Top 13 Blogs About Iceland

Top 13 Blogs About Iceland

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Summer in Iceland is the high season to visit

Are you looking for the best travel blogs about Iceland? Find the best and most comprehensive local and international Iceland blogs here. Read on to discover Iceland travel blogs, nature blogs, food blogs, photography blogs, lifestyle blogs and everything in-between.

Since Guide to Iceland launched in 2012, we’ve focused on publishing informative, quality articles and helpful blogs. We’re constantly adding new content, and on our site, you can find a diverse array of articles, covering everything from The Midnight Sun in Iceland to Gender Equality in Iceland.



Obviously, we aren’t the only ones providing great content, and below, in no particular order, we’ve listed our favourite blogs about Iceland, just in case you want to read different voices and see even more gorgeous pictures of our beautiful country.

We got in touch with the founders of these blogs and asked them a couple of questions.

I Heart Reykjavik 

Icelandic blogger Auður runs the blog I Heart Reykjavík

Picture from I Heart Reykjavík

I Heart Reykjavík is by far the largest local Icelandic blog you can find. It’s run by Auður, an Icelander with a passion for both her hometown Reykjavík and for Iceland’s nature. Her travel blog is completely focused on Iceland, so everything you read here is an insider tip on the country and its capital. 

I Heart Reykjavík is, in her own words “a travel blog about Iceland, seen from the eyes of the local. It’s useful for anyone planning to visit Iceland, no matter their style of travel or budget.”

What do you like most about Iceland?

"What I like most about living in Iceland is first and foremost just that it’s my home and as such, I have a strong connection to it. I love our nature, our clean air (sounds like a cliché but it’s true) and as a parent, I enjoy how safe it is to raise a family here."

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"What makes Iceland a great travel destination, apart from the culture and people that live in the country, is our spectacular nature. Although many of the things you’ll see in Iceland are not necessarily unique in the world (although some of it is) what makes Iceland so special is that all these amazing things are right here in one spot in an area about the of the size of Kentucky."

What’s your favourite location in Iceland?

"I don’t have a favourite place in Iceland, asking me to name one is like asking a mother name her favourite child. However, I always think Þórsmörk is kind of magical."

The Blonde Abroad 

The Blonde Abroad bathing in Seljavallalaug in south Iceland

Picture from The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is run by Kiersten, a Californian who left her job in corporate finance to travel the world. Her blog features more than 20 articles about Iceland, as well as a fun video of her winter trip in Iceland.

The Blonde Abroad is, in her own words, "one of the leading resources for travellers around the world. I focus on photography, curated destination guides, hotel reviews, packing guides, and travel tips for solo and female travellers, based on my own travels and experiences in over 58 countries around the globe!"

What do you like most about Iceland?

"Out of all the places I've been, I've learned that Iceland is unlike any other place I've travelled to. I've visited twice now and the second time I drove a camper van around the Ring Road and explored spots off the beaten path. The pristine landscapes, natural beauty, the variety of adventures, food and local culture is one of the best, and why I plan to return over and over again!"

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"I think that Iceland offers activities for all types of travellers. If you're an adventure seeker, you can hike through ice caves and climb glaciers. If you're a photographer, you'll be blown away by the landscapes and waterfalls. If you're an outdoors person, you'll enjoy camping around the Ring Road and getting to lesser known, hidden gems. And if you just want to get away to relax, Iceland offers amazing geothermal pools and spas that would suit any taste!"

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"It's hard to pick a favourite because every corner of Iceland is awe-inspiring, but my most unforgettable moment was watching the northern lights over Goðafoss."

Nomadic Matt 

Nomadic Matt travelling in Iceland

Picture from Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is run by Matt, who grew up in Boston. On a holiday in Thailand in 2005 he realised he didn't need to be rich in order to travel and on his site you'll find lots of money saving tips when in Iceland, as well as several articles.

In his own words, Nomadic Matt "proves that travelling isn't just for the rich by teaching people how to travel for as cheaply as possible! My website is for anyone around the world who wants to travel on a budget and off the beaten path."

What do you like most about Iceland?

"Iceland left me spellbound as I wandered from place to place. It quickly became one of my favourite countries in the world after my first visit. It’s such a beautiful country filled with warm and welcoming people (who are also beautiful). The landscape here is like nothing else in the world. It’s magic! Everyone told me Iceland would blow my mind. It definitely did."

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"The locals were warm and welcoming, took me around, and showed me their homes. They were incredibly hospitable, and I made a lot of Icelandic friends on my trip. And, while locals make any destination better, what blew my mind was the magnificence of the natural landscape. It’s bewitching.

