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My sister and I had a blast with Gisli via Troll Expeditions at Skaftafell glacier. We only had 6 people in our group excluding our tour guide. Gisli was very personable, and allowed us to slow down and really enjoy each moment. He had no problem with us stopping to take photos, and even went out of his way to make sure we got really great pictures. He even made sure everyone had a time-lapse video of our ice climb. We were able to have 4 turns at ice climbing, one with one pick to make sure we were using our crampons properly, two with 2 ice picks including getting a sweet photo-op and time-lapse video, and one timed. He made it a fun contest to see who could climb the fastest, representing their country. We hiked for a short bit, taking in the views, and our tour guide had no problem with us asking questions, and he really took the time to turn them into conversations. Our tour guide gave us photos and videos of us via airdrop, and even added destinations into our googlemaps after learning that we planned on making stops along our way back to Reykjavic. Many of these stops we would not have known to look for.He gave us a great restaurant recommendation for dinner in Vik as well. Not just Gisli, but all staff we came into contact with went out of their way to be helpful and ensure we enjoyed our time. We had a great experience and would recommend others do this tour.


Highly recommend


Our family of 5 really enjoyed this tour. The views were fantastic and climbing the glacier was so much fun. The guides even had us racing at the end. Highly recommended, we all had a blast!


My husband & I visited Iceland on our honeymoon. Tröll Expeditions' glacier hike & ice climbing experience was by far the highlight of our trip! Brynjar, our guide, was really awesome, funny and friendly. He was focused on safety and even gave us tips on how to take good photos of the northern lights. We had a group of only 4 people and climbed up two different ice walls - both incredible. The glacier hike consisted of us looking at crevices, the scenery and Brynjar even took us into 2 ice caves - one was almost fully melted and the other was still more-or-less there. Seeing a blue ice cave was not supposed to be included in our tour but Brynjar went the extra mile to make our tour amazing. An unforgettable experience in a beautiful country. Thank you Guide to Iceland for making the search & booking process so easy - you were very quick to answer my questions via email, which ultimately helped us make the decision to go with this tour. Thank Tröll Expeditions for the tour - I would easily do it again!


It's was a great experience to walk and to climb the Solheimajokull with Helgi! He explained us everything we had to know about glacier, global warming, icelandic life and more! The climbing was amazing, very safe! Thank you Helgi for that day =)


The ice climbing and gracier walking is interesting, the ice was so blue, the climbing needs a lot of strength, our tour guide is humorous which make the tour a lot of fun. The only drawback is the time is too short, we need a lot of preparation, so next time we want to book a longer gracier walk.


We had an amazing time!!! It was a bit of adventure as well. I did an easy and more difficult climb. The company provides great equipment which helped us do the proper ice climbing- we even got the right shoes for climbing!! Our guide was Norwegian and I was amazed with his knowledge about Iceland!! He helped us plan another trip. I highly recommend troll experience!!!


My family and I had an AMAZING tour and climb! We range in age from 29-56 and all of us were able to do walk the glacier AND climb it! Our 2 guides (our group was larger than normal so we were lucky enough to have 2 guides) were so perfect. One was extremely knowledgable and more serious and the other was so funny and wanted everyone to have fun. This tour made our trip to Iceland over the top! We loved seeing geysers, waterfalls, and the lagoons but this tour MADE OUR TRIP! I would do it over and over again! Thank you so much for the amazing experience! - Ross family


Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done! Our guide took us onto the glacier and we took turns scaling down the glacier and climbing back up. Seeing the bottom of the crevice was unreal and climbing back up was so fun. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone visiting Iceland.


Ice Climbing in the blue ice is amazing. A tour that everyone that loves outdoor activity must do in Iceland. They have good guides that take care of your safety while you can explore the wonderful blue ice in the glacier.


This Ice Climbing tour is the one to do. We drove there from Reykjavík to visit Skaftafell and Jökulsárlón. On the way we saw this tour and decided to go for it. This was so much fun learning about the glacier the ropes and all the details of Ice Climbing was great. We had two guides the lovely couple Mike and Sigga. They were complete professionals and taught the group how to climb and use the axes. Great tour with great people.


Fantastic experience, this Ice Climbing tour is one of the best things I've done. Mike was our guide, first he went over the rules and regulations. Then we went on to the glacier where he had found the perfect place to start our journey. Since I've never been Ice Climbing before he taught me the basics of the sport. Then I got the opportunity to try it and it was much easier than I would have thought. With Mike taking care of all the safety procedures I felt 100% safe. After the first climb, I was able to go a bit further and do more climbing and at the end of the tour I was getting good at this. This is the tour I would recommend to everyone. Great experience in great environment.


Everyone that has ever wanted to try Ice Climbing, look no further. This is the absolute adventure to tell your friends about. This tours was very keen on showing us how to operate a safe and enjoyable Ice Climbing session. We learned all the basics about Crampon use and rope work before we were given and Ice axe in hand to swing at this 1.000 year old ice. MAN IS IT HARD, you can swing as hard as you can and the ice axe only penetrates very shallowly. I learned so much over these 3 hours and the adrenaline was pumbing when I was Ice climbing. I will never forget the sights, guides and the fantastic feeling when it was all over and I had really accomplished something amazing this day.




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