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Top 24 Adventure Holidays

4.7 average category rating
140 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

About Adventure Holidays in Iceland

Adventure Holidays are guided packages focussed on fitting in as many activities as possible. Iceland is renowned for the amount of adventures on offer, such as glacier hiking, snowmobiling, snorkelling and ice caving, and with these packages, you'll have no shortage of tour options to choose from.

1. Can I visit the ice caves on an Adventure Holiday?

Certain adventure holidays that run in winter will allow you to visit the ice caves at Katla or under Vatnajokull. See the ice caves category for more options.

2. What equipment will I need for an Adventure Holiday?

As a general rule, you will need warm, waterproof, windproof clothing and sturdy hiking boots with ankle support for most activities in Iceland. In the ‘What to Bring’ section of each package, you can see if there are any additional specifics. Specialist equipment is usually provided for you.

3. Where do Adventure Holidays head to?

Adventure holidays are a broad category, and you will find options to take you to, and properly explore, all parts of the country.

4. Can children join Adventure Holidays?

Many of these packages will allow children over eight to join, but they are unlikely to be able to participate in all the activities. A few do not have age limits. You can check the minimum age for each tour under the ‘Quick Facts’ section, below the main texts.

5. Is accommodation provided on Adventure Holidays?

Depending on the length and nature of the tour, accommodation arrangement can differ. Many include all lodging throughout the whole trip, while some only provide lodging outside of Reykjavik. You can find out the details of each tour in the quick facts section, under "What's Included."

6. Do Adventure Holidays run in winter?

There are adventure holidays that run in both seasons, with season-specific activities for guests to enjoy.

7. Will I still get to sightsee on Adventure Holidays?

Yes; all adventure holidays have a mixture of sightseeing and activities.

8. What happens if an activity is cancelled due to weather?

If a weather cancellation occurs, Guide to Iceland will do all we can to reschedule the activity; if this is not possible, we will try to arrange an alternative tour. Failing this, you will get the activity refunded. If you end up taking a cheaper tour, the money will be refunded.

9. When is the best time of the year for an Adventure Holiday?

 It is entirely dependent on what adventures you want to partake in. Those seeking the ice caves and northern lights should come for a winter package, while those seeking rafting, puffin-watching and boat tours, for example, should come in summer.

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