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Experiencing the Midnight Sun in Iceland

The midnight sun is a captivating natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer months in Iceland, typically from late May to early August. Due to Iceland's high latitude, the sun doesn't fully set during this time, creating a surreal and continuous twilight throughout the night. 

The sun bathes the country's landscapes in a soft, golden glow 24 hours a day. This enchanting natural spectacle allows for extended daylight hours, making it possible to explore Iceland's stunning scenery and attractions at any time — day or night.

Midnight sun tours in Iceland offer a unique and enchanting way to experience the natural beauty of this Nordic island nation. Taking place during the summer months, typically from late May to early August, these tours provide visitors with the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing phenomenon of the midnight sun.

Midnight sun tours often include a wide range of activities, such as hiking, photography excursions, and even visits to geothermal hot springs. Popular destinations include the picturesque Golden Circle, the otherworldly landscapes of the Highlands, and the serene beauty of Iceland's pristine fjords.

Whether you're interested in capturing stunning photographs, embarking on unique adventures, or simply reveling in the surreal beauty of a sunlit night, midnight sun tours in Iceland offer a memorable and otherworldly experience that showcases the country's natural wonders in a whole new light.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best midnight sun tour in Iceland?

The top-rated midnight sun tour in Iceland is this two-hour ATV tour from Reykjavik, which has an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 from over 10 reviews. It costs about 180 USD per person.

Are midnight sun tours in Iceland worth it?

Midnight sun tours in Iceland are definitely worth the effort of staying up late. They offer a rare chance to witness the natural phenomenon of the sun never fully setting during the Icelandic summer. It's a unique opportunity for breathtaking photography and unforgettable memories, making these tours a must-do when visiting Iceland during the summer months.

What is the cheapest midnight sun tour in Iceland?

The cheapest midnight sun tour in Iceland is this 2.5-Hour midnight sun whale-watching boat tour. The tour departs from the Reykjavik Old Harbor and costs roughly 74 USD per person.

When is the best time to go on a midnight sun tour in Iceland?

The best time for midnight sun tours in Iceland is during the summer months, typically from late May to early August. This is when you can experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun, enjoying extended daylight hours. The midnight sun phenomenon does not occur outside of summer in Iceland. If you're visiting in the winter, you can see the northern lights instead.

What time of day do midnight sun in Iceland tours operate?

Midnight sun tours in Iceland operate throughout the night, usually beginning in the evening and finishing in the early hours of the morning.

What can I expect to see on a midnight sun tour in Iceland?

Midnight sun tours in Iceland allow you to witness the mesmerizing natural phenomenon where the sun never fully sets. There are various midnight sun tours available. You can explore Iceland's stunning landscapes, including the Golden Circle, the Highlands, fjords, and more, bathed in a soft, golden glow.

What activities are included in midnight sun tours?

Activities on midnight sun tours can vary but often include hiking, photography excursions, visits to geothermal hot springs, and even cultural experiences. Check with your tour operator to see which activities are part of your tour.

Can I join a midnight sun photography tour?

Yes, various summer photography tours in Iceland are available, such as this eight-day midnight sun photography workshop around Iceland. Midnight sun photography tours are led by experienced photographers who guide participants to the best locations for capturing Iceland's stunning landscapes and the unique lighting conditions caused by the long daylight hours.

Can I go whale watching under the midnight sun?

Yes, you can go on a whale-watching tour while enjoying the midnight sun, like on this three-hour evening whale-watching tour from Reykjavik harbor. The unique lighting conditions can offer great opportunities for photographs.

Can I go kayaking under the midnight sun?

Yes, there are several midnight sun kayaking tours you can join, including this three-hour midnight sun kayaking tour by Mount Kirkjufell on the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

Can I drive the Ring Road around Iceland during the midnight sun season?

The summer is an excellent time to drive the Ring Road and explore Iceland's diverse landscapes. The weather is generally more favorable, and the extended daylight hours provide ample time for sightseeing and activities.

Why does the midnight sun in Iceland only shine during summer?

The Earth’s axial tilt causes yearly seasonal differences as the planet spins around the sun, and because of Iceland's proximity to the North Pole, it can be seen in Iceland. During summer, the North Pole leans toward the sun, but in winter, the North Pole leans away from the sun, meaning there are longer hours of darkness.

Where is the best spot in Iceland to see the midnight sun?

The midnight sun is a phenomenon that occurs all over Iceland, meaning you can see it anywhere in the country. Ensuring you have a clear horizon gives you the best view of the midnight sun, but you can enjoy the extended daylight hours from anywhere.

What is the weather like in Iceland during the midnight sun season?

The midnight sun occurs during the summer months when Iceland experiences milder temperatures. Average temperatures range from 50 F to 59 F (about 10 C to 15 C). However, Icelandic weather is notoriously unpredictable, so it's essential to pack layers, including warm, waterproof clothing.

How can I prepare for the continuous daylight during the summer in Iceland?

To prepare for the continuous daylight, bring an eye mask for sleeping and plan a flexible itinerary to take advantage of the extended hours for sightseeing and activities.

What should I bring on a midnight sun tour?

It's always advisable to bring layered clothing on a tour in Iceland, as the weather conditions can change quickly, even in summer. Bring warm, waterproof clothing and comfortable shoes for walking. You should also bring sunscreen and sunglasses, especially if visiting a glacier. Don't forget to bring a good camera for capturing the stunning landscapes. If you're planning on hiking, appropriate footwear and a waterproof jacket are also recommended.

Is it possible to see the northern lights during a midnight sun tour?

No. Midnight sun tours take place during the summer when there’s continuous daylight. The northern lights only appear in the winter. If you want to see the aurora borealis, visit Iceland between September and April.

Are midnight sun tours suitable for families with children?

Many midnight sun tours are family-friendly, and there are options available for travelers of all ages. However, certain activities might not be suitable for children. Always check with your tour operator to ensure the tour is right for your family's needs and preferences. It's also worth noting that midnight sun tours operate at night, so young children might struggle to stay up.

How can I book a midnight sun tour in Iceland?

You can book a midnight sun tour in Iceland by searching for your ideal tour, checking availability by choosing a date, and booking directly with us.

Can I customize a midnight sun tour to include specific activities or locations?

If you want to customize your midnight sun tour, consider booking a private tour. Joining a private tour gives you more flexibility, and you can ask the tour provider to include specific locations or activities based on your preferences.
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