I only managed to see a fraction of Iceland during my trips, but my visits have always lived up to my high expectations. No photo or movie I saw did it justice. It was even better in person."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"I loved visiting the Mývatn Nature Baths. These were quieter and less expensive than the famous Blue Lagoon outside Reykjavik. I relaxed here by myself for over an hour mellowing out in the warm waters. I also loved seeing the waterfalls, and there are so many waterfalls to visit throughout the country. But my favourite region is probably the northwest. It's pretty empty up there and there aren't a lot of tourists or people. I love the quiet and the hiking."

Miss Tourist 

Miss Tourist enjoying the scenery at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

Picture from Miss Tourist

Miss Tourist is run by Yulia, a Russian girl who likes to travel in a smart way. Her blog has several articles about Iceland, covering a 14-day road trip all around the country, and some budget tips.

In Yulia's own words, Miss Tourist is "all about travelling to extraordinary destinations and making the most of your time there! I will give you tips on how to avoid waiting in the line to popular attractions; money savers tips (something that I call "smart travel"); tips on not paying if you don't need to (discounts, free days etc.); and do-it-yourself practical tips on how to organise your vacation in the best possible way!"

What do you like most about Iceland?

"Oh, Iceland is my favourite country in the world (and I have been to some)! I love the stunning nature that you cannot find anywhere else in the world, the sense of connecting with nature and diversity that Iceland has to offer—summer in one day and from geysers to glaciers again!"

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"As I said, it has absolutely unique nature that I haven't seen anywhere else before and, even despite the fact that Iceland is becoming a more popular tourist destination, it is still far from being crowded. You can for example really feel the power of a waterfall without having to queue for hours to see it and needing to find a spot without people for an epic picture."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"Good question and a very hard one! I think the small hidden waterfall called Gljúfrabúi would be a good choice! Gljúfrabúi is located near Seljalandsfoss waterfall and in order to get there, you need to climb through a narrow opening in the cliff and cross a small river. You can't really see it from the outside so, save a pin on a map in order not to miss it!"

Casual Travelist enjoying a soak in Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Picture from Casual Travelist

Casual Travelist is run by Brianna who's written half a dozen informative articles about Iceland. Unlike many of the other bloggers, she isn't a full-time blogger, but writes about "laid back luxury, with a focus on culinary, city and nature travel."

Or as she puts it: "Balancing a full-time career with a love of travel I have been sharing my experiences and tips at the Casual Travelist since 2014 where I aim to show other working professionals how they too can get out and explore the world."

What do you like most about Iceland?

"I quickly fell in love with Iceland during a trip to Reykjavík and the south coast. Volcanoes, glaciers, mountains and the sea merge to create some of the most beautiful views on Earth. 

Climbing the Sólheimajökull glacier and witnessing the vastness of the glacier-carved landscape and how far the glaciers has retreated made me realise just how powerful and fragile the glacial ecosystem is."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"Visiting a glacier lagoon is on many people’s wishlist when they visit Iceland and while Jökulsárlón is a popular tourist destination nearby Fjallsárlón is just as stunning and you may have the entire place to yourself."

The Culture Map 

Shing from The Culture Map loves Námaskarð geothermal area in north Iceland

Picture from The Culture Map

The Culture Map is run by Shing from the UK. She's got a great big love for the Nordic countries and on her blog, you can find a handful of articles about Iceland.

In her own words The Culture Map "focuses on Scandinavia and the Arctic, though I feature all the destinations I visit but to a lesser extent—which is around 45 countries!"

What do you like most about Iceland?

"The list is truly endless - do you have all day? In a nutshell, I really feel that this is where Mother Nature spends most of her time, happily showing off her diversity in a vast pool of technicolour. Specifically speaking, the waterfalls in Iceland deserve a special mention too – Dettifoss, Gullfoss, Svartifoss, Skógafoss, Dynjandi, Háifoss and so many more!"

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"Iceland makes an impact on you whether you are there for three days or three weeks. If you are only based in Reykjavik you can choose from a variety of day trips like the Golden Circle route, whale-watching, horseback riding and glacier hiking, that way you will see a microcosm of the country if you are restrained by time."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"Such a difficult question to narrow down. Although I suspect my answer would change depending on my mood, I think it would have to be the area around Lake Mývatn in North Iceland. It makes me feel like I’m on Mars with its bubbling mud pools, geothermal caves and gigantic craters. I can’t wait to return."

