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Top 8 Diving Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Diving Tours in Iceland

Scuba Diving and Freediving Tours are largely conducted in Silfra fissure, in Thingvellir National Park, although there are other diving locations along Iceland’s coast. Scuba dives are only accessible to you if you are a qualified diver with a drysuit certification or 10 logged drysuit dives within the past two years. Freedivers and snorkellers must be able to swim.

1. Do I need to have drysuit experience to dive in Silfra?

Yes, you must be able to provide evidence of previous dry suit experience within the last two years.

2. What scuba diving qualifications must I have to dive in Silfra?

You must be a qualified PADI Open Water diver, or an equivalent level.

3. Will there be time to refresh my skills?

There will be a few minutes at the beginning of the dive to re-acquaint yourself with the activity, but there is no time to go over underwater skills.

4. How long does the dive last?

The dive can last from half an hour to an hour, depending on the speed of your breathing. There will usually be two dives unless otherwise specified.

5. Do you scuba dive throughout the winter?

Yes, scuba diving tours are run throughout the winter at Silfra.

6. What is the water temperature at Silfra?

The water temperature is between 2 - 4 degrees Celsius all year round.

7. Are there any other dive sites except Silfra?

Yes, though only specific operators run tours there. Other scuba diving sites include Gardur, Litlaa, El Grillo "The Cricket" wreck, Strytan and Davidsgja (David’s Crack).

8. What is the water visibility at Silfra?

The water visibility is between 80 - 100 m.

9. Will I see any wildlife on my dive?

There are a number of fish species that live in the adjacent lake, Thingvallavatn, though they rarely venture into Silfra. Small fish often use Silfra’s caverns as a nighttime nursery.

10.  I’m not a confident diver, but can I still dive at Silfra?

Yes, but be aware of the physicals challenges. Silfra is a cold water site, requiring a dry suit and heavy equipment - it is, therefore, more difficult than warm water diving.

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