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Best Family Tours & Packages in Iceland

Iceland, with its breathtaking natural beauty and unique landscapes, offers an exceptional destination for family tours and packages. 

Families seeking adventure and exploration will find a wide range of options to suit their preferences. The island nation is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, geothermal wonders, and rugged terrain, making it an ideal playground for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Family tours in Iceland typically include visits to iconic landmarks such as the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle, and the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. These attractions offer educational experiences for children while captivating adults with their sheer beauty. 

Families can also enjoy thrilling activities like snowmobiling on glaciers, whale watching, and horseback riding, providing unforgettable moments for everyone.

For a more immersive experience, Guide to Iceland offers multi-day family packages. 

These packages often include accommodations, transportation, and a well-rounded itinerary featuring diverse attractions. They allow families to explore Iceland at a relaxed pace, with opportunities for wildlife encounters, cultural insights, and even the chance to witness the northern lights in the winter.

Iceland's family tours and packages cater to a variety of interests, making it a destination where generations can bond over shared adventures and create lasting memories in one of the world's most enchanting landscapes.

Frequently asked questions

What is the top-rated family vacation in Iceland?

One of the best-rated family vacations in Iceland is a seven-day self-drive tour and is rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 248 travelers. This vacation package costs approximately 435 USD. This northern lights tour is available from September to April and includes a visit to an ice cave.

Another top-rated family tour in Iceland is a three-hour whale watching tour is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 206 travelers. This trip costs about 92 USD. The tour will take you out into Faxafloi Bay to search for Minke and Humpback whales.

Alternatively, this popular family tour in Iceland is a 30-minute boat tour of the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and is rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 273 travelers. This tour costs around 46 USD.

Is it worth it to take a family tour in Iceland?

Absolutely! Taking a family tour in Iceland is undoubtedly worth it. The country's breathtaking landscapes, including waterfalls, glaciers, and geysers, offer all family members a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Family tours provide a well-organized and immersive way to explore Iceland's wonders, ensuring a memorable and stress-free adventure for everyone.

What is the cheapest family vacation package in Iceland?

The cheapest family vacation package in Iceland is a four-day summer self-drive tour of Iceland's Golden Circle & South Coast. This tour costs around 228 USD and has a 5 star rating. This vacation package includes three nights of accommodations in Reykjavik, a rental car for four days, and a personal travel agent.

Is Iceland a good place for a family vacation?

Iceland is a great place for a family vacation. The country is incredibly safe and full of outdoor activities and beautiful natural sights the whole family can enjoy. Travelers will often spot local children safely playing outside - even after sunset. Many group tours and family vacation packages are available in Iceland, making it a perfect destination for travelers with children. Check activities beforehand for age restrictions as a few attractions (the Blue Lagoon, for example) have a minimum age for visitors.

What family-friendly activities are available in Iceland?

Some popular family-friendly activities in Iceland include:

1. Going on sightseeing tours such as the Golden Circle or the South Coast.

2. Engaging in adventurous activities like snowmobile tours or horse riding tours (for at least 6+ year old children)

3. Whale and puffin watching tours from Reykjavik, Husavik, or Akureyri.

4. Visit geothermal spas, like the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon or public pools all over Reykjavik.

5. Visiting the Reykjavik Park and Zoo or Slakki Petting Zoo to see and pet Iceland's farm animals.

6. Visiting family-friendly museums and cultural centers, such as Perlan, Whales of Iceland, or Viking World.

How long is the average family vacation package in Iceland?

The length of the average family vacation package in Iceland varies between three and 15 days. For families looking to get an in-depth look at Iceland and explore the country’s wilderness, this 10-day Ring Road self-drive tour may be the perfect family vacation packages. Those who are interested in a shorter trip may prefer this three-day package which includes the Golden Circle and whale watching.

What kind of family-friendly tours are available in Iceland?

Iceland offers many family-friendly tours, from self-driving tours to bus, boat, and walking tours. Families on vacation who want to travel more independently can pick multi-day self-drive tours, such as this four-day tour of the Golden Circle or eight-day Ring Road summer self-drive tour. Visitors with families can also pick guided trips to Iceland’s most famous natural attractions. To leave the driving to someone else, select a package like this guided geothermal tour or glacier ice tunnel tour.