One Mile at a Time 

One Mile at a Time consists of a team of bloggers, although it was started by frequent flyer Lucky, aka Ben Schlappig. The focus is on flights and aviation, and there are several blogs about new routes going to Iceland, as well as advice on what to do while you are actually in the country.

For Lucky travelling is more about the journey than the destination, so you can read up about plenty of frequent flyer programs and reviews on business class and first class on the airlines flying to Iceland. He also describes projects or initiatives such as Icelandair's Stopover Buddy Service in detail.

If there's anything you need to know about new airlines flying to Iceland or the aircraft you'll be going on to reach Iceland, you'll be sure to find the information at One Mile at a Time. 

From Ice to Spice 

Ása from Ice to Spice loves Dynjandi waterfall in the Westfjords

Picture from From Ice to Spice

From Ice to Spice is run by Icelandic blogger and photographer Ása. She travels a lot around Iceland, but also around the world, giving a great Icelandic insight into other destinations in the world too. Besides Iceland, she likes to travel to less travelled areas.

When asked about her blog, Ása has this to say: "My blog has centred on travelling from the very start! Like so many travel blogs it all started with one year of constant travelling through Asia.

My boyfriend and I loved documenting our trip through photos and words, providing local tips and information for other travellers. This slowly evolved into a true passion for me and since then I have posted over 60 articles from various countries in the world.

Although I don’t have a specific niche, I do tend to travel to less visited areas such as the Middle East, Mongolia and North Korea. I also love blogging about bizarre things like the “Suicide Forest” and “The Bunny Island” in Japan."

What do you like most about Iceland?

"The diversity, the people, the silence. Homy feeling, nature, culture. Coming back to Iceland after a one year journey definitely gave me a new perspective on my own country and really made me appreciate it more than before. What I especially value is the complete isolation, the utter silence and the unworldly landscapes which are still unrivalled compared to the 52 countries I have visited so far."

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"So many different things to see, the diversity. You don't have to travel far, there is nature everywhere. The natural hot springs. To add to the above, I’d say the immense wealth of geothermal hot water is a huge attraction here at home and has been deeply rooted in our culture for a long time.

Not only do we see farmers and small-towners bathe in the natural hot springs…we also have geothermal pools in every single neighbourhood in the “big” capital Reykjavík. Needless to say, there is nothing more rewarding than a strenuous mountain hike ending in a perfect 39°C natural geothermal pool with a view to die for, all to yourself."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"The Westfjords have always been highly valued in my heart. Along with my favourite waterfall, Dynjandi, here you’ll find Iceland’s most beautiful and most remote nature reserve, Hornstrandir."

Expert Vagabond 

Matthew Carsten at Expert Vagabond is a big fan of Iceland

Picture from Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is run by Matthew Carsten. Unfortunately Matt was away travelling and didn't have time to answer our questions but allowed us to use his picture here.

On Expert Vagabond, you'll find half a dozen articles about Iceland, and Matt's been chasing Iceland's Northern Lights, visited crystal ice caves, visited the plane wreck on Sólheimasandur in south Iceland, driven the Golden Circle, been snorkelling and driven Iceland's ring road and to Snæfellsnes in wintertime.

He even managed to see an erupting volcano as he came during Iceland's latest eruption in Holuhraun.

In one article about photography in Iceland, he says "Iceland is the most beautiful country I've ever visited. A mysterious land of icy glaciers & fiery volcanoes that provides countless opportunities for stunning photography at every turn."

So we don't know his favourite place in Iceland but can guess that Iceland itself is one of his favourite countries and we do know that Matt will be returning to Iceland and writing more great content about it.

Hand Luggage Only 

Hand Luggage Only loved their time in the Blue Lagoon!

Picture from Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only is run by Yaya and Lloyd from the UK. They've been to Iceland a couple of times and have lots of articles about Iceland's nature, attractions and the best food you can find in the country. 

In their own words then they set up their blog "to showcase and share advice on travelling to some of the most exciting, picturesque, pretty and immersive destinations in the world. We wanted to share our tips and help fellow travellers to find the very best places to explore."

What do you like most about Iceland?

"We love how beautiful the natural landscape is. It really is an unspoilt paradise that is so perfect for exploring. Not only that, the people of Iceland are so friendly and warm, too."

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"As a travel destination, Iceland really is unique, especially for all the different experiences it offers us, travellers. From the geothermal pools of the Blue Lagoon, seeing the Northern Lights dancing, hiking up glaciers, seeing some of the world's most iconic waterfalls and whale watching in the deep seas. It's a country that's jam-packed with things to do."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"For us, it has to be the Blue Lagoon. It's so surreal bathing in the piping hot waters, all whilst in the sub-zero temperatures outside. We stayed in the Blue Lagoon hotel, that offers later opening to the private lagoon, which was perfect for laying in whilst watching the northern lights above. It really is very special."

