City Hall of Reykjavík in the Midnight Sun - Tjörnin og ráðhúsið

Guide to Iceland becomes the official travel information provider for the city of Reykjavík.

The official Tourist Information Centre in Reykjavík has been in Aðalstræti 2 from the year 2002, but from January 2017 it relocated into the city hall of Reykjavík.

After quality evaluation by the Reykjavík authorities, three companies were invited to negotiate with the city about future collaboration on providing quality information to visitors of the City of Reykjavík. 

The focus of the evaluation was, according to a press release by the city authorities. on "great service, quality and management, staff, technical supplies, ecological management, innovation and compensation".

Guide to Iceland was chosen to become Reykjavík's official travel information partner as a result of a unanimous vote of the judging committee, which had also included a representative from the Icelandic tourist board, Ferðamálastofa.

Reykjavík City pond and City Hall

"We at Visit Reykjavík are very excited to start our collaboration with Guide to Iceland at the beginning of next year. The company is progressive and puts focus on the safety and distribution of travellers, environmental policies as well as innovation and development in giving out information. It's very important to get such a company to collaborate with us at this time of immense growth in the travel industry." - Áshildur Bragadóttir, chairman of Visit Reykjavík.

New Office Location

Guide to Iceland's office on Laugavegur 12 closed from January 2017. Instead our travel headquarters are now on the first floor of Reykjavík's City Hall, Tjarnargata 11, right next to the Reykjavík City Pond.

Reykjavík pond and City Hall - Ráðhúsið í Reykjavík og Tjörnin

It's the impressive grey building with the curved roof and the row of columns going into the pond. On its other side there's a small pond and a wall of moss with water dripping down it. The building itself is well worth a visit!

It is at the heart of Reykjavík, right in between Tjarnarbíó Theatre and Iðnó Theatre and Concert Venue, as well as being close to Reykjavík Cathedral, Reykjavík Parliament and the popular Reykjavík Parliament Square (Austurvöllur) and a big park (Hljómskálagarðurinn).

Our main backend office is still located in Borgartún 29, 105 Reykjavík. 


Since Guide to Iceland started, the company has always stayed true to its concept; which is to provide honest travel information about attractions and travel services in Iceland.

Girls playing football on an icy pond in front of Reykjavík City Hall

We have always been proud of the informational value that we offer and partnering with the City of Reykjavík will push us to continue to be an impartial hub of travel information, and an open marketplace for high-quality service providers in Iceland.

Our aim is to work together to make Reykjavík one of the most accessible and fun cities in the world, but at the same time protect its cultural and environmental heritage. 

Be very welcome in Iceland, and see you in Reykjavík's City Hall!