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Private Tours

Iceland’s stunning nature is best experienced in the comfort of a small group led by a local guide. These private tours provide an intimate experience with this island's many attractions.
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Private Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a private tour in Iceland?

Private tours allow you the chance to set your own pace while exploring Iceland and take time at your leisure to enjoy each of the attractions on your itinerary. Your tour guide will also be able to give individuals more attention, as well as answer all the questions they may have. Finally, private guides are more likely to take you to attractions off the beaten path.

Can I get a private transfer from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavík?

Yes, you can book this private transfer from Keflavik to Reykjavik directly to your accommodation of choice.

What sort of vehicles are used on private tours in Iceland?

This depends on the particular provider, though many private tours in Iceland are undertaken in regular cars, luxury vehicles, and Super Jeeps.

Are tips expected on private tours in Iceland?

Tips are not customary in Iceland. However, if you’ve had a great time on your tour and feel as though you’d like to offer your tour guide a little extra, no one is going to stop you!

Are private tours in Iceland flexible and can I customize the itinerary?

Yes, most private tours in Iceland will allow for a greater level of flexibility and customization when it comes to your itinerary.

Can the guide take me for outdoor activities or special experiences other than sightseeing in Iceland?

Yes, on some tours there will be an opportunity during the booking process to add on extra activities. Depending on the tour in question, this could be glacier hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding and so much more Iceland has to offer! Some tours, however, do not offer extra activities.

Do private tours in Iceland cost more than regular tours?

Yes, though private tours come with greater freedom, allowing you to be in control of your own travel experience, rather than it being dictated by a larger party. The price is raised because participants will only undertake the tour with their friends and families and have a guide of their own at their disposal.

Is it possible to get a private tour in a language other than English?

Yes, Guide to Iceland provides tours available in a few different languages, though English is primarily used. Note that some tours are only offered in English, so make sure to contact should you need a tour in another language.

What is the maximum of people on a private tour in Iceland?

This depends on the provider and how many people fit in the vehicle they provide. Note that private tours differ from small-group tours, which will often fill up the rest of the available seats while private tours will only have you and your favourite people on board.

Will the guide take the group to sites not mentioned in the itinerary?

Depending on timing, your guide will likely strive to take you to a number of different sites throughout the trip that are not explicitly mentioned in your itinerary.