Two Monkeys Travel Group 

Two Monkeys Travel Group bloggers enjoying Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

Picture from Two Monkeys Travel Group

Two Monkeys Travel Group is run by Kach from the Philippines and Jonathan from the UK who are currently on their year-long honeymoon and didn't have time to answer our questions as they are refurbishing a boat!

Two Monkeys Travel Group has just over half-a-dozen articles about Iceland, including tips on what to do as a first timer in Iceland, driving around yourself, chasing the Northern Lights, the Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon, glacier hiking and a list of the best backpacker hostels.

They blend together adventure and luxury on their travels, or in their own words they seek out "the most incredible experiences on foot, mountain bike, motorbike, up mountains, through rivers and out of aeroplanes, before arriving at a luxury hotel, to be soothed back to life with a spa, a massage and some fine food! We love volunteering!

We started volunteering while investing in our Tantra Yoga certification and Ayurveda massage therapy. After getting certified, we practiced and made a living out of it. After all of those experiences, we decided to have our own travel blog as our main source of income."

We just hope that they're including Iceland in their honeymoon, as you can find a lot of romantic destinations in Iceland!

Kach travels on a passport from the Philippines and gives her readers a lot of information about visas and how to obtain them if you are travelling from the Philippines.

Find out here which nationalities need a visa to visit Iceland.

Passion Passport 

Picture from around Höfn in southeast Iceland, by Zeb Goodman

Picture by Zeb Goodman from Passion Passport

Passion Passport is a community of bloggers, founded by Zach Houghton. On their site, you can find dozens of articles and material about Iceland, written by several people.

Britton Perelman on their editorial team says that "Passion Passport is a creative community of travel enthusiasts. Our founder, Zach, wanted to create an organisation that existed to promote meaningful and transformative travel.

We pride ourselves on producing content that adheres to these core values, whether that be in an Instagram post, a Tweet, or story on our website. In that sense, Passion Passport is for anyone who loves travel and understands the immense impact it can have on our lives."

What do you like most about Iceland?

"The phrase “there’s nowhere else like it,” is so overused, but is truer when used to describe Iceland. Geographically, it’s a country with a vastly different landscape than anywhere else in the world, and Icelandic culture developed the way it did, in large part, to match that unusual geography.

The landscape—full of waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, and wide, open fields—prompts creativity. As you explore, it’s hard not to feel inspired by Iceland."

What makes Iceland stand out as a travel destination?

"Iceland still has an “undiscovered” atmosphere. It recently became popular with travellers and, consequently, is very much a place that is uniquely special for each person who visits. This is due partially to the fact that there’s so much open space, which gives the illusion that you are experiencing the island as a lone explorer. But it’s also part of the charm of Iceland: as a destination, it allows each person to make it their own.

Iceland is also hard to pass up as creative people, because it naturally lends itself to visual storytelling. Photos of Iceland tell a story in and of themselves—of a vast, beautiful place with a rich history and new things to be unearthed. There’s just something otherworldly about Iceland that continues to draw people in."

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

"Iceland is hugely popular with the Passion Passport community and the travel community as a whole. Many of our contributors have written about looping the Ring Road and exploring every part of Iceland from Reykjavík in the west to the Southern Coast and more difficult areas in the east and north. We’ve also had several stories about the search for the abandoned airplane on the black sand beach of Sólheimasandur.

Personally, members of our team have an affinity for Búðir on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Akureyri in the north, Dyrhólaey Arch, and Hjörleifshöfði Mountain in the south."

Guide to Iceland Locals 

Guide to Iceland's locals hanging out on a glacier.Photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir

Last, but definitely not least, are our own local bloggers on Guide to Iceland. On Guide to Iceland's site you can connect with locals from all over the country, with various interests.

Our locals are both Icelandic people, born and raised in Iceland, or people from around the world who have now decided to make Iceland their home—or their very frequent destination. As a result, the blogs are written in a myriad of languages, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Taiwanese, Polish, Dutch... the list goes on and on. Mostly, however, they are written in English. 

Following are just a few of our local bloggers, but there are dozens more to discover and new ones joining in regularly!


Regína posing by Laufas turf house in IcelandPhoto by Regína Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir 

Our local Regína is one of the most active bloggers on Guide to Iceland and has been writing blogs almost since the website started in 2012. She is born and raised in Reykjavík, and writes in English, although she also speaks Danish and Serbian (as well as Icelandic of course). She's written more than 260 travel-blogs about all sorts of topics related to Iceland! The other local bloggers refer to her as the living encyclopaedia of Iceland.

