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Frequently asked questions

What are the best paragliding tours in Iceland?

This five-star rated two-hour paragliding trip over the greater Reykjavik area is one of the best paragliding tours in Iceland. It costs around 244 USD and is available all year round.
Another excellent paragliding tour in Iceland is this thrilling one-hour adventure over Vik, also for about 244 USD per traveler.

How much does paragliding cost?

A tandem paragliding tour with an expert guide in Iceland currently costs around 244 USD per person.

Is it worth it to paraglide in Iceland?

Paragliding in Iceland is an extremely valuable experience. Not only does it test your nerve and provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but it allows you to see Iceland's incredible landscapes from an otherwise unachievable perspective. On top of this, you are in safe hands with your expert guides.

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is an outdoor adventure sport. It involves using a large canopy that looks like a parachute. The canopy is attached to a person’s body with a harness, allowing them to glide through the air after jumping from or being lifted to a height.

How safe are paragliding tours?

In tandem paragliding, you are paired with an experienced pilot. They control the entire flight and have done this many times before. The regulations involved with safety are stringent, and all necessary safety checks are done throughout the experience. Statistically, paragliding is as safe as driving a car, with recent studies showing it’s slightly safer.

Can anyone experience a tandem paraglide?

Yes, almost anyone in good health with a reasonable fitness level can experience a tandem paraglide. There are a few exceptions, so if in doubt, consult your doctor before booking.
All participants need to be over 12 years of age. Those under 18 will need written permission from a parent or guardian to participate in a paragliding tour.

What can I expect from a tandem paragliding tour in Iceland?

No two gliding experiences are the same, so this experience is unique. The weather will dictate your exact route, but you can expect spectacular views of the South Coast of Iceland that you would never have seen from the ground.

How fit do I have to be to participate in a paragliding tour?

There might be some walking to and from the take-off points and a very short run to gain speed for taking off. If you believe you are fit enough to do this, paragliding shouldn’t be a problem. You will spend most of the time comfortably sitting and enjoying the view.

Can I take a paragliding tour if I have mobility issues?

Your provider will do whatever they can to enable you to experience a paragliding tour. If you feel there may be issues, don’t hesitate to contact your provider.

Are there height and weight and age restrictions for paragliding?

The weight restriction for a tandem paragliding tour is 264 pounds (120kg). This weight restriction is set because of the equipment's safety standards. There are no official height restrictions on this tour. You just need to feel comfortable within the harness. There has not been a case where a participant within the weight restrictions wasn't comfortable enough to fly.

What if I’m scared of heights?

Fear of heights is a very sensible human thing. We can’t fly on our own, so slight discomfort in high places shouldn’t surprise anyone.
The experience of paragliding is not like skydiving. You’re not jumping from a plane thousands of feet off the ground. You begin on the ground and slowly glide to a comfortable height. The feeling can be described as similar to looking out of an airplane window.
If you’re looking at this page, it already means that this is something you’re interested in doing, so your fear of heights is probably something you will overcome the moment you see the incredible views.
If you’re concerned about anything before take-off, let your provider know, and they will be able to make you feel safe.

What clothing should I wear on a paragliding tour?

Icelandic weather is notorious for changing quickly, even in summer. You should wear layers. This is because you may warm up while walking but get colder during the paraglide.
In Icelandic summer, wearing many layers rather than one or two thick items is always better. It’s a good idea to ensure you have a waterproof/windproof top layer, thin gloves, and a hat to wear under your helmet.
When out in Icelandic nature, appropriate footwear is essential. Your shoes must have a decent grip. Hiking boots are recommended.

Will the weather affect my paragliding tour?

As with any outdoor activity in Iceland, the weather plays a huge role. Paragliding primarily depends on weather conditions because it falls into the aviation category.
Your provider wants to ensure everyone can experience a fantastic flight, but they must prioritize safety. They will not take any unnecessary risks if the weather is unsuitable for flying.
If your flight is canceled due to weather conditions, there are always processes in place to either rebook your flight or give you a full refund.

How long does a typical paragliding tour last in Iceland?

A typical paragliding tour in Iceland lasts one to two hours, including preparation and briefing time. The flight lasts 10 to 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions and the specific tour package.

Do I need any previous paragliding experience to join a tour in Iceland?

No, you don't need any previous paragliding experience to join a tour in Iceland. Tandem flights are conducted with experienced pilots, making them suitable for beginners. The pilots handle all aspects of the flight, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

What kind of training or briefing is provided before a paragliding flight?

Before a paragliding flight, participants receive a comprehensive safety briefing. This includes instructions on take-off and landing procedures, flight behavior, and communication with the pilot during the flight. Safety gear and its proper use are also explained.

Can I paraglide in Iceland throughout the year, or are there seasonal restrictions?

Paragliding in Iceland is heavily dependent on weather conditions. While it's possible to paraglide year-round, the best conditions are typically from May to September. Winter paragliding is less common and more dependent on suitable weather.

What are the most popular locations for paragliding in Iceland?

Popular locations for paragliding in Iceland include areas around Reykjavik, Vik, and the South Coast, known for their stunning landscapes. Sites are chosen based on scenic value and favorable wind conditions, offering breathtaking views of Iceland's unique terrain.

Can I capture photos or videos during my paragliding experience?

Yes, you can capture photos or videos during your paragliding experience. Some pilots may have equipment to record the flight, or you can use your own camera, provided it is securely attached. Always discuss this with your pilot beforehand to ensure safety.

What measures are in place to ensure the environmental sustainability of paragliding tours in Iceland?

Paragliding is a low-impact activity, but tour operators in Iceland still take measures to ensure environmental sustainability. This includes minimizing disturbance to wildlife, adhering to designated flying areas to reduce environmental impact, and educating participants on eco-friendly practices during tours.
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