Where do most family-friendly tours start from in Iceland?

Most day-trip family tours in Iceland start from the capital of Reykjavik, with vacation packages usually starting from Keflavik Airport (the main entry point for international visitors to Iceland). Secondary starting points for some family vacation day tours include Husavik and Myvatn in North Iceland and Jokulsarlon in South Iceland.

What do families need to take self-drive tours in Iceland?

Most multi-day family vacation packages in Iceland are self-drive tours. To take a tour, one member of the family must present a valid driver’s license and have at least one year of on-road experience. These tours include accommodations and a rental car in the price. Teenagers and children are usually booked in the same rooms as parents. Warm clothing, layers, and winter shoes are generally recommended to stay comfortable in Iceland’s colder weather. Waterproof clothing is also recommended for families driving around the country.

Are family vacations in Iceland available all year round?

Most family vacation packages in Iceland that take place outside of Reykjavik are seasonal. Family-friendly northern lights tours are generally available in the winter months, usually September to April, when the chances of a northern lights sighting are more favorable. On the other hand, some summer self-drive tours, or whale watching tours, are available during the summer months. Depending on the specific tour, the season lasts from either June to September or April to November.

Are there any age restrictions for activities in Iceland?

Some activities in Iceland may have age restrictions, particularly for more adventurous activities like snowmobiling, snorkeling, or glacier hiking. It's essential to read the tour description carefully for specific age requirements before booking.

How can I plan a family-friendly itinerary for my vacation in Iceland?

When planning a family-friendly itinerary, consider the interests and ages of your family members, as well as the duration of your stay. Focus on including a mix of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and relaxation time. Popular family-friendly sightseeing tours include the Golden Circle and Snaefellsnes peninsula. Reykjavik also offers a range of activities and attractions for all ages, including a trampoline park, a petting zoo, and interactive history museums.

Is it easy to find kid-friendly food in Iceland?

Yes, it is relatively easy to find kid-friendly food in Iceland, especially in Reykjavik. Most restaurants offer a variety of options, including familiar dishes like burgers, pizza, pasta, and fish & chips. Grocery stores also provide a wide selection of fresh produce, snacks, and ready-made meals, which can be helpful for families staying in self-catering accommodations.

Are car seats required when renting a car in Iceland?

Yes, car seats are required for children under the age of 3 or weighing less than 79 lbs (36 kg) when renting a car in Iceland. Car rentals typically offer car seats and booster seats for rent, but you can also bring your own.

Can I rent a camper van or RV for a family vacation in Iceland?

Yes, renting a camper van or RV can be an excellent option for families who want to explore Iceland at their own pace. Many companies offer a range of camper vans with sleeping and cooking facilities suitable for families. Keep in mind that you will need to familiarize yourself with driving rules, road conditions, and designated camping areas in Iceland.

What should I pack for a family vacation in Iceland?

Packing for a family vacation in Iceland should include warm, waterproof, and windproof clothing for each family member, including thermal layers, jackets, pants, gloves, hats, scarves, and sturdy, waterproof footwear. If you don't have warm outerwear, there are fantastic outdoor clothing stores at the airport or Laugavegur main street in downtown Reykjavik where you can buy it.

Additionally, pack sunglasses, a reusable water bottle, and any necessary medications. For downtime, you may also want to bring entertainment items, such as books, games, or electronic devices.

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland for a family vacation?

The best time for a family vacation in Iceland depends on your preferences and interests. Summer (June to August) offers warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and more accessible attractions, making it an ideal time for families.

While winter offers opportunities for activities such as exploring ice caves, snowmobiling, and seeing the northern lights.

How can I ensure my family's safety while traveling in Iceland?

To ensure your family's safety while traveling in Iceland, follow these guidelines:

1. Check the weather and road conditions before setting out, especially during winter or in remote areas.

2. Stay on marked paths and trails when exploring natural attractions.

3. Always follow safety guidelines and instructions provided by tour operators or at attractions.

4. Keep a safe distance from potential danger, such as cliff edges, geothermal areas, or glaciers.

5. Carry a fully charged mobile phone and remember the number to call for emergencies in Iceland: 112.

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