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Perfect Ice Cream Pit Stops in Iceland

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Where can you get the best ice cream in Iceland? 

Seems silly, but who doesn't love ice cream, even if it's freezing outside? Take a ride around the country to discover great places for desserts and sweet treats. Actually, you don’t even have to leave Reykjavik for wonderful flavors and intense sundaes to satisfy any sweet tooth. And sure, be brave while ordering ice cream over the winter, but the real fun starts when chomping on a waffle cone when the summer sun is out.

No matter where you roam in Iceland there’s going to be countless options for ice cream lovers and frozen dessert delights. Some farms make items from the famous skyr (dairy product that isn't yogurt, but is similar to yogurt), while others maintain that simple soft serve is the way to go. A few other methods with a nod to traditional Italian and Scandinavian styles. Obviously, you’ll have to try a few different ones to discover your favorites. You know, for official research of course.

Valdís in downtown Reykjavik

It’s a fairly new addition to the ice cream landscape of the capital city, but it quickly found its stride. Valdís is fun and trendy, with a nod to Italian-style gelato in its heaping cups and cones. You’ll have to go to the shop itself to see which choices are on hand, as everything is made to order and flavors change on the regular. In city center there is another shop called Paradís that’s also well worth the visit for more Italian gelato treats. Consider some of the sweet and salty combinations that include pretzel bits and caramel sauce for something fresh and new.

Café Loki, Reykjavik

cafe loki

It’s not an ice cream shop, but has some of the best desserts in the city you can enjoy after a hearty meal. For instance, it’s perfectly acceptable to order the rye bread ice cream with whip cream and sauce on top for breakfast. A soft waffle stuffed with skyr is also an option to try. I don’t know what more you could want!

Ísbúð Vesturbæjar, Reykjavik

You’ll have to write this one down to find it. What looks like a complicated Icelandic name is really just a haven of simple and sweet ice cream. Created by Canadian transplants, they have mastered the vanilla soft serve usually mixed in with topping or sporting a hard chocolate shell. The Icelandic version of soft service is a bit more icy and called ‘gamla ís’.

Erpsstaðir, Snæfellsnes Peninsula


Let’s get out of the city and head to the farm. Inside the golden circle is an unassuming farm that is magic on the inside, with loads of various ice cream flavors for the choosing. Definitely make this a pit stop on your trip along ring road.

Not only do they have wonderful homemade ice cream, they also offer a special item called ‘Skyrkonfekt’. It was developed as a project with the Iceland Academy of Design. It’s a skyr treat shaped like a cow udder, covered in white chocolate. Some cold portable desserts sounds grand to take a few on the road.

Brynjuís in Akureyri, North Iceland

This might take a trek to reach but tons of people claim it’s the best place for ice cream in the country. It also sticks to the simple and traditional route, with two soft serve flavors that are made with smooth milk instead of cream. You can load as many toppings and syrups on as you wish, but in its purest form is also a great way to indulge. If you’ve made it as far as the northern part of Iceland, definitely reward yourself with a massive helping of this ice cream.

Soft Serve

If you want to round out your ice cream adventures, it’s a great idea to try out a food tour in Iceland to get an even better idea of local traditions. You can stroll around the capital city for bites and snacks with new friends on a walking foodie tour. You can earn your ice cream and other delicious items with a food tour that combines hiking past farms and waterfalls with tasty meals in between activities. Or, if you want more of a luxurious experience, have a driver via Mercedes guide you through local distributors and have a catered three-course meal and full-day tour with a small group in and around Reykjavik.


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