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Diving in Iceland

Iceland, a land of extreme natural beauty and unique geological formations, offers some of the most extraordinary diving experiences in the world. Diving in Iceland is not just about what you see underwater; it's about immersing yourself in a world where fire meets ice, creating an underwater landscape unlike any other.

From the crystal-clear waters of Silfra fissure, where you can dive between two continents, to the volcanic underwater landscapes, each dive site in Iceland tells a story of the Earth's incredible natural history.

Diving tours in Iceland are designed to cater to a range of divers, from those newly certified to seasoned pros. The most notable aspect of diving here is the astonishing visibility in places like Silfra, often exceeding 328 feet (100 meters), making it one of the clearest dive sites in the world.

The cold waters are rich in minerals and offer a diving experience focused on awe-inspiring geological features rather than marine life. Whether exploring the rifts formed by the movement of tectonic plates or witnessing the effects of volcanic activity underwater, each dive is a unique adventure.

Safety and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of the Icelandic diving experience. Dive operators in Iceland are known for their stringent safety standards and commitment to preserving the pristine underwater environments. Diving here requires specific preparations, especially for the cold water conditions, but the reward is an unforgettable experience.

Diving in Iceland is more than a sport. It's an opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form, offering a perspective on our planet that few other experiences can match.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best dive tours in Iceland?

The best dive tour in Iceland is an extraordinary three-hour wetsuit freediving excursion at the Silfra fissure with hot drinks. It's rated five stars from 14 traveler reviews and costs about 174 USD per person.
Another excellent dive tour in Iceland is this guided three-hour excursion at Silfra, which is similar but includes a dry suit. It's also rated five stars, includes hot drinks, and costs around 212 USD.
Travelers can also check out this PADI drysuit diver course with one pool session, two open water dives, and a transfer from Reykjavik.

Is it worth it to go diving in Iceland?

Going diving in Iceland is absolutely worth it for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Iceland offers unique underwater experiences, including the chance to dive between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates at the Silfra fissure in the Thingvellir National Park, where the crystal-clear waters reveal breathtaking rock formations and visibility up to around 328 feet (100 meters).

Diving in Iceland allows you to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the country's underwater landscapes, such as colorful marine life, kelp forests, and geothermal hot springs beneath the ocean's surface.

While the water can be cold, proper equipment and experienced guides make it a safe and unforgettable adventure for certified divers.

What are the cheapest dive tours in Iceland?

The cheapest dive tour in Iceland is a 4.5-hour wetsuit snorkeling trip at Silfra, including photos and Reykjavik transfers. It's rated an excellent 4.9 stars from 74 traveler reviews and costs approximately 136 USD.
The second-cheapest dive tour in Iceland is this three-hour wetsuit freedive trip in Silfra with hot drinks. It's rated five stars from 14 traveler reviews and costs about 174 USD.
The third-cheapest dive tour in Iceland is a three-hour guided drysuit tour at Silfra, perfect for those who want to ensure they're as warm as possible during their adventure. It's rated five stars from seven reviews and costs around 212 USD.

Do I need to have drysuit experience to dive in Iceland?

Yes, you must be able to provide evidence of previous dry suit experience within the last two years to dive in Iceland. However, those with time can take this PADI drysuit diver course and become certified during their stay in Iceland. Always check the details of your individual dive tour and contact us at info@guidetoiceland.is with any questions.

How long will my diving tour in Silfra last?

The dive can last from half an hour to an hour in the water. However, there is a wide variety of diving tours to customize your diving adventure in Iceland. This extraordinary wetsuit free-dive trip in Silfra lasts about four hours, while this drysuit dive lasts three hours and includes a hot drink to warm you up afterward.

Can you scuba dive in Silfra during winter time?

Yes, scuba diving tours in Silfra operate year-round.

What is the water temperature in Silfra?

Silfra fissure in Iceland has a relatively constant temperature of 36–39 F (2–4 C) all year round. See this guide to Silfra gorge for more information.

What is the water visibility in Silfra?

