Westman Islands Tours

Westman Islands Tours

Westman Islands tours introduce you to an archipelago of 15 islands and 30 rock stacks off Iceland’s South Coast. Explore the area by boat, visit the puffin colonies that nest there throughout summer or immerse yourself in the region's colourful history and culture.

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Westman Islands Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What are the main attractions in the Westman Islands of Iceland?

The main attractions include the town's old harbour, Eldfell volcano which last erupted in 1973, the internet-famous Elephant Rock on the cliffs of Heimaey, Eldheimar volcano museum and Eldfellshraun lava field where locals bake rye bread in the warm lava rocks.

How can I visit the Elephant Rock in Iceland?

The internet-famous Elephant Rock is a unique basalt rock formation in the shape of an elephant off the cliffs of Heimaey, the largest island of the Westman Islands of Iceland. To see the Elephant Rock in all its glory we recommend a RIB Boat Tour of the Westman Islands with a transfer from Heimaey harbor. The tour will also take you into some of the islands' sea caves and engage in some puffin watching during the summer.

Can I see whales around the Westman Islands?

Yes, you can. There are whale and puffin watching boat tours that run throughout the summer months around the Westman Islands.

When is the best time to see the puffins in the Westman Islands?

The puffins arrive in May and stay until September each year. To make sure you see them, you should schedule your travel to the Westman Islands between early June and late August. While there are plenty of places to find puffins in Iceland, the Westman Islands have the largest puffin colony in the world with over 1 million puffins nesting there each year.

How much time should I spend in the Westman Islands?

A day trip will allow you to visit all the major attractions, however, you could explore the island at a slower pace and spend two days there if you wish.