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Frequently asked questions

What is the best fishing tour in Iceland?

The best fishing tour in Iceland is this classic three-hour sea fishing trip from Reykjavik. The onboard experience goes beyond fishing. The crew grills your catch on deck and, with potatoes and a homemade sauce, turns it into a mouthwatering barbecue. The tour costs around 153 USD and has a ranking of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Is it worth it to take a fishing tour in Iceland?

Fishing tours in Iceland are absolutely worth it! With breathtaking landscapes, diverse fishing spots, and the chance to catch a variety of fish like brown trout and arctic char, these tours offer a unique and memorable experience for both beginners and experienced anglers. Whether standing by a serene lake or on a boat in a northern fjord, the opportunity to fish in Iceland is a must for anyone who loves the sport.

What is the cheapest fishing tour in Iceland?

The cheapest fishing tour in Iceland is this two-hour whale-watching & sea fishing boat trip with a transfer from Hauganes. Enjoy the combination of whale-watching and sea angling in Eyjafjordur with complimentary coffee and snacks. The excursion is only around 81 USD.

Can I keep the fish I catch?

Certainly! Most fishing tours in Iceland allow you to keep the fish you catch.
You have the option to have your catch filleted for you on the boat or at the fishing location, ensuring a convenient and fresh experience.
Moreover, some tours take it a step further by offering the unique opportunity to have your catch transformed into delicious and authentic seafood dishes right on the boat, allowing you to savor the flavors of the Icelandic sea while surrounded by its stunning natural beauty.
If you prefer, you can also take your fresh catch home with you.
It's a fantastic way to enjoy the fruits of your fishing adventure in Iceland.
On this small group three-hour sea fishing tour from Reykjavik, you eat your catch! The crew on board will turn your catch into a delicious seafood dish for an opportunity to savor the freshest fish.

Can I combine fishing tours with other activities or sightseeing in Iceland?

Absolutely! Many fishing tours can be combined with activities such as whale watching, visits to natural attractions, and sightseeing along popular routes like the Golden Circle.
This nine-hour tour of the Golden Circle with fishing & sightseeing takes you to the popular Golden Circle sightseeing route and includes angling in Laugarvatn lake and Holaa river.
There is also the previously mentioned two-hour whale watching & sea fishing boat trip with transfer from Hauganes that combines whale watching and sea angling, with complimentary coffee and Icelandic pastries.

What is ice fishing, and do your tours include this unique experience?

Ice fishing is a traditional and popular fishing method where holes are drilled through the ice on frozen bodies of water, like lakes and rivers, to access fish beneath the ice. It offers a one-of-a-kind and serene fishing experience, especially during the winter months when these water bodies freeze over.
For a truly unique fishing adventure, consider this six-hour ice fishing tour in North Iceland from Akureyri. This tour includes transportation in a super jeep or 4X4 vehicle from Akureyri, a knowledgeable guide, fishing equipment, and all the necessary fishing permits. It's an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of ice fishing in the picturesque North Icelandic landscape.

What gear should I bring for my fishing trip in Iceland?

You are free to bring whatever equipment you feel you might need fishing in Iceland, but be aware that it must be disinfected at the airport in Keflavik. Waders are an essential piece of kit in Iceland for getting to those tricky spots off the river banks.

Do I need a permit or license for my fishing trip in Iceland?

The best option is to purchase a fishing card, known as the Veidikortid. This allows you access to 35 lakes across the country. The Veidikortid can be purchased at N1 and Olis gas stations throughout Iceland, and also at any fishing supply shop in Iceland. More information on the Veidikortid can be found here.

Can I rent fishing equipment in Iceland?

Yes, there are numerous providers who rent out fishing equipment in Iceland. This saves having to disinfect your equipment upon arrival to Iceland. Contact any fishing shop in Iceland for more information, or contact us at with any questions.

What are the most common fish species caught in Iceland?

The most common freshwater fish species caught in Iceland are brown trout, Arctic char, and salmon. Common saltwater species you will encounter fishing in Iceland include cod, haddock, pollock, flounder, and halibut. For more information, see our ultimate guide to fishing in Iceland.

I don't have time to go on a fishing tour. Is there fishing in Reykjavik?

Yes, there is plenty of excellent fishing near Reykjavik. The closest fishing lakes to Iceland’s capital are Lake Hafravatn and Lake Ellidavatn. There is also excellent fishing in Lake Thingvellir, only 40 minutes from the city.

What is the best time to fish in Iceland ?

The best time to fish in Iceland is from April to October. Some lakes and rivers have a shorter season, set by the landowner. April, May, June, and September are best for sea trout fishing, while June, July, and August are best for salmon. Check out the ultimate guide to fishing in Iceland for more information.

What kind of fishing can I do in Iceland?

Fly fishing and lure fishing are the most common ways for individuals to fish in Iceland. Net fishing is strictly prohibited in Iceland, with the exception of a few farmers. The guide on your fishing tour will of course be familiar with all relevant rules and regulations, but you can also contact us at with any questions.
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