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Top 15 Fishing Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Fishing Tours in Iceland

Fishing Tours include both sea-angling and fly-fishing excursions. Iceland has fertile lakes, rivers, fjords and seas, allowing you to catch many species, including trout, char and salmon. Many of these tours will allow you to cook your catch, or invite you to a place where it can be cooked for you.

1. What fishing gear should I bring to Iceland?

You are free to bring whatever equipment you feel you might need, but be aware that it must be disinfected at the airport. Waders are an essential piece of kit in Iceland for getting to those tricky spots off the river banks.

2. What is the most efficient way of maximising my fishing in Iceland?

The best option is to purchase a fishing card, known as a Veidikortid in Iceland. This allows you access to 35 lakes across the country.

3. Can I rent fishing equipment in Iceland?

Yes, there are numerous providers who rent out fishing equipment. This saves having to disinfect your equipment upon arrival to Iceland.

4. What are the most common fish species caught in Iceland?

The most common fish species caught in Iceland is Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Salmon.

5. What happens if the river floods?  

If the river floods, you will not be offered a refund. This is in line with fishing regulation in Iceland. You may still be allowed to exercise your right to wade and fish, though your guide is likely to advise against it.

6. What are the closest fishing lakes to Reykjavik?

The closest fishing lakes to Iceland’s capital are Hafravatn and Ellidavatn.

7. Do I need permission to fish in Iceland’s lakes?

Yes, you will either have to ask for permission or buy a fishing permit from the landowner. All fishing rights belong to the landowner in Iceland.

8. What are the legal fishing hours in Iceland?

According to Icelandic fishing regulations, rod fishing is legal for 12 hours a day, from 7am until sunset. Fisheries are free to adapt their own opening times within this period.

9. Do I have to disinfect my fishing tackle?

Yes, all fishing tackles must be disinfected before entering Iceland’s rivers and lakes. This can be done at Keflavik International Airport for a small fee.

10. Can I practise net fishing?

No, net fishing is strictly prohibited in Iceland, with the exception of a few farmers.

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