Besides Icelandic nature, she has a special interest in Icelandic turf houses, Icelandic traditions and folklore. Have a look at her popular blog about Sænautasel Turf House in the Highlands of Iceland.

She is also responsible for coining the term Diamond Beach, when she wrote Iceland Has Got a Diamond Beach. This stunning black sand beach by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon that's eternally scattered with glistening icebergs was referred to in a multitude of ways before she wrote that blog.

In her blogs, she always urges people to treat Iceland's nature with respect and be careful at dangerous locations, such as the Reynisfjara black sand beach.


Nanna blogs at Guide to Iceland, here pictured in ÁsafjörðurPhoto by Nanna

I myself, Nanna, keep a blog on Guide to Iceland as well as writing articles for the page. Whereas the articles have a hint of personal flair, they tend to be more on the informative and impartial side. In my blogs however I get more personal and tend to write about my interests, such as food and good restaurants, current events, theatre, dance and arts, equal rights, Icelandic humour and my favourite locations in Iceland in close to a hundred blogs.

I also try to explain Icelandic attitudes, often in a humorous way, and am responsible for writing an April's Fool blog each year for Guide to Iceland.

Although people like to read about topics such as the best fish restaurant in Iceland, my blogs about Icelandic attitudes towards Sex and Nudity and What Not to Say to Icelanders are by far the most popular blogs I've written!

Richard aka Wanda Star

Wanda Star frequently performs with Dragsúgur, a queer variety cabaret group in ReykjavíkPhoto by Wanda Star

Richard both writes articles and blogs for Guide to Iceland. In fact Richard has 2 blogs on Guide to Iceland, since he also writes under his alter ego name Wanda Star. Whereas Richard writes about beautiful natural attractions in Iceland from a British standpoint, such as the hidden gem Brimketill on the Reykjanes peninsula, and delves into the Icelandic LGBTQ history in articles such as Gay Iceland: All you need to know, it's through his character Wanda Star that his fierce side blossoms.

Wanda is one of Iceland's harshest, most sarcastic, black-humoured writers. This drag-queen diva is also in her own words the most beautiful woman in Iceland. Her satirical blogs about Iceland have given her a large fan base—along with some haters! We find her rants hysterical, what do you think? Give the UGLY truth about Iceland and Surviving the Horrors of Greenland a read to find out.


Gljúfrabúi waterfall pictured by Jórunn, a local blogger on Guide to IcelandPhoto by Jórunn

Jórunn is a photographer and has a few dozen blog posts on Guide to Iceland's site, mostly focusing on Icelandic nature and all adorned with her stunning photography. She has a lot of blogs centred around particular waterfalls in Iceland, but has also travelled all over the country photographing geothermal areas, hiking trails, mountains, valleys and glaciers.

Some of her most popular blog titles include Chasing waterfalls in Iceland and Attractions by Skaftafell Nature Reserve.

Jón Hilmarsson

Bloodred sunset at Hvítserkur, picture by Jón HilmarssonPhoto by Jón Hilmarsson 

Our local Jón is another photographer who especially enjoys taking pictures of the Northern Lights. He spent a while living in north Iceland where he was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and held his first photography exhibition in Hofsós in Skagafjörður.

Have a look at his popular blogs The Milky Way in Iceland and Aurora in Panorama.


Our local Mads is Danish and although he doesn't live in Iceland, he visits Iceland frequently. Mads' niche is also photography, and he will explain to his readers what makes locations in Iceland fantastic photographic destinations.

Take a look at Svartifoss as a Photography Destination and Dynjandi as a Photography Location.

Read Even More About Iceland! 

Ice caves are accessible between November and March in Iceland

If you want to find out even more about Iceland, then have a read through some of our articles, all written by locals as well.

Our articles are sectioned up into the Nature of IcelandTravel InformationReykjavík GuideHistory & CultureMusic of IcelandThe Northern LightsBest of Iceland and Itineraries

For example, if you're wondering what's happening each week in terms of art, culture and live music, then you can find a weekly update as well as a list of all of Iceland's festivals in The Top 10 Festivals in Iceland in the Best of Iceland category. If you want to know what Iceland is like in a particular month, head to the Nature of Iceland section. Or if you want tips on what to do for a weekend, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days or longer, then you can find out in articles in the Itineraries section.

We’ve also recently opened up a forum where travellers can ask questions and find answers to frequently asked questions.   

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