykjavik city, Iceland. But what you will find is a modern guesthouse close to the city center, near the waterfront, and between two of the largest parks in Reykjavik.

Location & Nearby

Eric the Red Guesthouse is located in a residential area less than a mile (1.3 kilometers) east of the side-by-side parks Tjornin and Hljomscala, the largest parks in Reykjavik. The guesthouse is only 185 yards (170 meters) from the front of Reykjavik’s largest landmark: Hallgrimskirkja church, known as a cathedral for its dramatic design.

Travelers who stay at Eric the Red Guesthouse are within easy distance of the city center. It is only 140 yards (130 meters) from a major bus stop that will take you to or from the nearby Reykjavik city airport. This bus stop also offers travelers easy access to tours of Hallgrimskirkja church. Travelers also have easy access to historic and fine art as the guest house is between the Reykjavik art museum and the National Gallery of Iceland.

Almost everything travelers want or need is within an easy distance from Eric the Red Guesthouse. Bruggstofan and Honkitonk BBQ is just past YoYo Ice cream shop. Bullseye Reykjavik Darts & Drinks is less than 110 yards (100 meters) from Chatime Bubble Tea along Snorrabraut road. This route will take you directly to Laugavegur road, also known as the shopping street in Reykjavik. It’s safe to say your options are almost unlimited.

As for waterfront access from Eric the Red Guesthouse, you can take the bus or walk the .05 mile (900 meters) to the Sculpture Shore Walk and go east or west. If you choose west, you can take in all the fun at the harbor. This includes museums, the Whales of Iceland exhibit, or the FlyOver Iceland multimedia experience.

The harbor near Eric the Red Guesthouse is also where you can shop or stroll past all the fishing boats. The eastern route is a nice walk along the water to see what is interesting. Historical Hofdi House is right here so why not take a look?

Facilities & Amenities

Eric the Red Guesthouse’s plain, gray stucco exterior contrasts sharply with its cozy wood-themed interior. A long wooden dining table and wooden grand staircase greet travelers in the main hall. Red and brown wood furniture fills the first-floor common areas of this comfortable house.

Guestrooms at Eric the Red Guesthouse start with single rooms, double rooms, or triple rooms all with a private bathroom. There is also a double room or a twin room with a shared bathroom. A cottage with a garden view has a double bed, and a double room with a garden view has two single beds.

An electric kettle and cups are provided in all the guest rooms, and all guests have access to the garden terrace and barbeque. Free Wi-Fi and a TV are in every room. Room service is also available. Staff at Eric the Red Guesthouse speak English, Croatian, Siberian and Icelandic languages. Pets are allowed at no extra cost. Parking is free.

Anything you may need during your stay in Reykjavik is easy to find and purchase near Eric the Red Guesthouse. All sorts of shops and restaurants are within a 545 yard (500 meters) walk or a quick bus ride. A large swimming pool is also very close. Contact your hosts about the bus schedule and public pool openings available during your stay.

Why Choose Eric the Red Guesthouse?

The comfortable and large accommodations at Eric the Red Guesthouse should have most travelers convinced they’ve made a great choice. The access to numerous shops, pubs, restaurants, and waterfront fun will convince everyone else.

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