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Cheap Bus Tours in Iceland

Cheap Bus Tours in Iceland

Join a bus tour and cut costs while retaining the freedom to visit Iceland's key natural attractions in your own time. Many of these affordable travel options include practical money-saving transfers to locations such as Keflavík Airport and the Blue Lagoon Spa.

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Cheap Bus Tours in Iceland

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bus passport?

A bus passport is a ticket that can be used to travel along certain routes across the country via buses. Some will allow you to complete the route in one sweep, while others will let you use certain routes, in any given direction, to fit your time frame.Please note that bus passports are only available in the summer months.

How long does the bus transfer from Keflavik airport take?

The bus ride from Keflavík International Airport to Reykjavík takes approximately 45 minutes.

How regular are the buses from Keflavik to Reykjavik?

Buses normally run at least every hour, day and night, to and from both locations. They sometimes run less frequently, but so long as flights are coming in and out of Keflavík Airport, the buses are operational.

Will I still have a personal experience on a guided bus tour?

Your guide in Iceland is sure to be friendly, experienced and full of interesting knowledge. Many options are small group tours. Though there will be more guests than on a private tour, your guides will still be available for questions.

Does my tour include admission to the Blue Lagoon?

Please check the tour description to confirm this. Multiple options allow you to spend time at the Blue Lagoon Spa before continuing your journey, but admission usually has to be booked in advance.