The water in Iceland's Silfra gorge is among the clearest in the world, with water visibility between 262 and 328 feet (80 and 100 meters).

Are there any other dive sites in Iceland except Silfra?

Yes, Iceland has several other dive sites besides Silfra. However, most other dive sites do not have organized tours as they require extensive scuba diving experience. If you are an experienced diver, please look at our Complete Guide to Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Iceland for more dive sites.
If you want to earn your PADI dry suit diver certification on your vacation, Iceland is the perfect place to learn from experienced divers and explore magical underwater worlds.

Am I physically fit to dive in Iceland? What requirements are there?

Given the cold temperatures, diving in Iceland can be physically demanding. All participants must sign a medical statement before diving or snorkeling in Silfra.
Additionally, individuals with neurological, circulatory, or respiratory issues, underlying diseases, recent illnesses, or other physical concerns may require a signed physician's approval to participate.
You'll also need to bring a physician's approval if you're over 45 and a smoker, have high cholesterol, or have a family history of heart attack or stroke.
Additionally, everyone over the age of 60 will need a signed physician's approval to participate, regardless of fitness level.
Please get in touch with the respective tour operator for further information on participation requrements, or contact us at info@guidetoiceland.is with any questions.

Is a diving certification required for participating in dive tours in Iceland?

Yes, a diving certification is required for participating in most dive tours in Iceland. Divers typically need to present a valid PADI Open Water certificate or its equivalent. Some specific dive sites might require advanced diving certifications due to their complexity.

What type of diving gear is provided on Icelandic dive tours, and what should I bring?

Icelandic dive tours usually provide essential gear such as dry suits, regulators, masks, fins, and weights. Divers should bring their certification card, long underwear under a drysuit or swimwear under a wetsuit, and a towel. Checking with the tour operator for specific gear requirements or recommendations is always a good idea.

Are there any age restrictions for diving tours in Iceland?

Yes, most diving tours in Iceland have age restrictions, typically requiring divers to be 18 years or older. However, some operators may allow divers as young as 12 with parental consent and appropriate certification.

How do I prepare for a dive tour in Iceland's cold water conditions?

To prepare for a dive in Iceland's cold waters, ensure you are comfortable using a drysuit or receive drysuit training beforehand. Acclimatizing to cold water and staying well-hydrated is also essential. It's advisable to have good physical fitness and familiarity with cold-water diving techniques.

What marine life can I expect to see while diving in Iceland?

While diving in Iceland, you may not encounter much marine life due to the cold water conditions. However, divers can see fascinating underwater formations, algae, and small fish species. The unique underwater landscapes are the main attraction rather than the marine life.

Are there dive tours available for both beginners and experienced divers in Iceland?

Dive tours in Iceland cater to a range of experience levels, from beginners to advanced divers. However, due to the challenging conditions, even beginner tours often require participants to have some prior diving experience or certification.

What is the best time of year to go diving in Iceland?

Diving in Iceland can be done year-round, but the best visibility and conditions are typically found in the summer, from June to August. Winter diving is also popular for the clarity of the water, though it requires a higher tolerance for cold conditions.

How can I ensure environmental responsibility while diving in Iceland?

To dive responsibly in Iceland, follow the principles of 'leave no trace.' Avoid disturbing marine life and habitats, don't remove anything from dive sites, and be mindful of your environmental impact. Adhering to guidelines set by your dive operator is also crucial for conserving Iceland's delicate underwater ecosystems.

Are there dive tours that explore Iceland's volcanic underwater landscapes?

Yes, Iceland's dive tours explore unique volcanic underwater landscapes. These include diving in fissures between tectonic plates, like the famous Silfra fissure, where divers can experience the clear waters and unusual rock formations created by volcanic activity.

What safety procedures are in place for diving tours in Iceland?

Safety on diving tours in Iceland is paramount. Dive operators typically provide a thorough safety briefing, ensure divers are correctly certified, and check equipment meticulously. Guided tours ensure divers are accompanied by experienced professionals familiar with the local diving conditions and emergency procedures.
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